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Writers of /lit/ how many words a day do you write and what genre?

>Historical fiction, 1,000 words a day

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>Horror/romance, ~1,200 words a day.

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Two to six paragraphs

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>Working on urban fantasy right now

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I'm looking for more works, both fiction and non, that take place in the eras of British imperialism. I've been reading Quatermain, Tintin, and some WW1 stuff and I love the sense of mystery and exotic nature the rest of the world exudes through that English lens.

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Prester John by John Buchan would be my first rec if you like Haggard. Cupid in Africa by PC Wren is also a legit good book. And most of Kipling’s works of course.
Out of Africa is a beautiful work, though it’s not pulp if that’s what you’re after.
I enjoyed the first half of Tarzan very much. Gets kinda dumb toward the end.

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Also I don't necessarily need the setting to be Africa. I just love how the British Empire viewed any of the third world countries including the ones they owned

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I think you’d like Richard Halliburton’s book The Royal Road to Romance. In the 1920s he bums his way across Europe, trainhops around British India, dicks around the jungles of Malaysia and finishes in Japan.
Also the Poirot mystery novels are packed with fun exoticism.

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>he bums his way across Europe, trainhops around British India, dicks around the jungles of Malaysia and finishes in Japan.

Fuck, I'd give up the internet and modern living to experience that sort of shit.

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Some of Hilaire Bellocs works would be right up your alley. Guy used to leave his home for months at a time to just walk around Europe. He also had a lot of experience in the colonies as well. And of course, one cannot mention Belloc without quoting his infamous line:

Whatever happens, we have got
The Maxim gun, and they have not.

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Thoughts on Ken Wilber and integal theory?

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Ken Wilber is a hack who makes his living shilling for cult leaders, New Age pyramid schemes, and abusive gurus. Fuck Ken Wilber.
>Andrew Cohen
>so-called "Adi Da"
>so-called "Genpo Roshi"
>Marc Gafni
All promoted by Wilber. Some former followers of Wilber have some said some sketchy things about him, too. This guy has some kind of a complex where he thinks he is a modern-day John the Baptist.

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first image on google. this guy looks like pure evil. comic book villain tier. im gonna go with my gut here, and give him a pass

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Pretty great looking glasses, they fit his face extremely well.

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Jesus Christ, how is Wilber of all people such a fucking Chad?

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How's the writing career coming, /lit/?

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lol I work in math and I read literature for fun

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where to start with him

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I like him. I'm know /lit/ doesn't, but I think there is genuine humanity in his books that transcends what might be considered his flaws.

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Protip: you can't

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He's probably just referring to the first Critique.

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Okay. Thank you.

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He was just doing his duty, anon. No need to thank him.

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Title says it all. Let's fight about it

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Well first of all go ahead and suck my penis. Secondly, there are enough books that incorporate good prose and good plot you would never have to choose between the two. Lastly, eat my cum.

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Philosophical underpinnings.

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>not aiming for perfect, mutually reinforcing form-content harmony between the two

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prose. literally do not care about plot in most cases unless its that gay victorian shit

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>that gay victorian shit
which specific brand of 'gay victorian shit' might that be, Anon?

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why is there something, rather than nothing, /lit/?

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>Law of One
Reading this online now and gotta say, based.

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1st. Your conception of “nothing” is skewed by your imagination. We have both.
2. Why would there be only one? How could there be only somethings without the spaces of nothing even?

Conclusion: your question is ridiculous.

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Okay so if there is nothing, why is there also something?

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Ok woman

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It's personally the most profound and plausible metaphysical exposition I've ever encountered. I think it could have a great impact on culture if it became more known - people who presently subscribe to ideologies like materialism, atheism, or some primitive ancient religion would be able to consider a spiritual worldview which is also completely in harmony with scientific naturalism, and far more coherent than whatever they presently subscribe to. Just my opinion.

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My high school teacher was adamant about this story having a sad ending.
I still think she's retarded and think the ending here is positive with the brother finally acknowledging sonny's talent...
Was I in the wrong here?

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Are there any literary characters who struggle with something like this?

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Give me a repulsive opinion

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Seconding this. I realised how much I anticipate "walls" and obstacles and avoid them prior to meeting them after reading Notes and I'm trying to do it less now. Blogpost over

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Cringe is metaphysical. Cringe transcends the self, transcends even the Other. Once you think you have escaped the eternal return to cringe, that is precisely when you have fully succumbed to it

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I have this but for twitch chat.

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Now that's cringe

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How do you explain the phenomena of people restricting the meaning of their words and symbols to "sources" like webster's/google dictionary?

I mean in any conversation or discourse, when two people clearly hold different understandings of the symbols they are communicating, but fail to recognize it and instead argue over arbitrary semantic definitions.

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You've just been

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The post structuralists and deconstructionists wrote a lot about the inevitability of precisely this

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>Kant made reason the rule of his life and the source of his philosophy; Hamann found the source of both in his heart. While Kant dreaded enthusiasm in religion, and suspected in it superstition and fanaticism, Hamann reveled in enthusiasm; and he believed in revelation, miracles, and worship, differing also in these points from the philosopher. In some respects they complemented each other; but the repelling elements were too strong to make them fully sympathetic. The difference in their standpoints, however, makes Hamann’s views of Kant all the more interesting.

Who was right? Who was wrong?

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What the fuck was wrong with the Salian Franks?

