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the ones that don't get aborted are subjected to this.

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I fucking LOVE libraries!

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I don't see why it wouldn't tbqdesu. Warrior homosexuality has a precedent in classical ancient Greek culture, not only one of the greatest white civilizations to ever exist on this planet, but one of the greatest civilizations, period. On the flipside, gay harems may not have any historical precedent, but the fact is that homosexuality has, in part, a distinct genetic basis and some males invariably will, even in spite of society's best efforts to persuade them otherwise, become reproductive dead ends. For all intents and purposes, such failures of masculinity might as well be allowed to form degenerate faggot harems as long as they stay in their fucking lane and refrain from attempting to actively induct new members into their lifestyle of genetic failure.

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>There's no denying cultural marxists in the lgbtsjw community are hiding behind political correctness and victimhood in order to rape abuse and indoctrinate children in a systematic basis

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