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Something most certainly can be proven wrong at a given point in time but is subject to change. Freud wasn't right, he wasn't even wrong.What I should have written was "unfalsifiable".

I believe human nature to be incredibly complex and mostly an outcome of peer interactions moderated by culture. That's why I'm not totally discrediting Marx - I have some hope that an ideal communist state would do away with the detrimental aspects of human nature by changing the active cultural force.

You can go two ways interpreting the coming of the ├╝bermensch and I think the Marxist one is over-complicated and optimistic.

Nietszche was the first in a line of psychological systematizers. Also it's not my thesis, I wrote the OP while eating a burger to distract myself.

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but then I wouldn't have dank /lit/ memes

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Mark Hamill, best known for his role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films.

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.>giving someone homework as a gift just to prove how smart you are

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That's an extremely misleading reduction. Do you know WHY it is he refuses to participate in today's political correctness? The reason is plenty impressive and steeped deep in intellectual literary tradition. He is someone who genuinely bridges the works of Nietzsche and the modern landscape, that's worth exploring.

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