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I hate myself for making this comment, but isn't 500 to 1000mg of semen a day kinda low? like seriously?

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Did you not even see the video? He WANTED to get cucked, its his gf and he asked him to take off his shirt so that he could "make her day"

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/Lit quickly regretted his decision to leave the library. His home was over half a mile away and he dreaded walking.
"Damnit. Mom isn't home so she can't pick me up and the bus doesn't run on Saturdays. There is no way in hell I can walk over half a mile."
Breathing heavily from his overexertion, /Lit plopped his backpack on the ground and decided he would lay down for a bit. After all, he broke his personal record (250 steps taken) and deserved some respite.
As he gently drifted off to sleep, /Lit could still hear the laughter of /Fit and he girl, echoing in the distance of his imagination.
"Damn those two," thought /Lit, as he completed his transformation from consciousness to dreaming.
To be continued.

Well /Lit, I see you all have chosen to go ahead and focus on whether or not I am British as opposed to truly reflecting
on what I have to say. How does it feel knowing that whilst you strain your eyes and brain trying to understand some badly written book,
I will be in some girl's house, listening to her loud moans of ecstasy in my ear?

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