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Sex and Character by Otto Weininger

intercourse by andrea dworkin

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fact: most ''gays'' are actually just libtards doing it to virtue signal

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Red, Brown and Green should unite against feminism, capitalism and the JEW. I'm all for Guenon, I'm all for Dugin and his 4th political theory, for Hezbollah and the glorious islamic revolution, I'm for esoteric hitlerism and David Icke, I'm for Jim Jones and Tim McVeigh, i'm direct action to destroy the Evil Rothschild System. Love means doing whatever is necessary,

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>Ironic /pol/-posting is still /pol/-posting.
>Meditate on your life and evaluate whether your current actions are congruent with the aspirational image that you hold of yourself.

As a matter of fact, I've meditated on my life quite a bit. I've decided I want to be a right accelerationist K-insurgent guerrilla devoted pushing the dialectic to breaking point via dank shitposts. I just want the world to burn lol jk XD

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