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>when he stood with the protesters and did public speeches

and what he did after? he´s a sellout like every leftist in academia

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Yeah dude the establishment loves the Left that is why it's contributed innumerable taxpayer dollars to destroying it whenever possible

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This is covered in both Death of the Liberal Class and No Logo. The short answer is largely that current organic new developments in Marxism and left-liberalism were abused by the intelligence organizations and academia both for social control and for self-preservation.

For instance think about how the Black Panthers, who did use identity politics but mostly had a foundation of working class struggle similar to the Old Left were systematically obliterated by the State while postmodernism and liberal idpol theories were not only accepted but made dogma in its institutions. Look into COINTELPRO and the Congress on Cultural Freedom it explains a lot of it, Jackson Pollack literally got money from the CIA kek

One state solution with anything Zionist outlawed or destroyed. I used to think a two state solution made more sense but it's obvious that the Israeli establishment has totally given up on even pretending it isn't interested in creating a Jewish supremacist state/ethnostate.

It's not even from a moralfag perspective either. I mean I feel bad for the Palestinians but Israel is one of the USA's biggest organs for imperialism in the Middle East and "muh israel" is literally used to justify every single intervention in the region at some point. Its become obvious with the settlement shit that a two state solution is impossible at this point so I say fuck Israel and Zionism all the way down

I like to say that people like Zizek don't really predict things they just pay attention and don't let their personal biases get in the way of the truth. A lot of left-liberals literally thought the Republican party would cease to exist after a second term of Obama lmao.

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People really underestimate the degree to which the Intelligence organizations and NATO fought against not just communism but anything beyond the most toothless academic politically correct liberalism

I desperately implore any /pol/acks reading this thread to Google Old Left and just do some light reading, specifically about the IWW in the old days.

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Google "the Old Left" and read some elementary shit. Even the Wikipedia page about the Old Left is useful.

The New Left fucked everything up with idealism and trying to mix classical liberalism with marxism. Also about half of the counterculture in the 60s and 70s was a literal psyop so there's that

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Friendly reminder that that the SJW rise to infamy started around the time Occupy Wall Street began falling apart. Reeks of COINTELPRO to high heaven. Every time you equate SJWs with the *actual* left, you're doing what the establishment wants.

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