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>>Hasn't read Insert_Name_1
>>Hasn't read Insert_Name_2
>>Hasn't read Insert_Name_3
>>Hasn't read Insert_Name_4
>>Hasn't read Insert_Name_5
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>>Hasn't read Insert_Name_50
>Why the fuck should we take you seriously?

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>why would you want to have a personality?

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Which books deal with the fact that most people are unsalvageable and are essentially NPCs? Also, bonus for anyone who has a story of interacting with a bonafide NPC.

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>Twitter is bad and I post anime pictures on a literature board

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>There is no self, no soul, no mind, no psyche, no "I"

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>That's based, anon.
>And redpilled, too.

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>I have never read anything about virtue ethics

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>Triggered the christcuck, huh?

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>Shakespeare good
>Harry Potter bad

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I love how the most retarded people in the world, aka the bourgeois, always whine and want to be normal and plebs

fucking cancerous cunts

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>I like to read fantasy like GRR Martin and The Book of the New Sun, people who claim to only read philosophy or whatever all the time are just pretentious
>Orwell, Bukowski, Palahniuk and Vonnegut are profound authors
>lmao what is this religious bullshit you guys are posting about, fucking retards. Imagine believing in God, all this eastern crap is hippy bs any sort of mystical experience just comes from messed up brain activity
>western philosophy through logic has demonstrated to us the lack of our ability to truly know anything and speculation about the metaphysical and beyond is ultimately useless
>I hope that Megan goes out with me and then after we're a couple I can ask her to read the The Book of the New Sun, I'll sit next to her in bed and I'll be like 'even though it's sci-fi, isn't it super good?' and she'll be blown away. Then I can watch all my favorite movies and tv shows with her, oh boy maybe we could even play video games in bed and then when she kills me I'll surprise her by jumping over and start sucking on her boob
>Hillary was bad but fuck trump, Bernie should have won
>Blood Meridian is my favorite book
>Democracy is a good thing and would work if we just got money out of politics, people inherently have the ability to well govern themselves
>These people around me are so unsophisticated because they didn't plow through the work of some obscure post-war French philosopher who was the first in history to actually get the total truth of things
>when you die that's it, there is no afterlive or rebirth and people who think otherwise are just deluding themselves out of fear,
>when the singularity happens everyone will upload their consciousnesses to machines and there won't be bodies anymore

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>Writing fiction that appeals to normies and sells enough for you to make a good living is bad

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>the prose is really good

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>Live life like this anon suggests
>Wake up in the morning at the hour recommended by state mandated doctor, no need for me to dictate when I should wake up
>Consume nutritional cube to provide optimal calories and vitamins for optimal bodily function
>I was unfortunately not deemed to be capable of being an ultimate chef so there's no point in trying to cook
>Take cab driven by state mandated car driver
>I was unfortunately not deemed to be capable of being an ultimate driver and cannot own a car
>Arrive at work
>Doctors have determined I am optimal for drone office work and nothing else
>Had other aspirations but state mandated lobotomy has taken care of that
>Work for twelve hours without thinking or daydreaming at all
>Return home
>Eat nutritional cube
>Sit down on sofa and spend the next 6 hours watching television shows produced by state mandated comedians and writers for my free time and entertainment
>No point in trying to do anything else, I'll never be good enough
>Eventually die
>Soul ends up in purgatory for all eternity

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>I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall right now.
You're talking to a NPC.

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