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>mfw science has a philosophy undergirding it, just as the master depends on his handmaiden so he can tend to his daily, non-quotidian activities
>attack the master's handmaiden, and you frustrate his endeavors

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I plan to fight him, but I am woefully armed. Perhaps I will rejoin the battle in many years, when I have superior armaments (that is, books).

Why ought we to affirm the will, as opposed to Life-denying ideas that hamper it? Why should I not be resentful, and can I not be both resentful and powerful?

Finally, can you furnish me with some examples of meta-narratives? I find it difficult to grasp such an abstraction

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Sometimes I'm glad I didn't pursue an English major

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i don't approve of you throwing gasoline in fires, anyway you obviously got a Christmas carol.

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you sound like you're pretty high on the spectrum desu

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/lit/ approved?

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>Book is

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>3 2,500 word essays due by Friday
>finished two this weekend even though theyre really shitty
>gotta crank out the other one this week

Thought I had a handle on things until I remembered I have a 6,000 word essay on Ulysses due in January. Don't get to relax this break. Fuck.

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cant wake up

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