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Malthusian principals have been proven by Darwin.

Hence our modern malaise.

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Beat me to it

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And? You’re afraid of a better world? Star Trek makes you mad?

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There is definitely not one of those cringe lists but there definitely is art that is valuable and art that is consumerist garbage. Imagine the difference between an Eisenstein film and one of the Avengers films, there is an obvious better film and an obviously better way to spend your time. If you don't have an eye for kino you might just be one of the mindless consumers.
>th-that's not me, that's y-you
nice cope, fatass.

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>It's narrated from the perspective of a fifteen year old
Fucking yikes. Imagine writing a children's book.

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funny post, redditor. Upvoted for whitty comment, gentlesir!
On a serious note since when has /lit/ become infested with animefags?

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Duality of man

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I think it's fairly normal to agree with a least bits and pieces of wildly different ideologies/political pieces. You're only a brainlet if you just flip flop randomly or can't manage to synthesize those disparate thoughts into an overarching belief structure.

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You think that’s complex?

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How about this - our economic system is based on models of rational economic actors making choices regarding what is best for them. But we simultaneously accept advertising, which emotionally manipulate you to purchase products.

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DESU if you can't prove the existence of universals (which Kant didn't), then they're correct.

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Why does God allow Satan to exist? Why didn't he just snap him out when he rebelled?

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whats the longest one-sitting reading youve done? how often do you do it?

6 hours here. usually i split it in 3-3 or even 4-4, but every once in a while i just dive non stop, 6 being the limit.

>pic unrel

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>i was about to give a serious answer to such a stupid thread
>thought about it and realized it would make me stoop down to actually arguing
Here's a free bump for making me reply

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Does anyone know where I can get the Monster Anthology books for free? I couldn't find them for free online but maybe my google fu is just sub-par

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So what are the actually good news sources? CNN and the MSM are for useful idiots, pol and Reddit are propaganda, and I ain't paying for the financial times cause I'm poor.

What are the good news sources? Al Jazeera?

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Underrated post.

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