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Plato? Full of shit? What?

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How do I reconcile that I have read this doctrine and believe it to be true but have no academy, no initiatic living tradition? No Eleusis, no Orphean cults, no Pythagorean circles, nothing?

What comes closest that isn't a LARP? I can't believe anything less than what was written down of Plotinus' doctrine.

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That's a seriously terrible chart.

A guide to reading Jung, made in the infographic format, would be about as detailed as the 3 Greek inforgraphics put together.

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>Who would you rather have do a particular job for you, someone trained in doing that job or the just man?
>I would choose someone trained in doing that job.
>So it's useless to be a just man?
>It would seem so.
>So justice has no value?

I'm not even 20 pages into the Republic, do the arguments stay this stupid the whole time?

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0/10, didn't even bother reading

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Plato is a fucking hack, how does anyone like his shit?
>Have you ever been formally taught addition?
>No, Socrates, I have not.
>Here's a simple math problem, 2+2, can you solve it?
>Yes, Socrates, by Zues, I believe the answer should be 4.
>See, Meno, I was able to bring your slave from a state of not having an understanding of addition to a state of understanding addition through merely a query of his own opinions with no education in the manner whatsoever! This is proof that he knew the laws of addition already, is it not?
>That does seem to be the case, Socrates.
>But he was born into your household and has received no education in addition from when he was born until now, as we have previously confirmed. As such, he must have been given knowledge of addition before he was born. This proves that the soul exists before we were born.
>I dare say you're correct yet again, Socrates. Someone would have to be pretty fucking stupid to disagree with you at this point.
>Oh no, Meno, I don't actually know anything, but yes you're right, I'm so fucking smart.

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Who said I was a philosopher? Read the Greeks.

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>t. tranny hylic

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Retroactively refutes The "Enlightenment".

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It "got good" from page no. 1. Plato is NOT for cumbrains.

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>constantly recommended as who you should start with when getting into philosophy
>literally just a competent fiction writer who used his stories to make his unverifiable theories about forms and shit seem more valid

Do I really need to read Plato or can I just skip him and go to Aristotle?

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The shitshow going on right now is a direct result of the foundation it was built on, brainlet. The Enlightenment and American Revolutions were tragic misteps in human history and has led to the debased state it now resides.

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>Who are you to decide the proper allocation of resources?
Who is a physician to decide care of the sick?
Who is a captain to decide care of his ship?
You ask who am I to decide the proper allocation of resources? I am a philosopher-king.
>Whether you like it or not, most of your fellow humans are brainlets, and they chose to consume Oprah. The masses spoke.
I reject democracy and count their deliberations and verdicts as fruitless and inefficient exercises leading to suboptimal outcomes.

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>botching Plato and everything so bad so it can fit into your "sex is the key" voodoo bullshit trying to shoehorn Hinduism, Taoism and Platonism into one cohesive "goal".
(and wrong)

Of course.
And if there be a pleasure in being filled with that which is according to nature, that which is more really filled with more real being will more really and truly enjoy true pleasure; whereas that which participates in less real being will be less truly and surely satisfied, and will participate in an illusory and less real pleasure?

Those then who know not wisdom and virtue, and are always busy with gluttony and sensuality, go down and up again as far as the mean; and in this region they move at random throughout life, but they never pass into the true upper world; thither they neither look, nor do they ever find their way, neither are they truly filled with true being, nor do they taste of pure and abiding pleasure. Like cattle, with their eyes always looking down and their heads stooping to the earth, that is, to the dining-table, they fatten and feed and breed, and, in their excessive love of these delights, they kick and butt at one another with horns and hoofs which are made of iron; and they kill one another by reason of their insatiable lust. For they fill themselves with that which is not substantial, and the part of themselves which they fill is also unsubstantial and incontinent.

Verily, Socrates, said Glaucon, you describe the life of the many like an oracle.

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Embody the ideal of the Philosopher-King, renounce recreational sexual release, and lead a celibate lifestyle, dedicating the mind toward seeking perfection.

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}*justifies totalitarian dictatorship*
>*justifies heirarchy*
>*justifies boyloving*
>*also justifies killing boylovers*
Was Plato simply too based for us mere mortals?

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A virtual Polis, where all anons are equal and tripfag harvest our memes.

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I'm the anon you replied to. What you described seems to be a jump from one shadow to another. You've substituted one particular world with a newer one. The big problem here is that the "realness" shared between those two worlds is in fact exactly the same. What difference in nature is there between those two circumstances you described? They are both particular, material in substance, ever-changing, temporal, and most apparently imperfect.

Only that place which really does differ from this world in how it is immaterial, eternal, and perfect can be considered truly "real", or at the very least much more real than any world falling short of it such as the world we occupy in our day-to-day lives no matter how we organize ourselves. This sort of true reality different from the crude imitation we live in can only be accessed by a mind which thinks, so limiting thought can only have the effect of further detaching ourselves from such reality. You might *feel* better, for now, but such feelings have no correlation to the truth of the apparent reality you experience.

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YLYL /lit/ edition
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I start

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