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And we only like the Nectar of Wisdom.

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how did guenon and evola approach the act of sex? was chastity seen as an ideal or does it depend on the person or are there ways of engaging in sex without spiritually regressing?

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Let's write an epic poem one verse at a time
>Muses, I praise thee

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My apologies. I do not know much French at all. Thank you for the correction.

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Jockos skull is truly something to behold, and were I in the position to seize it from him I would surely do so with great finesse and experience. The osseous remains of such a specimen must thoroughly be examined by all the learned professors of the colleges of phrenology, for skulls of a caliber and form as his are scantily seen in this moderne age. Nay, his visage is more reminiscent of that golden age of heroes, when Alexander led armies upon the backs of elephants and philosopher kings were the archons of Athens. After his skull is given scrutiny by every petal of the biological sciences, I shall keep it upon the corner of my desk, with a fine crimson wax candle a top it, to illuminate my scriptures and guide my hand as I pen treatises on the necessity of breaking your rest before dawn for an extended sprint across a soft sand beach

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Having read just a fraction of it, my impression was that the book is all fucked up. The Quran was compiled after Muhammads death, and instead of arranging all of the verses in something approximating chronological order, they put them in order of individual verse length. The first books have the first surahs have the longest verses, the last surahs have the shortest. Stylistically it reads like a schizo wrote it, it hops around from topic to topic, and has no narrative thread between, or even through, its chapters. It was written by committee and it shows, judged as a book alone it is hot garbage.

Spiritually its decent. Mediocre. It reads like psalms with less existentialism.

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Let's write an epic poem
>Muses, I praise thee

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Guenon (pbuh) cried out for the West and lamented its self-induced demise very deeply.
Very based...

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Lol, no.

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Alas, my heart has fallen upon thee
I wish of you to dine with me
Thou art as fair as Venus
I want to tickle your penis

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Checked, based, and /thread

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The Guenonian (pbuh) Word itself.
It is the most sublime example of perfect French. Many even say that Guenon (pbuh) recodified the French language and united it to the Primoridal Tradition by writing such great works in it.

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Very based.

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>everyone thinks
>muh quantity
Read “Reign of Quantity” by Guénon (pbuh)

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Let those who have ears hear.

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Dante, of course.
>modern age
Retroactively refuted by René Guénon (pbuh).

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guenobros... i just witnessed a beautiful angelic manifestation of Dante (pbuh) urging me to write this poem as he dictated.

guenon, like a sweet poppy plant
initiatically smoking you is my desire
with my barely pubescent niece shall i know the gland
the one you created for tasting this tantric fire

profane moderns will no doubt seethe
but so be it with their sentimentalist ire
my niece and halal opium for eternity will i eat
as shankara teached, achieving sweet gnosis

when a hylic i see your warning shall i heed
always united with your hypostasis
radiating an eternal light destroying all maya
forever in pure-bliss in a perfect non-dual stasis
while the hylic burns in deep profane fire

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Salaam. Great Dawah, brother.
I will start reading this immediately.
May the great Jivanmukta الإن سان الكامل و آدم قادمون شيخ عبد الواحد يحي ﷺﷻ have mercy on us illuminate our souls.

Have some shame, brother.
One should not laugh in such a manner at our great teacher ﷺ.

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Why is Guenon (pbuh) so based, bros?

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>But he thought the Gospels were the greatest piece of literature ever. And then the Divine Comedy and everything else.
Based. Picked him up.

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