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>I didn’t even want to fuck her, or maybe I kind of wanted to fuck her but I also kind of wanted to die, I couldn’t really tell.

What did he mean by this?

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If you know, you know.

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I don't know.

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this is your brain on cum

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Did Shinji write this

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Just got done with this and im planning on reading EpicTetus next. Where should i go next?

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Enchiridion by Epictetus goes well with this. You could also check out Seneca.

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Literally also doing this in be exact same order atm

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I watched him on YouTube and he was good so I'm considering buying pic related.
Any thoughts about it?

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>On Sunday afternoon, 23 April 1899, more than two thousand white Georgians, some of then arriving on a special excursion train, assembled near the town of Newman to witness the execution of Sam Hose, a black Georgian. Whole families turned up to watch. Parents sent notes to school asking teachers to excuse their children. Postcards were sent to those who could not attend the spectacle, and photographs were taken to preserve it in memory.
>After learning of the death of her husband at one such occasion, Mary Turner – a black woman in her eighth month of pregnancy – swore to find those responsible and have them punished. A mob assembled and decided to teach her a lesson. After tying her ankles together they hung her from a tree upside down. While she was still alive her abdomen was cut open with a knife. The infant fell from her womb and its head was crushed by a member of the crowd. Then, as hundreds of bullets were fired into her body, Mary Turner was killed.
>Were the smiling children who were photographed watching such events gnawed by remorse for the rest of their days? Or did they recall them with nostalgia and quiet satisfaction?
>It has long been known that those who perform great acts of kindness are rarely forgiven. The same is true of those who suffer irreparable wrongs. When will Jews be forgiven the Holocaust?
>Morality tells us that conscience may not be heard – but that it speaks always against cruelty and injustice. In fact conscience blesses cruelty and injustice – so long as their victims can be quietly buried.
Really enjoyable book.

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What was his fucking problem?

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he jus wanted some frens :(

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creating non whites was his first problem

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>That part where the guy tries to catch his hugbox so it doesn’t break and God strikes him down because he doesn’t want anyone to touch it


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He loved fuckin bad bitches was his fuckin problem.

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>be me
>shopping at walmart
>notice moisturizer is on the list
>go to the isle and there’s only one big packet left of some moisturizer
>return home
>unloading stuff
>notice the side of the package for the moisturizer is cut open a bit
>dont care
>later that evening I take a shower
n have some of the moisturizer
>pour some on my hand
>it smells a bit funny
>start rubbing it on my body
>its weird and sticky
>realize what I have done
>start to vomit
>everything stinks
>try and clean myself up
>go to my friends house and take three showers


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Is there any good modern Russian literature I should check out?

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I was on here a while back and some anon told me that this book basically proves that Hegel is devil incarnate.
Is it true?
Also I remember the anon saying that Hegel literally got consumed by flames when he died so I'm pretty sure it's nonsense.

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Hegel is Super-Christ 2.0 not the devil

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>some anon told me that this book basically proves that Hegel is devil incarnate.
that's because he was some Christcuck who thinks Hermeticism is Satanic while ignoring that Christianity is in reality an assorted mishmash of Babylonian myth, Zoroastrian theology, Greek philosophy, Jewish cultural baggage, Neoplatonic mysticism and so on ad nauseum

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Wow. An actual good post.

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Anyone here has read pic related? Or the prequel? I want to hear your take on it.

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Post here if you wasted your life. How do you handle having wasted your life, what coping strategies have you developed, and what is the emotional and social impact wasting your life has had?

For me, I got a mech eng degree, couldn’t find any job, gave up looking and now work in a factory making 11 dollars an hour. I’m thinking I’ll end it all one of these days.

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The Bible has noble poetry in it... and some good morals and a wealth of obscenity, and upwards of a thousand lies.

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Can't say I've wasted my whole life. But I did spend nearly seven years to get a PhD I'll never use.

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does kierkegaard actually write about dreams vs. acting for coping?

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Before anyone disparages this thread as off topic, I for one must say it's a capital idea to have general for this sort of thing since the board is oft far too littered with things of this ilk and a general could serve as a sort of containment.

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Why do you write like a dandy from the 1800s?

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>Guénon was a brainle-
He was proficient at Greek, Latin, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Sanskrit, Hebraic, Arabic and Chinese, was trained in mathematics and was extremely well-read in both eastern and western philosophy
>Guénon was a stupid posing larpe-
He was initiated into both a Vietnamese Taoist Triad as well as the al-'Arabiyya Shadhiliyya Sufi order, furthermore in all his writings he stressed the need for personal and genuine participation in whatever Traditions one aspired to follow. His acquaintances both Egyptian and western observed that he scrupulously followed Islamic observances during his life in Egypt
>Guénon was a literal nobody, he was not influenti-
Among the many western philosophers, artists and authors who were influenced by him or who heaped praise on him include Carl Schmitt, Georges Bataille, Aleksander Dugin, Antonin Artaud, Olavo de Carvalho, André Breton, Mircea Eliade, Alain Danielou, Julius Evola, André Malraux, Albert Gleizes, René Daumal, Raymond Queneau, Paul Ackerman, Huston Smith, William Chittick, Steve Bannon, Harry Oldmeadow, James Cutsinger and Hossein Nasr. Furthermore as Nasr notes in his article 'The Influence of Rene Guenon in the Islamic World', Guénon is well-known and influential among the intelligentsia including traditional Islamic scholars in certain Islamic countries such in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Malaysia.
>Guénon just made a bunch of stupid and unjustified comparisons between religio-
To the contrary over the course of some twenty odd books he painstakingly and patiently elucidated the fundamental agreement between the metaphysics of Advaita Vedanta, Taoism, Sufism, Hermeticism and Christian esoterism, work that Coomaraswamy built on and further confirmed

