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Slouched back in the shadow of the toll box BEEP
see the tinkle on the ground from the flou rescent BEEP BEEP
black cat scamper on the moss rock to get beneath the BEEP BEEEEP
creak up the chair to see the clock says four
grab the key don't need the umbrella just pattering
cool misty June night not too slick on the step-stones
"HEY- oh I can see him alright, fuck I thought we were gonna have go ALL the way back to I-8"
high beams brighter than the bridge lamp
"Alright man, five bucks trust me it's all counted"
get the lock, lift the gate, heavy since the motor broke
heave... back and hold it with the cross pole
hear a clatter, smell the rubber, almost got my feet though
pennies nickels dimes and quarters scatter in a puddle
bend down and pick em up, add em up for later
drop the gate shut the lock shuffle back below
keys on table, toll in box and me in creaky seat

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>Currently working through Hegel
How is it working out? I have been wanting to read Hegel for a long time but have been put off by many saying that he was incomprehensible, at least in German (which is my mother tongue). Can you understand him or do you have to read secondary literature as an aid?

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I take great joy in being a misanthrope thank you very much

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