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Moderately related, I've been reading the Socratic dialogues, and I feel like a lot of Socrates' arguments could have been contested a little more aggressively. Is the purpose more to learn how he arrives at his conclusions than the conclusions themselves?

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Also that we don't need to go barreling mindlessly into "the future". Conservatives should be willing to move "forward" but cautiously, ready to pump the brakes.

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I just finished reading this book, and I felt like the last book got kind of scattered. Like why was Kolya, a character with no impact on the story or previous reference, introduced and given a 60-page subplot?

After Dmitri is sentenced, why is that comment made about the peasants standing up for themselves?

Also, why was Dmitri found guilty, in spite of the defense lawyer's stirring speech? Did it just not matter because, despite the audience's positive reaction, the evidence still pointed towards guilt?

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>clean your room

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>Not recognizing the subconscious appeal to rythm involved in meter

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