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>When I arrived in Cairo a few weeks later, I arrived, not alone, but accompanied by my brother. We had been told not to tread on the graves of the dead because it would be unwise. As we drove through the city we passed three large white marble coffins that had been placed on top of one another; upon closer examination, we discovered they were all, as far as we could tell, separate individuals.

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How can anyone be taken seriously as a philosopher if they haven't read, assimilated and learned from Guénon's (pbuh) critique of modern philosophy?

serious question

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>Am I missing something important?

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“In a world increasingly rife with heresy and pseudo-religion, Guénon had to remind twentieth century man of the need for orthodoxy, which presupposes firstly a Divine Revelation and secondly a Tradition that has handed down with fidelity what Heaven has revealed. He thus restores to orthodoxy its true meaning, rectitude of opinion which compels the intelligent man not only to reject heresy but also to recognize the validity of faiths other than his own if they also are based on the same two principles, Revelation and Tradition.”
—Martin Lings, author of Ancient Beliefs and Modern Superstitions

“If during the last century or so there has been even some slight revival of awareness in the Western world of what is meant by metaphysics and metaphysical tradition, the credit for it must go above all to Guénon. At a time when the confusion into which modern Western thought had fallen was such that it threatened to obliterate the few remaining traces of genuine spiritual knowledge from the minds and hearts of his contemporaries, Guénon, virtually single-handed, took it upon himself to reaffirm the values and principles which, he recognized, constitute the only sound basis for the living of a human life with dignity and purpose or for the formation of a civilization worthy of the name.”
—Philip Sherrard, author of Christianity: Lineaments of a Sacred Tradition

“Apart from his amazing flair for expounding pure metaphysical doctrine and his critical acuteness when dealing with the errors of the modern world, Guénon displayed a remarkable insight into things of a cosmological order. . . . He all along stressed the need, side by side with a theoretical grasp of any given doctrine, for its concrete—one can also say its ontological—realization failing which one cannot properly speak of knowledge.”
—Marco Pallis, author of A Buddhist Spectrum

“Guénon’s mission was two-fold: to reveal the metaphysical roots of the ‘crisis of the modern world’ and to explain the ideas behind the authentic and esoteric teachings that still [remain] alive.”
—Harry Oldmeadow, author of Traditionalism: Religion in the Light of the Perennial Philosophy

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Brothers... Join the Guenonian (pbuh) garden the brothers have created with the Good Doctor (pbuh)...

The memorial garden will be as similar to Guénon's own in character and location as possible. It will contain trees, fountains, streams, pond, hills, bird sightings, furniture, and an exhibit/exhibit space to showcase its contents. It will serve to celebrate and preserve Guénon's profound life, both personal and cosmic. The memorial garden will be unveiled on August 12, 2020.

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Guenon (pbuh) is just so..... baaaaaaaaaased!

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post em

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>this thread
>these anons


Guénon(pbuh) (ﷺ) ( ﷻ)
blessed be His (pbuh) (ﷺ) (ﷻ) Holy name......
May His (pbuh) (ﷺ) (ﷻ) glory be glorified ﷻ ﷻ ﷻ
eternally, for all eternity to come...

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Very based, brother.

I have not yet decided on the official language to be spoken in the monastery. Perhaps it should be Sanskrit exclusively to honour the wishes of (pbuh).

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That's just what someone living in Kali Yuga would think (as opposed to someone in contact with the primordial nondual initiatory tradition of the ancients).

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>Reminder: This isn't for shitposting. Serious discussion of Guenon(pbuh) only, brothers.

Brothers, how many Guenonians (pbuh) are necessary to gather in one spot for the Guenonian Presence (pbut) to descend onto the praying believers?
For now I pray alone, as there are not many Guenonians (pbuh) where I live... This makes me cry a little because I want to experience the fullness of communion with our Teacher (pbuh).

Very based.

Very cringe. Guenon (pbuh) was a great mathematician and had full control of even the pure-quantity aspect of numbers.

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>bringing him to every thread they see
He (pbuh) retroactively refutes every pseud-thread on /lit/ for eternity.

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>What's this guy's deal

glad you asked

“René Guénon (pbuh) defies classification. . . . Were he anything less than a consummate master of lucid argument and forceful expression, his work would certainly be unknown to all but a small, private circle of admirers.”
—Gai Eaton, author of The Richest Vein

“Guénon (pbuh) established the language of sacred metaphysics with a rigor, a breadth, and an intrinsic certainty such that he compels recognition as a standard of comparison for the twentieth century.”
—Jean Borella, author of Guénonian Esoterism and Christian Mystery

“To a materialistic society enthralled with the phenomenal universe exclusively, Guénon (pbuh), taking the Vedanta as point of departure, revealed a metaphysical and cosmological teaching both macrocosmic and microcosmic about the hierarchized degrees of being or states of existence, starting with the Absolute . . . and terminating with our sphere of gross manifestation.”
—Whitall N. Perry, editor of A Treasury of Traditional Wisdom

“René Guénon (pbuh) was the chief influence in the formation of my own intellectual outlook (quite apart from the question of Orthodox Christianity). . . . It was René Guénon (pbuh) who taught me to seek and love the truth above all else, and to be unsatisfied with anything else.”
—Fr. Seraphim Rose, author of The Soul After Death

“His mixture of arcane learning, metaphysics, and scathing cultural commentary is a continent in itself, untouched by the polluted tides of modernity. . . . Guénon’s (pbuh) work will not save the world—it is too late for that—but it leaves no reader unchanged.”
—Jocelyn Godwin, author of Mystery Religions in the Ancient World

“René Guénon (pbuh) is one of the few writers of our time whose work is really of importance. . . . He stands for the primacy of pure metaphysics over all other forms of knowledge, and presents himself as the exponent of a major tradition of thought, predominantly Eastern, but shared in the Middle Ages by the . . . West.”
—Walter Shewring, translator of Homer’s Odyssey

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If by 'ugly' you mean to say that he had a beautifully elongated face that radiated a serene confidence and primordial wisdom, then I would respond that it was because he was the Imam Mahdi, the Maitreya Buddha, the avatar Kalki and the Saoshyant. The world has scarcely begun to feel the full impact of his life and the events which he set in motion.

