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>Even so, they are still not fully rooted in it.
Because Buddhism is founded upon falsehoods; whereas, true paths of Tradition are all founded upon Truth and thus accessible to anyone who devoted themselves to that path.

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cringe hylic

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Perhaps there are transcendental qualities that can be channeled via TikTok?


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at last I truly see

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He is now in int bros...

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Because he actually was initiated into both a Vietnamese Taoist Triad as well as the al-'Arabiyya Shadhiliyya Sufi order, which various biographers and researchers have confirmed, as does the good Teacher (pbuh) in his letters. Only Allah (swt) knows the extent of the sublime confluence of Traditional wisdom that occurred.

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>What does Guenon want?
Unification with the Divine.

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based and red pilled

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Brother... You must forsake such material notions.... Guenon's (pbuh) Eternal Wisdom (peace and veneration be upon it) is not extended in space....

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“In a world increasingly rife with heresy and pseudo-religion, Guénon (pbuh) had to remind twentieth century man of the need for orthodoxy, which presupposes firstly a Divine Revelation and secondly a Tradition that has handed down with fidelity what Heaven has revealed. He thus restores to orthodoxy its true meaning, rectitude of opinion which compels the intelligent man not only to reject heresy but also to recognize the validity of faiths other than his own if they also are based on the same two principles, Revelation and Tradition.”
—Martin Lings, author of Ancient Beliefs and Modern Superstitions

“If during the last century or so there has been even some slight revival of awareness in the Western world of what is meant by metaphysics and metaphysical tradition, the credit for it must go above all to Guénon (pbuh). At a time when the confusion into which modern Western thought had fallen was such that it threatened to obliterate the few remaining traces of genuine spiritual knowledge from the minds and hearts of his contemporaries, Guénon (pbuh), virtually single-handed, took it upon himself to reaffirm the values and principles which, he recognized, constitute the only sound basis for the living of a human life with dignity and purpose or for the formation of a civilization worthy of the name.”
—Philip Sherrard, author of Christianity: Lineaments of a Sacred Tradition

“Apart from his amazing flair for expounding pure metaphysical doctrine and his critical acuteness when dealing with the errors of the modern world, Guénon (pbuh) displayed a remarkable insight into things of a cosmological order. . . . He all along stressed the need, side by side with a theoretical grasp of any given doctrine, for its concrete—one can also say its ontological—realization failing which one cannot properly speak of knowledge.”
—Marco Pallis, author of A Buddhist Spectrum

“Guénon’s (pbuh) mission was two-fold: to reveal the metaphysical roots of the ‘crisis of the modern world’ and to explain the ideas behind the authentic and esoteric teachings that still [remain] alive.”
—Harry Oldmeadow, author of Traditionalism: Religion in the Light of the Perennial Philosophy

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>tradcath larper

>epicurean hedonist
Retroactively refuted trash

>It is lust only, Arjuna, which is born of contact with the material modes of passion and later transformed into wrath, and which is the all-devouring, sinful enemy of this world.

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>Guenonfag is like Atman, Guenon is Brahman, and the posters are the jiva.
Holy based...

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Guenonians (pbuh) are One yet Many...
Based. (pbuh)

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>Its manifesting of itself and, in consequence, of the finite, the individual, etc. should no longer then be regarded as the death and the contradiction of the infinite, and therefore as a form of non-being, a nothingness which darkens the pleroma (omnis determinatio negatio est), but instead as its action, its glory, that in which it testifies and asserts to itself its powerful freedom.
Shankara himself defines the nature of the Atma as absolute freedom in his commentary on Brahma Sutra 1.1.4. thus:

"This is the ultimate reality, the changeless eternal, all-pervading like space (but beyond it), free from all causal modification, ever-contented pure bliss, indivisible, self-luminous by nature, untouched by actions in the form of virtue and vice along with their effects (in the form of pleasure and pain), and beyond time in its three tenses of past, present and future; this unembodied reality is called moksa or absolute freedom."

The freedom Evola envisages is not complete freedom

>The best part of this is that this point of view is found also in an Eastern school (which, naturally, Guénon will call ‘heterodox’) – that of the shakti-tantra, which levels against the Vedânta a criticism whose significance is unquestionable.
Guenon responds to this with a letter published in the same journal saying that he viewed some Tantra schools as orthodox and other as heterodox

>It is only if hazy, intellectualistic notions of knowledge (âtman) and the infinite (brahman) are replaced by this activist and concrete idea of power (shakti) – they say – that it is possible to resolve, from a non-dualistic point of view, the various difficulties inherent in the concept of manifestation.
What's lazy is writing a long article attacking Advaita and publishing it in a journal without even bothering to do your proper research into Advaita first. What's funny is that in Advaita maya is the power (shakti) of Brahman, but just in a different way from how shakti works in Tantra, but if Evola had just done his reading he would have found that most of the points he makes are wrong. I could do more but it's pretty late and Evola just keeps droning on and on with his mistakes. Maybe I will refute the rest another time but you get the time.

