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I was able to get a free 20 minute consultation with Mark Leslie Lefebvre, who’s a big name in the ebook industry. When I told him about what I was working with and how I had an extensive body of work ready to go he emailed me a week later telling me to send along a query/synopsis/series summary as he said he knew of a smaller indie traditional publisher who he thought would be a good fit. I sent it last week. Hoping for a response.

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Ding ding.

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You must be new...

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Is no one going to mention Gaskun? I think he’s produced more work than most people on the board

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You do you.

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thinking of some kind of small “tic” mark for every novel I’ve finished. Should have #14 finished by mid March

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I am legion. I am /lit/

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Gas station attendant

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What am in for lads?

Recommend some space opera

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Surely one will rise from our /lit/ ranks

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Is this what you mean.

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How many of you are living the /lit/ lifestyle?

Bonus points for pics of empty booze bottles and mattresses on the floor.

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>I'm writing my 12th novel
>Phillip K Dick's huge ass exegesis.
>that guy was a genius

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What's your day job, writer-kun?

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The gas station guy who shitposts his space opera autism on /lit/.
"Hurr I wrote a dozen books with spaceships"
Fuck that guy.

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Does anyone have book 5 of Gaskun's series? I'm done with the first 4

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