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itt: talk in Grug

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I studied physics and did experiments with radioactive substances myself, I know and understand how it fucking works retard

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>hurr durr muh patriotism superior literaturrrr

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I hate being a retard. What books should I read to atleast make myself a bit more cultured?

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>everyrthing drawn in japan is anime

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Are there any books that would help me learn math better?

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>being a leftist

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>the prose
Ah yes, the prose. The prooooooose. the PROOOOOOOSE. There's a reason why the pseuds on this website are always so willing to talk about "the prose" of a book when discussing its merits or flaws. Why attempt to analyze the merits and effects of the literary devices used to add to the development of characters, why attempt to understand the interplay of the perspectives of different characters and the emphasis this places on different themes, the spectrum of ironies used throughout the novel, the historical significance of the novel and the influence it has spawned in literary tradition or the influences seen throughout the work, the specific structure and literary underpinnings of the novel and the way it influences the tone, the author's relationship to the characters and the theme, the presentation of the novel itself to the audience and thus the relationship between reader and text --- why do any of this, when you could talk about "the prose?" You know that you have such a deep understanding of the book, don't you, when you talk about "the prose," the "musicality of it," the "sparseness." What a great artistic touch you have, don't you! Such a highly refined poetic sense! And you feel like such a true reader of literature when you are able to compare these styles: "I am partial to the lyricism of Joyce's prose, as well as the clean and scientific prose of Borges," you might say. What a deep understanding you show! Because the "prose" of a work is such an accessible topic, something that is felt immediately in the body and senses, a nice little sensation and flutter of the heart. Art obviously has nothing else to it, nothing other than the little sensations that I experience, because why should i attempt to understand it on a deeper level than this, when I have such a "refined" sense of the "prose?" Why even attempt to analyze the prose and the poetic and rhythmical underpinnings of it, when I could use a pretty little metaphor for it? It matters little that virtually every reader of literature has access to the music of the words and so my understanding is not quite so advanced as I would think, that form is something that goes hand in hand with theme, that I missed all the deep relationships between characters and between text and reader that existed in the work and that comprise a large part of the literary merit of the text, for my understanding of "the prose" shows such a mastery of language, a fine-tuned sense of the magical flow of the words! Having understood this work, I may as well move onto the next, the next bundle of pretty sensations to experience, the next bagful of fun linguistic treats!

muh ooga prose booga

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>Messing up your post

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>"My hobbies include reading."

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>"me likey to read"

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>He's right though.

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Hello /lit/

I am a complete pleb, I have never read books in my life, I was always into sports and always neglected and talked down on reading

However as I got older, I am starting to appreciate reading more and more, and would really like to get into it.
For reference, I have read a lot of practical books (i am majoring in computer science), and I am very interested in history and philosophy

Does /lit/ have any Starting Literacy program I can hop on? I was thinking of reading the works of Marcus Aurelius or something

Thanks in advance

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