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Have i understood buddhism correctly (after reading Nagarjuna, in the buddha's words, what the budfha taught and the dhammpada):
Rebirth: this is something perpetually happening netween every moment of your life (ie you are undergoimg a constamt reconstitution in terms of the aggregates) therefore the difference between the moment of death and any other moments of passing life is nil because both are just the fluctuation of aggregates?

Secondly Nirvana is not heaven or some special state but is to simply see/feel/understand things for what they really are (empty, and ineffably illogical)? Ultimately this is no different to samsara its just almost embracing samsara for what it actually is rather than being deluded about it. At this point you're essentially above grasping onto continued existence?

This understanding allows for a fairly secular buddhism right? You dont need to worry about afterlife or reincarnation because you've already died within your own memory and Nirvana seems more like a mental habit of resistance and understanding than some magical state

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