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yeah, anyone who thinks the second law of thermodynamics is a suitable metaphor applicable to any situation is a complete and total brainlet. It's almost as bad as people who use evolutionary psych to try to explain why they can't get girlfriends.

don't even get me started on the people who watch lectures on youtube and think they understand things

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No. The second law of thermodynamics has become a shrill platitude that can be applied to anything by pseuds who don't know what they're actually saying, kind of like "God is dead" or "all significant concepts of the modern theory of the state are secularized theological concepts". I'd stick with contemporary analytic philosophy of time if you want to get a sense for the state of the field (endurantism vs. perdurantism, eternalism vs. presentism, spacetime substantivalism vs. relationalism) and so on. Perhaps buffet this with work by Sklar and Albert on the philosophical foundations of statistical mechanics.

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>the wave function is a real entity
>there are no unique experimental outcomes
>things do not have definite properties
>action at a distance is real
>absolute simultaneity
>pilot waves
>backwards causation


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because it's pop science for the "i fucking love science" facebook crowd who actually think they're learning something from heavily reified abstractions that pass off formalism for facts about the world

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