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>I feel like I'm 1,000 years old
neurotypicals are always saying "time flies," "i can't believe i'm already 30," "summer went by so quick!" and other shit like that. i've never related to this sentiment, and frankly i have no idea how this is even possible for a human being. its no wonder they fear death. imagine death as a brick wall at the end of the tracks and you're on a speeding train heading straight for it. imagine the dread the neurotypical must feel. it's like i've skipped the train ride. its like i was born right next to the wall. i can see the train far off in the distance, but its subjective reality is unknown to me. my perspective is that of the wall itself. i've come to know it, and i don't fear it, because i've been at his doorstep my whole life. imagine death as an ocean. imagine the neurotypical on a roadtrip to come see this ocean. all the fun stops along the way, but they know that once they reach their destination, they will have to jump in. they have fun at the carnival, but once its over, they're back on the road towards the ocean. always driving towards the ocean. and here i am, already at the ocean. i stand on the shore and look into the depths from time to time. there is no carnival, no fun stops, i'm just here. i could jump in whenever i want. there's no idea of some force pushing me here against my will. when you're already at your destination, time does not exist..

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Can I become fluent in French to native level at age 28 (say yes or you will have blood on your hands)

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>go to dental school like a good goy
>loser cousin trades options and becomes a millionaire at 27
>when i'm 27 i'll barely be making $80k

it's not fair

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Why don't Economics Professors just admit that 95% of humans are NPC's and that in every economic system they will always be at the bottom

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