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I honestly believe the strongest should rule.
Yes. By whatever that will mean in given scenario.
Much like olden times. Leaders were descended in some shape or another by the strongest who gave the weak the chance to grow.
Only after the weak outnumber the strong by much more does society seem to decline.
Under no circumstance does this mean people cant rule themselves.
They cant rule each other and one another without failing sooner or later.
I have tried to figure out how a government could work long term and pass on its values without decline/decay.
Going through the history of the roman empire and victorian Europe does one see that almost everything was tried. And it all failed.
Fascism was starting to crack well before the end. I don't think it would have led to cliques just by the very nature of Nationalism. The whole goal was to make the world belong to the "strong" the "aryan". Had they succeeded what would have become of them? No other race or religion would have persisted past the purging.
The strong would have effectively purged all who could have ever opposed them.
They most likely would have accented only to fall without enlightening themselves. On Humanism and Romanticism. We now have the ability to see why is was wrong for the world to be this way. We absolutely have the ability to live in a utopia but the few and the many rage against it through pretext. We all know the end goal is to wipe out the people group know as "white". Its the only race to persist throughout history through failure and rise above again and again. China was close. Succumbed because they failed the victorian age enlightenment. Currently white countries are failing is similar ways. Being so blind and forced self guilt. For sins non of them even commited.
I believe the cracks in Nazi germany were only because their was no clear succession. It was very much a military junta if Hitler were to die. The one being the most successful would have lead. That was the issue. Clear lines of succession would have sealed many cracks in the Nazi state. That and not losing.

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