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Based as fuck

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>I am not a faggot
>continues to debate about the avengers
If you consume product (even to hate watch it) it was made for you, NPC.

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Basé and redpilled

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He’s talking about intuition, nibba; he explicitly advocates again pursuing “dogish lusts.”

Peterson is also a faggot; fuck off back to lereddit and kys, pseud.

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I SIEGE posted hard as fuck in 2018, bought several Evola books on amazon, bought a Khomeini (pbuh) book off eBay, and still can get on airplanes without having to go through any special line or anything.

The FBI is full of retarded boomers. The only thing that will unironically get you on a watch list is buying The Anarchist Cook Book or some MAYBE Al Qaeda or ISIS literature. ACB is the only one confirmed to get you fucked, however.

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You can’t. If you are an NPC, your intuition is only set in quantitative aspects; so in other words, you are a walking, talking, breathing computer.

Real humans have an intuition that can actualize qualitative aspects.

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Iran is the only country that still takes philosophy seriously.

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No shit. Socrates ruined philosophy by making the rational the ontological starting point of western philosophy.

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Imam Khomeini (pbuh) solved philosophy.

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Khomeini (pbuh) was a true Aryan, in body, mind, and Spirit. Show some respect, you worthless amerimutt.

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