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> forty-five fucking solidi just for cutting a titty
wtf frank bros

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Does anyone else ever ponder religion and how it might be applicable to Pepe iconography?
I actually wept over a Pepe the other day and went on an entire head trip about the nature of reality and suffering. Pepe has certainly had a strange journey and I'm not sure how he's gotten to this point but he seems to be invested with a sort of fatherly power to many of the anons here.

tl;dr A pepe brought me to tears and I'm wondering if it's reached the point of religious iconography.

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I mean, I don't think there's anything fortuitous involved here. I don't believe in "random chance". The Pepe phenomenon definitely has some deeper significance to it. Like any art, it is an expression of the deepest strata of the human soul, which is the irrational foundation of Nature itself. We resonate with it because it is an authentic fragment of our soul, but not a fragment in the sense of some broken piece of something else. More like a fractal. It is an image of our whole soul projected outward by our soul. That's what authentic art is, not necessarily the most technically sublime art, but authentic art.

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To add some more to what I said above, I don't think calling the Pepe phenomenon "religious" is a good characterization. It's closer to something like the gnosticism. Religion is centered around certain ossified canonical texts and doctrines. Meme culture is perpetually creative, and constantly overturns itself. The impulse behind it is kind of the opposite of religion. Religion seeks the finality of Heaven, but meme culture seeks constant creative renewal. It's pretty irreligious. When I say the occult or gnosticism I mean things like grail literature, troubadour poetry, the creative side of gnosticism that tried to capture our interior states (gnosis) in constantly newer creative artistic works. So, something like a life-affirming gnosticism, which maybe is somewhat of a self-contradiction.

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By the way, just to add one more thing, troubadour poetry can be very memey. Check out
>I come to you, Sir, with my skirt lifted,
>since I have heard your name is the Mounting Lord,
>and I was never sated with fucking:
>I kept a chaplain for two years,
>and his clerics and all his following;
>and I have a large, firm and sprightly butt
>and a larger cunt than any woman ever.

>And I come towards you, Lady, with my trousers lowered,
>with a larger cock than any randy donkey,
>and will fuck you with such an outburst
>that you'll have to wring your bed-sheets the day after
>---and say thereafter that they need to be washed;
>Neither I, nor my huge nuts will leave
>unless I fuck you until you pass out.

>Since you anticipate so much fucking,
>I would like to know, Sir, your pride,
>since I have armoured my entrance quite well
>in order to resist the attack of large testicles;
>then I'll start kicking so much
>that you won't be able to hold to the front hair
>and you'll have to begin again from behind.

>Know, my lady, that I agree to all this:
>as long as we are together until tomorrow,
>I shall ram into your armoured entrance;
>then you'll know whether mine is just boasting,
>since I'll make you cast through your arse
>such farts as will sound like they come from a horn
>--and your dance shall suit the music.

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Dogma and organized ritual happens over time.
The gnostics were exterminated so there's really no telling what they would have become.
You seem to be using gnosticism in a personally defined way. Not sure what troubadours have to do with gnostics.

The way you describe what you call meme culture could just be the beginning stages of religious development. It can certainly ossify over time. You're assuming meme culture has a perpetual state of creativity as though it's immune to sterilization. Some would say that sterilization has already happened and bemoan it daily on this site. There's a certain irony in saying that religion is stagnant because it seeks finality, but then attributing a finality of "perpetual creativity" to meme culture.

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Socialists seem to love em..
What does /lit/ think about him?

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balzac probably, looking at the picture

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I wanted to ask which one is better.

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Zola. It's not even close.

>> No.14790265

oh. Then I'd go with Balzac, but the only thing I've read from Zola is Germinal

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Definitely Zola but that doesn't mean Balzac isn't good

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What's the best translation of death in Venice?

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She's already published her own poetry and novels. She's a self-proclaimed creative type and works exclusively in the creative realm.

What have you done? Oh, and she's deep.


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>thinking shitposters get triggered by literally anything at all ever
you must be new

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I'm painting a room.

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while entertaining enough to keep around for sex

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>giving a woman FREE attention

I think not.

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She not only knows it, this entire charade is her mating strategy. It nets her money until a wealthy man courts her and takes her off the marriage market.

This is what 90% of e-thots are doing. If she isn't showing her pusy she's fishing for a rich husband.

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What's the biggest steal you've found?

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bruh, after you bought it you should've told them it's worth hundreds of dollars

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Jesus fuck. You buy it from boomers? Probably didn't do any fucking research. Aw wells. Kudos for you OP.

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Remember when a bunch of anons got scammed by that fake target reprint of this book?

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masterpiece. why haven't you read it?

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I still have at least three postmodern doorstoppers on my list ahead of it.

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How do you keep track of different characters and who is speaking? I gave up after 30 pages after I lost track of the characters. Sell me on a second chance.

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I have!! it's great

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Are the legends true? Is this based?

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Okay. Now move onto advanced econ with Kapital

>> No.14790047

Seeing as how Marx isn’t taught in any serious economics program form any accredited university, I’d say he’s more outdated than “advanced” lol

>> No.14790081

Its accurate and based. It's also a brick your average person wont pick up. Herbert Gintis said it was accurate, so anyone saying otherwise is a retarded faggot. He also said Sowell has no heart.

>> No.14790091

>My jailers tell me everything is fine, A-OKAY. You’re the delusional one here. Stop rocking the boat!

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t. Hasn’t read Sowell
Leave the thread you fucking senile clown.

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