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I can’t believe it. Call of the Crocodile is the modern day Moby Dick.

>Both have a protagonist (Captain Ahab in Moby Dick and Joe in Call of the Crocodile) who have been hurt somehow by a beast in their past. Captain Ahab with his leg and Joe’s son was eaten by the crocodile.
>Both are very troubled and go through similar arcs
>Both novels carefully build up the creature who harmed them as dangerous and really menacing to mythical proportions
>Moby Dick and the crocodile are both revealed about halfway through the book.
>Climatic encounter with said beast and unexpected results.

Even the fucking covers look similar with the whale/crocodile on the lower left corners. Who else caught this?

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I keep reading books hoping I can get the same feeling I got while reading Moby Dick but nothing hits as hard. Does anyone know anything similar?

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I’m not the smartest person but this book loses me with all of its olde English and Shakespeare shit. Any tips to powering through or to better understand the book?

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this shit was written over 200 years ago and still bangs so hard. how the fuck did Melville do it?

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Between Queequeg, Stubb, and Ahab, who would you
For me it's

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>it’s another whale anatomy chapter

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what kind of person do you imagine when you hear that phrase?

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This must be the greatest novel ever written. Nothing comes close.

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I just finished this novel. What the hell was Ahabs problem? And what was his relationship with pip after the drowning supposed to mean?

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Why didn't he just stop trying to kill the whale when it was obvious he couldn't get him? Kind of dumb character desu

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Was this a response to Emerson, and a satire of transcendentalists?

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Hey /lit/, what are your thoughts on plot-holes or inconsistencies in plot? To what extent do they weaken a work?
I presume given the >reading for plot meme that plot consistency is taken by most of this board to be secondary in importance to things like thematic development, prose stylism, etc. I kinda agree, but still there seems something wrong about 100% forgiving a prose stylist for not being able to craft an airtight story.
Any examples of notable plot holes in masterpieces that come to mind?
Pic semi-related. It has all the artistic qualities described above, yet (the version that didn't include the epilogue) was criticized for what audiences viewed as one massive plot hole concerning the ending: without the epilogue, Ishmael appears to die. But then, if everyone's dead, who escaped to tell thee?

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Anyone else find that ol' Melville drags it on a bit at times? I mean, he had an entire chapter dedicated to the color white.

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What are some legitimate criticisms of Moby Dick?

I haven't read the book, but I act like I have and i'd like to shove some talking points down the throat of a pretentious English major.

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>tfw I finally realize that Moby Dick is objectively the best novel ever written

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>Ishmael isn't the main character

Can someone explain this meme to me? I keep seeing people say this.

also general Moby Dick discussion, I finally finished it this morning. it was great.

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I stopped reading to pic related because it is impossible that Ishmael had so much knowledge being only a junior sailor

I know I am a pleb

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Why cant whites ever leave God out of their literature. They are worse than gays writing about muh penislust. I couldnt finish it desu. Memed once again senpaitchi.

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