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It’s a long story.

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>Trojan war was merely fiction
I trust Finley’s reconstruction. There wasn’t a war but a series of raids

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>if the classical Greeks are nearly impossible for us to understand then what of the archaic people and those of the dark ages?
Finley was a great help on this for me.

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What scientific issue? I imagine they’d vote for an expert or experts (in science or other field) to take charge of this or that.
Anarchism is about challenging unjustifiable hierarchies, not doing away with them. People in politics are assholes. They don’t even write most the policy they vote on, and of course it’s funneled to them by hired goons from the wealthy.
It is a workable alternative I’m suggesting. People can learn it quite easily
>bank of cash
I have a savings too. But it will become devalued or scarce as this depression sinks in. I would like to introduce a duel payment to workers. They can still earn money and pay taxes, but the community starts to honor the non accumulative currency.

>wrong again
Ah, you got me. You who want a representative government would elect an emperor who needlessly kills his neighbors and steal from them, so that your lazy ass can has a tiny portion.
You would do that. It’s not human nature to grovel, but you would do that. Tyrants and slavers are so cool.

It’s not angels I’m hoping to raise, its adults. Heroic just people

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Because male run society is and has always been a sick a degenerate game.

Here’s a book to start.

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Why would they?
Recommended reading for you.

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Yes. Could very well be.
All of it though, is a lie told by Homer and other poets.

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>then stealing would be virtuous.
It’s always been considered such. Don’t you like Odysseus?
> A solution to food isn't in politics it's in food
Hence we seize the land before it all goes to famine. Covered in the book, if glibly.

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I am asking a question. Where’s the answer?
What decay? I see decay, but in that picture? Not so much.
Perhaps more importantly, what civilization? When or where have we ever had Such a things?

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The accumulative properties of cash, inherited from the age of gold currency, enforce classist society, also an inheritance of classical society (book related) bullies forged weapons and took land and slaves and status. They wrote their stories and proclaimed all they did good. I love Thomas Paine’s takedown of these sorts.
I also appreciate Proudhon’s analysis. Anarchist thought is at its heart “primitivist” but some just take it farther.
The fundamental principles of unjustifiable hierarchies and value imbued in debt tokens are abominable to me. Wipe them away and we can have a society far more dear and sensible.

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They are made up of native and invader peoples and turned into what we call Greeks later.
Herodotus is good, if inaccurate, but I like reading about what contemporaries have discovered. This one is really good.

Get out.

All girls are female

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Advocating oppression and theft instead of the easier methods.
Werewolves. Parasites.

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It was a series of raids glorified. Not a single war

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>I’m anti-capitalist
>Defends capitalism and elitism
Do you even know why you oppose capitalism? Your questions sound like you don’t.

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His flaw is naming it capitalism and not the monied statism that “dawned” in recorded history, not the dawn of humanity.

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Have fun while you learn

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It’s a tradition

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It is a faith that has lasted as long as the other faiths, the belief that money has value over the person. The laborer is underpaid so that a rich man will profit. He takes this profit because of another fiction in law. Also as old as money. The “sovereign” invented law when he took the written word as his own.
Absolute bozo brains like yourself are convinced of the formality of language, enraptured with your i posed categorizations, that you can’t fucking see straight. You’re truly indoctrinated. How can I help such willful ignorance?
You’re just sure a self educated female elder must be wrong. Your fellow idiots say so!
Please grow up.

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>you aren't actually answering who determines the teacher
I am.
>Is a student who kills his master a legitimate master?
Bizarre reasoning.
>Is a great warrior who kills his enemies a legitimate king?
No, a rotten murdering bully.
Thomas Paine and this, but then read Proudhon, Kropotkin and Bakunin

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Medieval places made castles. Had kings, knights, and other soldiers. People who couldn’t afford castles were taxed by competing “lords”. The whole mess has developed over the years since ancient times. You want that Moldbugs feudalism returned. This isn’t anarchism

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>it efficiently provides only for capital and not for the majority of people.
Or any other living things. It’s just a madness.

Since there is no inherent meaning in life, only an array of purposes, men have taken up ideas into their heads. For various reasons we developed a ruling class and a ruled class. What is the point of that indeed.

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I’m “butthurt” at slavery and elitism
Book for you. After that read Thomas Paine.

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It was a different time, and you failed to understand why these customs developed. I guess your copy had a shitty preface or you didn’t read it. This book explains it and then some

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The mistakes of divine right have been refuted. Nobody said anything about being able to wipe them from history. Simple artisan Paine laid it all out quite plainly, if you were to only look.

Truths also to be found in the pages of Finley

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