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>all this word salad to get at nothing

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>Yes, you are like a schizo hearing voices.

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They are just election tourists who came here in 2016 from r*ddit, dabbled in JBP talking points and shouting the 'praise kek' slogans. They likely found out about Guenon through Bannon and his 'modern world evil' argument was appealing to their magatard mindset stemming from their preconceived notions of modernity being evil but now with a 'jewish' plot superimposed by his /pol/ tier conditioning.

The ironic thing is that Guenon himself was a racemixer who converted to Islam and urged people to abandon the comfy life, something modern guenonians would never do (how else are they gonna shitpost?)

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>b-but the evidence is there lol
>w-what evidence??

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seething guenonian unable to accept the simple fact that Guenon modeled himself after Theosophy

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>there is more wisdom in this thread than the rest of the board combined

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>woah im not him bro but damn he's a handsome chad I tell ya what
ok guenonfag

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Personally, I have matured enough as a person to arrive at a point where I'm ready to leave Rene Guenon behind and move on to finer things. Where will this quest take me?

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>Cringe. It must suck having to be stuck in a constant state of becoming.

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>guenon (pbuh) will always have a place here on this board because he is a true representative of the absolute. it is precisely in what he lacks that makes him so appealing. no hyperracist /pol/ tier shitposting that comes from evola and serrano fanboys. no ridiculous overman worship from nietzsche and stirnerfags. no hopeless misunderstandings from the theravadin crowd of wapanese buddhists. guenon's (pbuh) teachings will reign on this board for another thousand years

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noted catholic metaphysician on inwagen on guenon:

>No, I'd never heard of him. I had a look at the Wikipedia article, and found this representative paragraph:

>If we [...] define Being in the universal sense as the principle of manifestation, and at the same time as comprising in itself the totality of possibilities of all manifestation, we must say that Being is not infinite because it does not coincide with total Possibility; and all the more so because Being, as the principle of manifestation, although it does indeed comprise all the possibilities of manifestation, does so only insofar as they are actually manifested. Outside of Being, therefore, are all the rest, that is all the possibilities of non-manifestation, as well as the possibilities of manifestation themselves insofar as they are in the unmanifested state; and included among these is Being itself, which cannot belong to manifestation since it is the principle thereof, and in consequence is itself unmanifested. For want of any other term, we are obliged to designate all that is thus outside and beyond Being as "Non-Being", but for us this negative term is in no way a synonym for 'nothingness'

>This strikes me as deeply confused. For example, Guenon seems to think that unrealized possibilities are outside being. But unrealized possibilities exist. There are unrealized possibilities. And, therefore, they belong to the realm of being just as surely as realized possibilities do.

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It's not. Non-existence is the "higher" of the two and necessarily contains existence within itself as one of its manifold possibilities.

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If anyone would like to make detailed posts with helpful links and explanations of other religious traditions for me to include in future threads, feel free to do so, all your efforts are appreciated. Trad threads are effortposter friendly.

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