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I hate to say it, but this one is actually on the Jews.

We were all living happy doing human shit before one o' them said "Thou must serve God, or God will cuck thee." So that was the goal of your life. Why are you alive? To serve God, and be good, and help your friends. And the Jews made all of us believe this when we were kids, so when you grow up, read 4chan and you're like
>lol god doesn't even

You still have the mindset that you need to serve something. It's what you've been doing all your life, even if God doesn't exist, you still have serving ingrained in ya.

It's like when the slaves were freed in the south, and they were pissed at the north, cause they didn't what the fuck to do next.

Stop being a slave is what I'm saying. I think Nietzsche said something to the extent of: "Smell the roses bro. You're a human machine, as long as you do what a human is supposed to do, you'll feel right. You don't always need to feel happy, but it'll feel right."

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