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Didn't see a writing critique thread. So I made one.

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Let me see how many of these I fit.
>Roman history
>secular humanism
>Making midwit threads
Oh come on how can you not be even a little into ww2? It was the defining conflict of the modern world.
>Engineering (also overlaps with dimwits)
>Prog Rock
>Harsh Noise
>Seinen Manga
I like Berserk
>Fixation on anything japanese (history, film, cuisine, literature, music, Etc.)
Well yeah this is full on me
>Having a folder of /lit/ charts
Well yeah, but theres only a couple in there, I haven't bothered to sort most of them into it.
>Learning German.
no, I'm learning french
>Continental philosophy
Yeah but if you're even a bit into philosophy or psychology you're at least a little into continental philosophy
>Californian Buddhism
Not really I think its doctrines seem a bit inhuman, but I've started to meditate for the past few months and read about daoism so who knows maybe in the future.
>Everything on the NYT bestseller list
Anyone thats read a book in the 21st century has read a book off there.
>airport novels
didn't know what that was so had to look it up. I bought the game of thrones series when it was on sale last april, but I quit after the first chapter because it seemed like it was gonna be shit.
>yoga classes
No but I've thought of doing them
>top 40 songs
Not really and I don't keep track, but everyone definitely at least rythmically like a couple songs on there.
>premium cable channels and video streaming subscription services
>social media
I don't post but I have them.
>vidya DLC
Yes, have a couple hundred dollars worth of ck2 dlc
>cares about the "culture war"
A bit yeah, not as much as I did but I think we all have a stake in it.
>thinks there's 2 sides and the other side is stupid
No I think theres multiple side but theres one side that is spiritually dead and evil
>uses arguments like "conservatives say x but also do y" "liberals claim to like x but also hate y"
>commits to an ideology without understanding its source
I've probably done this when I was younger, but not currently. Not really ideological at the moment, and even if I was I've read most of the manifestos.
>eventually tries to read its source but not critically
Hard to judge, I'd like to think I read them critically.
>will read marx with absolutely no knowledge of economics, evola with no knowledge of philosophy
I was into Hayek as a teen so some knowledge of econ. Read some philosophy before reading Evola as well.
>has just enough knowledge about certain thinkers (hegel, nietzsche, kant, schopenhauer etc) to make themselves look knowledgeable to someone who knows nothing
I mean depends on your criteria.
I've read some of Hegel and Nietzsche but I'd hardly call myself an expert.

Ok I hit the limit, am I a midwit yes or no?

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