And with that, I conclude my retroactive refutations for the night.
PS. I'm still waiting for someone to attempt a point by point response challenging Robinson's refutation of Nagarjuna's logic

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>Time and Change are illusions.
Based. Only the outward, physical manifestation of things changes, but the essential qualities remain the same.

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*blocks your path*
*retroactively refutes you*

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>Why should I read Guenon (pbuh)
>What does Guenon (pbuh) have to offer?

“René Guénon (pbuh) defies classification. . . . Were he anything less than a consummate master of lucid argument and forceful expression, his work would certainly be unknown to all but a small, private circle of admirers.”
—Gai Eaton, author of The Richest Vein

“Guénon (pbuh) established the language of sacred metaphysics with a rigor, a breadth, and an intrinsic certainty such that he compels recognition as a standard of comparison for the twentieth century.”
—Jean Borella, author of Guénonian Esoterism and Christian Mystery

“To a materialistic society enthralled with the phenomenal universe exclusively, Guénon (pbuh), taking the Vedanta as point of departure, revealed a metaphysical and cosmological teaching both macrocosmic and microcosmic about the hierarchized degrees of being or states of existence, starting with the Absolute . . . and terminating with our sphere of gross manifestation.”
—Whitall N. Perry, editor of A Treasury of Traditional Wisdom

“René Guénon (pbuh) was the chief influence in the formation of my own intellectual outlook (quite apart from the question of Orthodox Christianity). . . . It was René Guénon (pbuh) who taught me to seek and love the truth above all else, and to be unsatisfied with anything else.”
—Fr. Seraphim Rose, author of The Soul After Death

“His mixture of arcane learning, metaphysics, and scathing cultural commentary is a continent in itself, untouched by the polluted tides of modernity. . . . Guénon’s (pbuh) work will not save the world—it is too late for that—but it leaves no reader unchanged.”
—Jocelyn Godwin, author of Mystery Religions in the Ancient World

“René Guénon (pbuh) is one of the few writers of our time whose work is really of importance. . . . He stands for the primacy of pure metaphysics over all other forms of knowledge, and presents himself as the exponent of a major tradition of thought, predominantly Eastern, but shared in the Middle Ages by the . . . West.”
—Walter Shewring, translator of Homer’s Odyssey

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'Introduction to the Study of the Hindu Doctrines' by Rene Guenon (pbuh) is not only an invaluable tool in enabling one to properly understand Hindu philosophy, but it greatly helps in better understanding all Eastern philosophy in general through many of the misconceptions about that topic which it refutes which are common to westerners, perhaps as a result of the materialist biases among others in our educational system.

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>All of those accomplishments and yet it all amounts to nothing because he was refuted by Guénon (pbuh), how sad. One can only hope that in the next life which his subtle body transmigrated to that Kant was able to achieve some sort of personal contact with or initiation into the primordial Tradition better late than never!
>Absolutely seething, Guénon (pbuh) is incredibly influential in Russian and the Islamic world, and increasingly in the West. Just about every worthwhile 20th and 21st century thinker was influenced by him.
>This lol, it's like they don't know that everything they're writing was already retroactively refuted by Guénon (pbuh), it just goes to show that none of these bozos have read him
>No one's forcing anything. WE are the ones making threads to talk about Guénon (pbuh) in, YOU are the one who made the decision to come into here of your own accord to throw a fit, you didn't have to enter into this thread, nobody forced you to. If the venerable Guénon (pbuh) makes you so upset then I suggest you stay out of the thread or return to r/books where the discussion is more suited to your level
>every element that you claim went into Traditionalism was actually retroactively refuted by Guénon (pbuh) ironically enough, from Kant to Orientialism to Protestant theology, Guénon (pbuh) destroyed all of them with his superb logic and insight.
>You can't, the best you can do is just to subtly make your system agree with Guénon (pbuh) so that it's not vulnerable to retroactive refutation.
>Guénon (pbuh) ended philosophy and solved metaphysics, he became a Sufi because that was his preferred method out of the multiple paths available in various religions which can be used to approach the supreme and eternal truth of non-duality, perhaps best exemplified by the writings of Sri Shankaracharya (pbuh)
>This is actually good advice
>STJ is cool, but Guénon (pbuh) is right that western paganism is dead and cannot be revived, there is no tradition of metaphysical knowledge or spiritual instruction belonging to it which has been passed down to our time, it's unironic larping, unfortunately.
>holy based
>Shankaracharya (pbuh) is infallible, the Tibetans flee before his brilliance. You won't find anything in the Tibetan corpus refuting him, as the Tibetan corpus is heavily based on Yogachara (which was refuted by Shankaracharya (pbuh)) and Madhyamika (which was refuted by Richard Robinson); and the remaining Tantric stuff is mostly crypto-Shaivism.

Holy based...

>I like how you have to emphasize the 'we' by putting it in caps, as if to desperately convince us that there isnt a single schizo making the exact same patterned posts.
HE was just using dualistic language so someone such as yourself would have even the slightest chance of grasping the Truth outlined in that post.


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