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Fresh from the posting presses...
You really shouldn't call people bootlickers, when they acknowledge that the thread itself acquires mental fortitude.
Calling OP a cum guzzling, bugcatching, cock devouring faggot, is a staple.
Doesn't make one a bootlicker, Butters.

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We have to drive the beast into the ground. Drain it’s very blood, the cash flow that feeds it’s cells. It’s faltering now. This may be our last chance.

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Become a libertarian-socialist already.

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Land does not belong to men
Men belong to the land.
And yes, it is very desirable.

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Form an association of democratic autonomous neighborhoods.

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Of course it can. Will it, is another story

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We have to slay a monster, anon.

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Only if we want it.

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We can do it again
We have to do it again.

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So do it

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It’s a poor existence. You all suffer from the atomization of capitalism.

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>Like communism/socialism has failed and there's plenty of failed marxist states.
Except no. This is just what you’re supposed to believe.

I wish.

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>lol ur a commie marxist
>lol socialism is when the guvermint does stuff
Central planning?

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Recommendation based on unrelated pic.

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Everyone has to participate. We offer them what they need and want, a better life than what capitalism is doing for them (obviously the wealthy won’t want the trade off). The poorest will become “wealthy” by other means and that will attract more people until everyone is on board.

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In Getting Free, Herod shows distaste for Stirnerist individualism, so I think he’s never read him. But this quote is absolutely perfect for what he advances. The strategy boiled down. Assemble into unions of egoists and consider it yours.

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I agree with the first paragraph. Those are manipulated crowds of progressives and rainbow tankies.
The second, not so much. I think we’ve just been manipulated and divided for far too long and have to take a more active and comprehensive approach. I say no to armed resistance only because it’s pretty hopeless against the military might of a state. But what is this waiting? For the state to become weak enough for the military to seize control? That’s tanky or fashy right there.
I’ve been pushing this book. I really think you should read it.

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>e.g. communism and socialism.
No no no.
<— This is true communism/socialism

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>How do we reconcile the sterility of modernity with it's atomized, materialist nature?
Rage against the beast! It’s going to kill us unless we kill it first.

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Here’s the book

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I have removed malice and am talking about going through the gate to the left. Centrism and liberal hegemony lead to extinction. Glad you’ve got your malice under control. But please come back to us.

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> There is a long-standing and widespread confusion in radical so- cial thought about whether consciousness is determined or not (vari- ously known as the base/superstructure problem, the subject/ object duality, or the relation between being and consciousness). A critic of this book’s strategy said that it presupposes an already-existing, wide- spread, anticapitalist consciousness. And since this critic didn’t be- lieve such a consciousness existed at present, where was it going to come from? He went on to say that perhaps if capitalism started to collapse and the survival of large numbers of people were at stake (actually, the survival of hundreds of millions of people is already at stake), perhaps then the strategy would catch on. The implication here is that radical consciousness is produced by historical conditions. This is a false way of looking at things. It leaves out the free, creative re- sponse people can make to their circumstances.

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