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Will any of the future greats come from /lit/? Will historians scour the Warosu logs in order to study the culture that brought about so many great authors and philosophers, similar to the Venetian cafes in the 20th century? Is pic related us?

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>that fucking overly optimistic dude who just read plato and won't shut the fuck up
>ugly woman with no make up wearing pajamas that reads shitty borderline erotic novels
>that guy cosplaying as Camus
>fedora trench coat that reads cringy scifi
>middle class white guy with polo shirt that reads how to become successful and other motivational shit
>pseud smug hipsters
>peak autism and cringe conversations (on par or even more than here)
>99% of the time it's a shitty long novel that you forget after two weeks
>everyone is very optimistic and strong-willed yet no one is passionate or willing to dig deep

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