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>He thinks there will be a return to some imaginary normalcy.
The internet is over, death by normie invasion due to social media and smartphone culture (same thing.) Where the normies go, the politicians follow, and politics ruins absolutely fucking everything it touches. It will only get worse.

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This, wojacs/frogs/etc serve the same purpose as emojis and are peak social media / smartphone culture. Meme culture has always been terrible and normie.

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Singularitarianism is techno-Christianity and was just a con to make nerds feel warm and fuzzy about silicon valley while rich nerds robbed them and turned the internet into a corporate shit hole.

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Social media and smartphones were a mistake. Fuck Facebook, fuck Google, and fuck silicon valley for selling out to normies. Fucking boomers 2.0 is what they are.

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That isn't going to happen, that was a time when people knew their opinion on the internet didn't fucking matter. Social media and smartphones ruined the internet by reinforcing people's delusions that their dumb-ass opinions on the internet mattered via social media video game points. The entire internet has gotten shittier and shittier since around 2010, and now is hyper-political everywhere, with no place free from it unless they make the smart move and ban political discussion. Politics has finally colonized the totality of public discourse and will lead to the collapse of Western society because the power-addicted motherfucking politicians want their votes, and hedonistic silicon valley fucks want their money.

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>Fuck. When is /pol/ going to leave?
Smart phones and social media (synergystic aspects of the same cancer) have turned the internet into a consumerist wasteland and there's no going back. The tipping point was around 2010, the internet has gotten more and more shit ever since, including 4chan. Youtube turned to shit when it started allowing monetization, Google search results have gotten increasingly worse, Reddit destroyed traditional message boards, and Facebook shits on everything it touches. Silicon Valley sold its soul to normies for money.
The only hope now is that the normies continue to make the internet ever more stupid and shitty such that it collapses in on itself.

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