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Why did he do it bros?
Also does anyone else think his ideas could be read as solidly reactionary?

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Did he ever say or do anything of any significance? Or is his only claim to fame a blog with entry level Marxist analysis of pop culture? Also Why'd he do it bros?

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desu as far as the masses are concerned, as soon as a book is banned from Amazon and a few major retailers it is as good as memory holed. People who really want some controversial book could probably find it with enough effort, but as far as the average person goes, once they don't find it in one or two places they'll likely give up and forget about it. Censorship is privatised and outsourced.

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Capitalist Realism was pretty shit desu. The idea is interesting and the first few chapters were okay if unoriginal; Kurt Cobain killed himself because of comoditized art, okay, tumblr-tier but okay. When Mark starts focusing on psychological themes (that he is blatantly not qualified to talk about) it's a dumpster fire that loses track of the purpose of the book and as you said, goes into straight blog mode. The book ends on the worthless 'I don't know what to do but someone will think of something eventually'. I've read most of Mark's stuff with the exception of Ghosts of my Life and he's never struck me as a particularly interesting or insightful thinker.

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Was he retarded?

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