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Everything we know points toward absolute meaninglessness. Leaving science aside, lets just look at the history of philosophy: how many different kinds of value systems has it both created and destroyed? Values are like gods: if you believe that your christian God or muslim Allah is the only true God then you did not pay attention to history. Pagans would kill and die in the name of their gods, and though you might think that it is you who is right and some ancient greek who is wrong, then you are a brainlet with no capacity of thinking for yourself.

You can cope all you want: believe in God or Allah or any other god for that matter, invent values for yourself or for others, create beautiful art, live a miserable or a rich and profound life, be forgotten or remembered until the end of mankind - all of this is merely a monkey cope. Values cannot be inherent, only human makes them such, therefore humans only matter to themselves, therefore have no value at all, therefore nothing they value have any value.

It could be that antinatalism is the conclusion of philosophy, but it is based in ethics, which also have no value, like human life, suffering or joy. Suffer all you want and make more babies to suffer just for laughs, who cares anyway.

I have heard things like "bby first existential crisis" and other ad hominem shit, but I don't know a single reason why nihilism is wrong. Of course, on a societal scale it can bring total chaos, but it only makes it all the more right.

I don't even want to provoke anyone, I am genuinely interested whether /lit/ can find a decent argument against nihilism that would not be rooted in religion. I hate myself for being a nihilist, but I just can't pretend I'm not one if that's what I find to be true. Not trying to be edgy, just trying to find the truth.

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