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What sort of copypastas do you mean my friend? Are you talking about quotes about Guenon (pbuh)? or book recommendations?

That's my stalker who has a homoerotic obsession with me, be nice to him please sometimes he has his moments

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>Bertrand Russel

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Multiplicity and Deleuze were refuted by Guenon (pbuh) and Shankaracharya (pbuh), it's not too late to escape your ignorance

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truly he was too good for this world...

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>Why do you make a mockery of Guénon by posting his picture when he was explicit in his letters that he did not want to have his picture taken and spread?
Because there were Jewish lawyers and other nefarious figures who were seeking out pictures while he was alive to presumably curse them or something but now that he is dead he was gone beyond the nama-rupa of 'René Guénon' and is thus safe from any harm that might be directed at his old form. There is no reason why he would care at all now that he is dead. He was not opposed to photography in general or he wouldn't have let himself be photographed in the several dozen photos that exist including ones in Egypt that he posed for.
>Why are you on /lit/ 16 hours a day? This is the opposite of contemplation.
Coronavirus quarantine bro, I spend much of by day contemplating and only check /lit/ occasionally (I'm not OP btw)
>Why can't you discuss any of his ideas?
I do, often
>The closest you come to Guénon is c/c walls of texts.
Because the man himself does a better job of explaining things than any paraphrased summary I could give
>So please provide insights as to prove that you are in fact studying metaphysical principles.
Why should I provide insights to someone who has acted so haughtily? In any case I enjoy studying Sufi and Hindu metaphysical writings.

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>I mean some shit that totally fucked your worldview and completely altered how you see everything.


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>no distinction between recepient and sender
hooly baseed....
guenoposting (pbuh) has achieved true sacred metaphysical status........
only the brothers (peace be upon them) can see this post.....

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