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There are way too many "intelligent, nihilist, with a wicked sense of humor" villains. Too many are composed sophisticated evil masterminds. We need some villains that are overly emotional, illogical, self-referential and instinctive in "thought" (as in, illogical and emotional), adamant ideologues of zero capacity of articulating their goals in a glorious speech and instead resorting to "just so" statements ("because [I think] this is right!")

They can even be more humanized and relatable to the reader, as their actions are justified in self-preservation emotional responses and an unstable emotional state they never learned to control, likely caused by mental illness. Many zoomers would identify.

Western (and global) media needs to give up this embarrassing obsession with "EMOTION GOOD" ideologies and bullshit like that, which they use to reduce even hard science-fiction into drooling retard "POWER OF LOVE" bullshit, and place emotionally-driven characters of moral values above logical principles as being evil, harmful, self-indulgent, self-preserving above others necessities that can only be solved through logistical organization and objective acknowledgement of the circumstances.

We need less "le sociopath" villains, and more Borderline/Bipolar villains.

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