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I fucking hate Kantianism so much. I just got home after a small luncheon where our host made us critique the conditions of the possibility of knowledge of the categories of understanding and all the other guests agreed because they were vile Fichteans. Even my wife wanted to do that because she's read all those turgid grundwerkes and attended the lectures. Later on she got genuinely upset because I knew no answers besides the ones to 2-3 very simple amphibolies. I knew there was no point reminding her that I'm only into Leibniz-wolffianism because I'd get instantly booed by those vulgar indifferentists.

This truly is the most horrid best possible world

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Doesn't the categorical imperative imply that taxing people is immoral?
You may think that you are collecting tax revenue for a good purpose, like perhaps providing healthcare to a low income family, but when you tax another family in the process, you are using them merely as a means to the end of helping the poor family. Now if the wealthier family gave money to them voluntarily, that would be another story. But taxing them is making them do it by force, without their own agency, instead of them doing it out of a sense of duty.

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Doesn't the categorical imperative make homosexuality immoral?
Love out of lust is using someone else merely to your sexual ends and not as an end in themselves.
Further, if everyone acted on the maxim of fucking sexually attractive men, there'd be no offspring to create more men to sexually lust after, thus rendering the maxim immoral.

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Just finished Groundwork and Critique of Practical Reason. Are there any major off-shoots of Kantian styled ethics that are noteworthy? There's about 25 flavours of utilitarianism so I figured it was worth asking.

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>I love cake
>I'd love it if people baked cake and shared some with me
>So I bake a cake myself, then share it with some people
>Now everyone is baking cake and sharing it
>Everyone is fat and fucking sick of cake
How do Kantians resolve the dilemma of moderation?

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Descartes was a hero, Kant destroyed human civilization

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