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I've noticed that nearly every thread in the past three days has been advocated some form of leftism. When did Reddit come to this board?

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i listen to (and perform) complete works all the time but sometimes it's nice to just listen to a bunch of random shit whilst shitposting on 4chan

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are there any books on hedonism that mix the philosophical aspect with stories from personal experiences?

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>ywn be as bloodthirsty as someone hopped up on ideology

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>mfw hair like stalin

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> tfw at the end of the day Marxism will never win

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>tfw I followed /lit/'s memeadvice on how to become an avid reader and it's working

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I woke up only to discover everything was gone. My papers, shoes and bag were all missing. After a two day long trip on top of a coal carriage of a rusty train I decided it would not be a bad thing to lay down flat on a bench at the railroad station as to rest my bones and get sleep. With only my dirty pants and coal stained shirt on, I had nothing. Since it was the middle of the night, the last thing I could do was to try locating a shelter for the homeless. The only lamplight on the entire station was a dim little lamp on the desk of a ticket clerk. A fat and wrinkled lady like creature, sitting at her desk and using all of her wit to fill in the today's crossword. Saying the conversation was unpleasant would be an understatement, thankfully after some rambling from the senile side I got to know that the next shelter is, in fact, three miles down the main road. There was nothing for me but to walk and at least enjoy the warm night. The street was as empty as one could expect from a small town in the middle of the night. In only an hour I arrived at what was supposed to be my salvation. The building however looked more like torment and torture than a blessing from the heavens.
Right upon entering I was greeted by an awful stench of alcohol and sweat. A questionably sober man directed me to the one he called 'Padre'. Padre was a short and stocky clergyman, bald as a knee but jovial nonetheless. Were he to sit down in robes, I'd confuse him with a Buddha statue. My pale palm went in for a handshake. Padre's grip nearly crushed all my bones. With a slight grin I muttered some words about a place to lay my head on and that I were a victim of a terrible and unfortunate crime. The only thing I understood from his answer was that I should worry not and come over for a glass of milk and some left-over pastry. So I did and to be honest, after two days worth of dried meat and bad bread, the taste of sweet rolls swallowed with big gulps of milk is something I cherished for a long time.

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I had an entry level philosophy class this spring, and by the end the professor didn't even have to ask to know my positions.

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>feel when destined to greatness

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>tfw I have a girlfriend who is cuter than the girl in the pic (she is a mixture of German, Polish, Portuguese and indigenous heritages);
>tfw I love her and she love me, and we are not only lovers, but best friends;
>tfw we spend hours making love, and I know how to make her come in several diferent ways;
>tfw two nights ago, after I started caressing her pussy with my fingers and finished the job kissing and licking it, she was crazy with desire and sucked my dick until I finished in her mouth (I warned her I was going to come and she smiled at me and said: “I want you to, silly”).

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>mfw i always pick 1 when people ask me to pick a random number

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C'mon man, like I'm going to tell you my cool idea on the off chance that it turns into a blockbuster? That'd be the most dogshit feeling in the world, seeing your idea getting someone else to fame and riches.

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>tfw someone on /lit/ compliments your taste

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Tell me about nihilism, absurdism, suicide and the nothing. Please

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