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They post a lot. They link to /pol/, /r9k/, same-fag.
They’re primarily trolls running a psych scam for laughs. They bully the middle of the road non-political until they leave

I’ve told you what the problem is, but you seem to think the cure is a fate worse than death

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>it's like a child kicking and screaming
No dear. It’s like a parent telling their 20 y/o that Santa Claus isn’t real, again.

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>Exasperated author still feels like amateur
>Says something silly off the cuff
>Enrages alt-right "incel army" forevermore

No IDpol threads please.

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What is the nicest book?

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You sound mad.
And you have no idea how to answer me in kind the way you told me to.

Your mental blockage concerns me, but I'm not going to let it bother me too much. You consistently project and misread everything I've said. You're determined to not listen to a thing I have to say; so be it.

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