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>mom thinks she found the noumena

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Is this supposed to be shocking?

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So what’s the actual problem with an infinite regress describing the universe?
Why do WLC and Aquinas have such a problem with it?

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How are a*alytics this bad at philosophy?

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Time is not an empirical concept that is somehow drawn from experience. For simultaneity or succession would not themselves come into perception if the representation of time did not ground them a priori. Only under its presuppositions can one represent that several things exist at one and the same time (simultaneously) or in different times (successively). Yet, in delineating, nay distinguishing, unto others, all pedagogy proves useless, as the upon the spot, is lost, and becomes an hour, two hours, three hours for a cup of coffee—the preparation, deliverance and hitherto pouring of coffee (COFFEE!), is lost, and becomes an agonizing wait. *Calls out to kitchen* Where is my coffee, Herr Lampe? *pounds table* I insist it must be brought upon the spot. Herr Damen, I apologize, for this good-for-nothing Lampe. I shall exclude him from the will. No, no that would be unright but a topic for another time, dear sirs; oh Lampe, a friend in need is a friend indeed. As we wait, it should be recounted that coffee was brought to Europe from Ale-Gears—no, no no do not interrupt, that is how it is pronounced— brought to us by the Moors of Barbary. Do not get me started on them, gentlemen. A treacherous and lecherous people who did not even touch the drink. You will not want to hear this but they have no plans, awake at noon, debase themselves several times a day, they do not learn the written word, they piss on the streets, then, after weeks of idleness, they will get a ship and prey upon vessels in the Mediterranean, they take wives, live in straw huts and eat cakes all day. I hate them *pounds table* Herr, Schultz, don't look so shocked. I told that damned König what to do in my epistles. The day I see a Moore in Königsberg, I shall leave and never return. *rings little bell* AHEM. COFETVE. WHERE IS THE COFFEE LAMPE! GOD FUCKING DAMN YOU. Gentlemen, there is no coffee in Heaven. We can take solace in this fact. No time. No nothing.

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>he got BTFOed on /pol/ by someone who actually read Marx and Adorno

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>he’s a pragmatist

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Based Anon has a stroke

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Does anyone have that quote about Kant and how he would yell at his servant for not already having his coffee ready when he woke up?

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