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Just finished this afternoon.

I had a good time reading this and overall it left me with a very favorable impression. Initially I’m feeling 7-8, but as the months go by and it sits with me, I think it will climb to a 9.

Unless something went way over my head, I was kind of surprised at how simple the main philosophical themes are, especially for a book that presents itself as ostensibly complex. Like, the hardest part was wading through the all the prose and technical language; the main ideas here are fairly simple. Thoughts?

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Not the story - the actual tomes. I want to read Infinite Jest for the fourth time, but my pic related copy has lost its cover and the big white edition isn’t doing much better. So I’m wondering if the hardbacks have the same problem of disintegrating upon one read or if it’ll hold up.
Anyone else want to read IJ for the summer?

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>Infinite Jest

I think of Orin with this one:

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What are the valid criticisms on this book besides
>It's long and hard to read
>DFW was a cringe autist IRL
>People who read it are pretentious hipsters
Is there something about the actual story or its themes that are inherently flawed or what?

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Is this book worth reading? I could read 10 books instead based on its length

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How long is this going to take to read if I devote ~3 hours a day to it?

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Love this book, especially the parts about pot and tennis. The sincerity stuff is just cringy pretense though. There's no such thing as "irony"

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What am I in for?

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I’m reading infinite jest on an e reader with a laptop that has the footnotes on it.

Should I just buy the book or will this system do?

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When does this pick up? I'm 150 pages in and so far it's just disconnected ramblings. I'm enjoying it, it's entertaining but plot wise there's absolutely nothing happening.

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I love this book and theres nothing you FAGS can do about it LMAO

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Should I try to read Infinite Jest this summer?

I'm 18 and can't get a job over the summer or hang out with friends. I usually don't have a good attention span while reading and need to use audio-books. Would pushing myself through IJ help me with you you think?

I think I would enjoy it, I've listened to and Consider the Lobster and liked his style. I most advanced book I've read before it is probably some Pynchon or American Psycho, which isn't much.

Any tips for reading it?

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I love this book.

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just read the first 300 pages of infinite jest, I liked it so far, what am I in for?

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the best parts of infinite jest are the ones at the tennis academy

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Advice for first time reader?

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I'm 150 pages deep, I really enjoy it so far, it's well written. but some parts are really tough for me, it's hard to get through them, especially if english isn't your first language, I find some parts literally impossible to comprehend, is that normal? only after finishing the part I have some vague idea what that was even about. does it get better or worse later in the book?

I will not stop until I finish this shit

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what is this, anons? I finished this book last summer, took me little over a week cause I was home all day. Every book I've attempted to read after it has just felt so "meh". I used to blast through books but now I get tired after 10 pages.

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do I start reading this or what

I'm kinda scare it'll change my life or some such fuckery

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>Wait till you have to jump back and forth to the end of a book just in order to be able to follow it.
Just use two bookmarks.

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this book seems to trigger women and liberals (who don't seem to have read it). does that mean it's good and i should buy it?

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