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>me no like parugraf lahn brayk be reddit

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>I know Jung is a meme and not to be taken seriously

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I have read like 50 books this year, and probably close to 100 in the last full year's time... and well, I'm feeling pretty burned out. I read some of them just to say "yea I read that", and I think that's what really burned me.
Any books to rekindle me after I have managed to kill the spark?

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I suppose it really depends what 'facts' they are talking about, but the statement its self really bugs me.

Some things are absolutely proven to be true, such as certain physical constants. There may be room to improve our measurements for accuracy infinitely converging on 100% but to say that "Scientific Facts are Social Constructs" strikes me as some really blatant SJW bullshit. It's a blanket statement that has no room for cases, or discussion. The next slide is probably "So we can see, as scientific facts are simply social constructs, gender is also a social construct because nothing biology teaches us is really true".

This picture was probably taken in a worthless class as a part of a worthless women's studies / gender studies degree.

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