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>inserts his own
Guenon's (pbuh) thought is not "his" (pbuh) own, he (pbuh) is merely a messenger. He (pbuh) claims no originality in his (pbuh) uncorrupted transmission of Ancient Perennial Knowledge...

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>They are though
Only if one is a profane subhuman hylic Anglo.
And it is clear that /lit/'s patron saint would prevent such a fate for his board.

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>Advaita Vedanta
>literally translates to 'Without Buddhism'
>Buddhist framework

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>>2: Dualism
Retroactively refuted by Shaykh Guenon (pbuh).

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>Nobody has ever btfo'd Kants critique

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Holy based.
>The author seems to know—for instance—not only that Guénon occasionally smoked opium before he was 26, but also that Albert Puyou (Matgioi), the Count of Pouvourville had taught him. He seems to have cast-iron proof of it: Matgioi has written a book on opium (pp. 58, 283). Mark Sedgwick also wonders—in the manner of a ‘good,’ modern historian—whether Guénon would have moved to Egypt had it not been for his comforting, new lover, Mary (Dina) Shillito (p. 74). Despite the fact that in Cairo many Muslims took Guénon to be a saint (or even more than that), it turns out that during ramadam he did not refrain from “smoking a cigarette and drinking a coffee,” and he did not go on a pilgrimage to Mecca (pp. 75–76).
This makes me like Guénon even more.

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