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I'm in awe at his gnosis lads....

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However, we have no wish to exaggerate and must add that theories such as these are not exclusively encountered in modern times; examples are to be found in Greek philosophy also, the ‘universal flux’ of Heraclitus being the best known; indeed, it was this that led the school of Elea to combat his conceptions, as well as those of the atomists, by a sort of reductio ad absurdum. Even in India, something comparable can be found, though, of course, considered from a different point of view from that of philosophy, for Buddhism also developed a similar character, one of its essential theses being the ‘dissolubility of all things ’. These theories, however, were then no more than exceptions, and such revolts against the traditional outlook, which may well have occurred from time to time throughout the whole of the Kali-Yuga, were, when all is said and done, without wider influence; what is new is the general acceptance of such conceptions that we see in the West today.

It should be noted too that under the influence of the very recent idea of ‘progress’, ‘philosophies of becoming’ have, in modern times, taken on a special form that theories of the same type never had among the ancients: this form, although it may have multiple varieties, can be covered in general by the name ‘evolutionism’. We need not repeat here what we have already said elsewhere on this subject; we will merely recall the point that any conception allowing for nothing other than ‘becoming’ is thereby necessarily a ‘naturalistic’ conception, and, as such, implies a formal denial of whatever lies beyond nature, in other words the realm of metaphysics— which is the realm of immutable and eternal principles. We may point out also, in speaking of these anti-metaphysical theories, that the Bergonian idea of pure duration’ corresponds exactly with that dispersion in instantaneity to which we alluded above; a pretended intuition modeled on the ceaseless flux of the things of the senses, far from being able to serve as an instrument for obtaining true knowledge, represents in reality the dissolution of all possible knowledge.

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Deleuze BTFO!!!!

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Assuredly, something of Christianity has passed over even into the anti-Christian civilization of our time, with the result that its most “advanced” representatives (as they style themselves in their own special language) cannot help having undergone and continuing to undergo, involuntarily and perhaps unconsciously, a certain Christian influence, if only an indirect one; this is so because a break with the past, however radical, can never be altogether complete and such as to preclude all continuity. We will go further and say that everything of any value still to be found in the modern world came to it from Christianity, or at any rate through Christianity, which brought with it the whole heritage of former traditions and has kept that heritage alive, in so far as the conditions of the West permitted, and still bears its latent possibilities within itself; but, even among those calling themselves Christians, is there anyone at the present time who retains a full consciousness of these possibilities? Where, even in Catholicism, are to be found the men who understand the deeper meaning of the doctrine they profess outwardly, and who are not simply content with “believing” in a more or less superficial way, sentimentally rather than through the intelligence, but who really “know” the truth of the religious tradition which they claim for their own? One would indeed welcome some evidence of the existence of at least a few such people, for that would be the greatest and perhaps the only hope of salvation for the West; but it must be admitted that up to the present time none have made themselves known; can it be supposed that, like certain sages of the East, they live apart in some inaccessible retreat, or must this last hope be finally abandoned? The West was Christian in the Middle Ages but is so no longer; if it be said that it might become so again, there is no one who can desire this more fervently than ourselves, and may it come about in a shorter time than all that is to be seen around would lead one to suppose; but let no man delude himself on the subject; if this should happen, the modern world will have had its day. - Rene Guenon (pbuh)

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>Why was this guy taken seriously by proto-boomers?
Because they are mostly brainlets who have't studied traditional metaphysics and don't realize that the value of Heidegger's work mostly lies in what he took from reading Zen and Taoist writings, once you strip these elements from his work it's left a series of hackneyed ambulations that one might expect from a stoned high schooler.

">May sees great influence of Taoism and Japanese scholars in Heidegger's work, although this influence is not acknowledged by the author. He asserts: "The investigation concludes that Heidegger’s work was significantly influenced by East Asian sources. It can be shown, moreover, that in particular instances Heidegger even appropriated wholesale and almost verbatim major ideas from the German translations of Daoist and Zen Buddhist classics. This clandestine textual appropriation of non-Western spirituality, the extent of which has gone undiscovered for so long, seems quite unparalleled, with far-reaching implications for our future interpretation of Heidegger’s work.""

Instead of reading hacks who did a poor and inferior rip-off of traditional doctrines as his own, you could instead read a brilliant polyglot who was esoterically initiated into multiple traditional doctrines and who explains them extremely well, i.e. a real intellectual, René Guénon (pbuh)

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>Truly to escape Guénon involves an exact appreciation of the price we have to pay to detach ourselves from him. It assumes that we are aware of the extent to which Guénon, insidiously perhaps, is close to us; it implies a knowledge, in that which permits us to think against Guénon, of that which remains Traditionalist. We have to determine the extent to which our anti-Traditionalism is possibly one of his tricks directed against us, at the end of which he stands, motionless, waiting for us.

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How can anyone be taken seriously as a philosopher if they haven't read, assimilated and learned from Guénon's (pbuh) critique of modern philosophy?

serious question

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*blocks your path*
*destroys Kantianism*
nothing personal mleccha

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