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Which ancient Greek?

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"Why?" is a human concept with no basis in reality.

Things just are, there's no reason for why it became that way or why it stays that way. Asking "why are we here?" is akin to asking "why is that tree here?". The tree just IS, and so are you. Just because the question exists doesn't mean an answer has to. If there was an answer it would've been reached by now, clearly the universe didn't put any thought into why humans are here so why should you? If you accept your utter insignificance, which is a fact, questions like that become silly.

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>another shitty thread

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Why do most people never question their lives?

Even on /lit/ the majority of users are philosophically a dead end, they have no interest in questioning anything substantive anymore if they ever even did. They're content to whine about politics, sport, entertainment, work. Even among my own family there's some reasonably intelligent people who just work, sleep, watch tv. I've never been able to turn my mind off like that, even from a young age. I've never stopped questioning the reality of life and what it's about, I just always knew it was never about being a wage slave consumer. But it's like people run on autopilot and any questioning they do lasts all of 5 minutes after an argument or on a particularly boring car ride.

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Is there a word (not nostalgia) for the feeling when you open an old book with yellowed pages and a unique smell, or when you play an old video game, or when you stand inside an old derelict building that was once full of happy people?

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how the FUCK do you learn to write? my writing is trash, absolutely trash, irredeemable garbage. I write every sentence knowing that it's shit, that it lacks rhythm,that it lacks soul, that it lacks proper word choice, paragraph structure; how am i supposed to learn this shit: don't tell me "just read bro", kys please, no one learns writing by reading, if that was the case harold bloom would be the best writer of all time.
i'm writing a modern day oedipus rex btw, in which a respectable family man descents into nightmare after encountering internet porn and video games. it reaches it climax by him cutting his penis off after a streak of 7 bloody ejaculations in a row, after 7 ejaculations prior to that. he gets divorce raped, loses all his income, and dies in a prison without ever seeing his son again, and his daughter grows up to become a man hater (the book ends with her posting about her "abusive" father on facebook). it feels kinda disingenuous though, using modern culture like that. do you think the greeks thought the same about using current events? do you think aeschylus would cringe writing a play about athenian politics?

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I don't think you realize a scatter plot IS the correlation between a line graph and reality.

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>free to be whatever they want to be

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Books about the modern development of Russia?

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i do not understand that kind of thinking because i lost my membership to the human race a long time ago.

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is this a fantasy rate thread?

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does utilitarianism imply hedonism? or does the utilitarian system distinguish between worthwhile gratification and degenerate lust?

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>tom Clancy blows the whistle on the NSA spying on us.
>no one gives a shit
>Edward Snowden does it and everyone goes apeshit.

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Everyone thinks I'm dumber than I am because they have to explain me somehow. I feel for them. I'm not dumb, but they deserve to not understand. For their own benefit, they should not know.

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why not frend?

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Who claimed all knowledge was relevatory? I've seen people claim that here but idk the source.

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>Now that the fifty percent has been publicly silenced by the Milkman and his gang,

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if this hegel video is bad then witch one am I supposes to watch?

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is God that created life evil?

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Did you have a stroke?

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>core of utter consumerism

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>mfw it's a real text

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>He hasn't read Stirner.

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How do we into post scarcity

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