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Gnostics thought the Christ was sent from the true god and was extremely divine. Some gnostics said that there were two jesus, jesus and The Christ and since The Christ cant be hurt or die it leaves jesus during the crucifiction and floats into the sky laughing (eloi eloi lama sabachtani). Some gnostics thought jesus's physical body was an illusion and if he walked on a sandy beech wouldnt leave footprints. Similar o thers said he swapped his body before the resurrection all cause the idea of the divine Christ dying seemed insane. Some thought he grew taller than a mountain during the resurrection. A lot of these ideas were attributed to Peter.
tldr gnostic Jesus is very divine

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you don't fucking need a god to define a moral compass

try this:
1) think of an absolutely good state A
2) think of an absolutely bad state B

now judge your actions in terms of moving away from B and toward A

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>I don't agree with something someone else siad so no one should discuss it.

Spotted the underage poster

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thank you

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>refuting someone who asserts nothing

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How do I read poetry in the right metre?

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>But science points towards the existence of God

Yes. You're right. Quantum God quarks.

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Ketjap = ketchup???

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the amount of times ive seen the equivalent thread, FUCKING THINK ABOUT IT.

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>Be me
>Start writing my novel (4th attempt)
>Actually have it planned out
>Start writing chapter one
>All of a sudden get the urge to write a confronotation that takes place in the latter half of chapter two
>Start writing that
>Finish chapter two
>Start writing chapter three
>Still haven't gotten past the first paragraph of chapter one

What the fuck /lit/? Is this normal?

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>arent threads about books bannable

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>But if you're wanting to read Homer, he spoke Attic Greek, which was a little different.

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you're confusing two canards here. one is about moral behaviour, the other is about moral realism. the "eternal punishment" thing is about the debate over whether or not people need metaphysical threats looming over their heads to behave "morally". the existence of an objective reality, and whether you believe it is dependent on god or not, while related, is distinct.
>What is right is moral, and what is wrong is immoral. It is self-evidently true that progress, advancement, or development is better than degeneration or regression.
for whom? what is progress? very whiggish...
is progress an end in itself? when we say something has "progressed" we mean it has changed in a way that we like, that is desirable to us. when we say something has declined, we mean the change is undesirable... but it can only be desirable or undesirable to a conscious being with motives, needs and values. these vary wildly.
>When animals evolve and develop larger brains, higher intelligence and more advanced characteristics that is GOOD. Evolution is good.
was it good before a being with sufficient intelligence, social and motor skills was able to discover the forces of evolution and pronounce them "good"?
you should already be aware that evolution does not work toward larger brains and greater intelligence in all circumstances. you've heard of the concept of "evolutionary fitness", yes? traits that increase a creature's "fitness" to their environment are preserved and proliferated, while traits that aren't, for very simple causal reasons, do not.
evolution isn't human, so it doesn't share our biases. neither does basic chemistry, for that matter - we just don't both ascribing much moral value to rocks and the forces which work upon them.
>Just think: passion, chaos, degeneracy, not good.

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