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And but so, how does one overcome anhedonia?

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I just finished IJ and thought it was really good. I couldn't believe people before who said they wished it was longer, but now I get that.
Then I looked around online and it seems like I missed so much shit. James has a cartridge in his head? Hal accidentally takes DMZ from his toothbrush or its synthesised from the mold? And that's why he can't communicate in the first chapter? Hal and Don dig up James with John Wayne? What the fuck?
I think this could benefit from those extra 500 pages that were apparently cut out.

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I just can't bring myself to purchase/read this piece of shit book

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I haven't read Gaddis, Burroughs or Pynchon, and everyone says that pic related has a lot of parts in similar styles to them. Can anyone give any examples? I get the feeling that the chapter from James Incandenza's father's perspective that's just him talking for the whole chapter is like Gaddis (JR specifically), and Gately's dreams seem like Pynchon from the idea I have of him. My first thought for a section like Burroughs is the bit with the Chinese guy selling Poor Tony and C contaminated Heroin but that seems too obvious.

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What does /lit/ think of DFW's Infinite Jest. It's currently my favourite book. I find it to be incredibly engaging, funny and emotionally potent. There's a lot of unnecessary mental flexing on the part of the author but it also gives credit to the reader for diligence by introducing additional richness with self referential jokes and oblique exposition. Don G is my favourite character.

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Why isn't this book discussed more here?

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This book makes me want to claw my fucking eyes out.

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Is there going to be an Infinite Summer thread at some point? I'm going to start IJ tomorrow.

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Summarize this in a few words I can't be bothered to read it.

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When does it gets good?

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>The whole thing is almost too involved to try to take in all at once. It's simply huge. (67)
>The whole thing's unpleasant and dry and repetitive and mostly dull. (1012 n.110)
>...[I]s the puzzlement and then boredom and then impatience and then excruciation and then near-rage aroused in the film's audience by the static repetitive final 1/3 of the film aroused for some theoretical-aesthetic end, or is Himself simply an amazingly shitty editor of his own stuff? (947)

ITT books that criticize themselves

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Will I enjoy this if I have ADHD and haven't read a book that was 100+ pages since high school? Movies are usually my preferred medium

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>Steply and Marthe scenes
>scenes at the academy
>AA scenes
How would you rank them?
I put them in descending order personally

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Has anybody read this? Is it any good? What are your thoughts on it?

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>Ansel Elgort is Stice
>Tom Holland is Hal
>Ezra Miller is Pemulis
>Timothee Chalamet is Axford
>they bang


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fell off my shelf right onto the remote

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Daily reminder: Essential

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When are we doing Infinite Summer this year?

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>Canterbury Tales

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I realized something interesting;

So from what I remember two of the big things people say DFW didn't accurately predict was how DVDs basically annihilated everything else on the market, and video, face-to-face communication - but I think now he was more accurate than it first seems.

First of all, video and voice communication is practically only used in a professional setting. I can't remember the last time I video called my friends, and voice calling seems to be reserved now to platforms like Discord; most people now opting to text almost exclusively. DFW jokes that video calls died out because we had nowhere to hide the fact that we weren't really paying attention to the call, whereas texting makes it even easier than voice. Further, we even feel a little dejected when we realize the other texting person isn't devoting their attention to us (left on read) even though we know most of the time even when we engage in a text conversation we're probably only focusing on the conversation 20% of the time.

Secondly, that video calls' brief lifetime would see artificial beauty enhancement, and then an addiction to that enhancement until it becomes more than mainstream, with the official face masks. This is actually almost completely paralleled in Snapchat. While there isn't video calling the element of attractiveness is still present, and just like the masks, many people (women) rely on filters released by snapchat because they feel ugly or unattractive and the artificial enhancements of some filters blur pimples and smooth skin. Even without filters most people spend up to ten fucking minutes taking deleting and retaking snaps just to find the one angle that makes you look the best.

Something interesting I wanted to point out/put into words.

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I read the pale king and liked it a lot, should I pull the trigger on this bad boy? I know it's a lot longer and harder than the pale king

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not even keking

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Infinite Jest

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