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I do

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>Bannon explicitly rejects them, and also rejects any association with (Richard) Spencer, whom he calls a self-promoting “freak” and a “goober.” Instead, the common themes of the collapse of Western civilization and the loss of the transcendent in books such as Guénon’s The Crisis of the Modern World (1927) and Evola’s Revolt Against the Modern World (1934) are what drew Bannon’s interest to Traditionalism (although he was also very much taken with its spiritual aspects, citing Guénon’s 1925 book, Man and His Becoming According to the Vedanta, as “a life-changing discovery”). Bannon, more synthesist than strict adherent, brought to Guénon’s Traditionalism a strong dose of Catholic social thought, in particular the concept of “subsidiarity”: the principle expressed in Pope Pius XI’s 1931 encyclical, Quadragesimo anno, that political matters should devolve to the lowest, least centralized authority that can responsibly handle them—a concept that, in a U.S. political context, mirrors small-government conservatism. Everywhere Bannon looked in the modern world, he saw signs of collapse and an encroaching globalist order stamping out the last vestiges of the traditional.



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Being able to recognise good.

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>mom found the Russian Formalist thesis

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Why are most japanese Yokai so fucking stupid?
You look at European myths and they're all imposing creatures

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>you know what this is, this is matt alt

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Because they had fun

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no bears

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I don't understand how people get hooked on Japanese stuff.

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Post your favorite 9 books (template inside).
Rate and recommend.

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>Tatami Galaxy
Will this EVER get an English translation? Holy shit, I wanna read it. I loved the anime show.
A deep analysis of depression, Robert Burton was way ahead of his time publishing this in 1621. The title page art is worth zooming into.

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Little Prince
Trilce/ complete Vallejo
Complete Poe
Complete Rimbaud
Crime n punishment
Complete Dickinson
Complete Willams Carlos Williams
Complete Beckett

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Industrial Society and its Future
Simulacra and Simulation
Imitation of Christ
Coiled Serpent
Brave New World
Crime and Punishment

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Cervantes - Don Quixote
Sanā'ī - The Enclosed Garden of Truth
Gracq - The Opposing Shore
Śaṅkara - Kaṭha Upaniṣad Bhāṣya
Tolstoy - War & Peace
Hómēros - Odýsseia
Guénon - The Crisis of the Modern World
Plōtinos - Enneads
Lao Tzu- Tao Te Ching

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Is there anyone anymore whose writing reflects traditional gender roles? Or is every writer today some flavor of feminist?

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>mcarthy was wrong about anything
>nuclear radiation killed everyone even though the boomers will live to be 150 years old
>muh chevy corvair
>was already solved
>we're going to have a global race war and (you) will definitely die first
>even the korean war veterans don't remember the war
>zoomers vape 300mg of nicotine a day and the practice has only existed for about 11 years
you're a fag harry

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>Let's stick to what we know, though.
But we can't know unless we interpret the data.
>We're veering into too philosophical a tangent here
This chain was started because someone said we've become lost souls without purpose. I guess I'm not convinced those trends alone can be taken to indicate that.
There's no way the US would have teamed up with the Soviets during during the Cold War. That what I mean.
That's cute coming from a rapist.

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>But we can't know unless we interpret the data.
The data is clear on the number of suicides, and by extension on cases of clinical depression which precedes suicide.
You wondered about how many were reported and how many were covered up.
I said let's stick with what we know because if we speculate, we'll get nowhere fast.
>This chain was started because someone said we've become lost souls without purpose.
I understand, and my response to it was that our traditional sources of meaning and joy (community, family, religion) have been eroded to the point of almost collapse, helped by the increasing culture of mindless hedonism. I think that is, in large part to blame for the declining mental health of people, or to put it more poetically, as you have - the source of the lost souls and the lack of purpose.

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>n-no U
>every single time
you people are diseased

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Our liberated and permissive culture is a perfect fit for an hypermediated society based on consumerism. A therapeuthic regime based on the policing and medication of one's 'mental health' has suceeded the christian regime of subjectivity and its outmoded notions of guilt and sin. While publically, the individual is encouraged to express his or her 'authentic self'. likewise, 'traditional' gender roles are inefficient in a highly automated an information and services economy that demands ever more flexibility. Even bourgeoisie mores become increasingly transactional and contractual. A customer of patient centered approach replaces the notion of citizenship. The ideology of the liberated individual actually requires massive bureaucratic support, like any other mass ideology it has to keep its subjects mobilised through an hegemonic system of propaganda. The technosocial structure is atomising by nature, as it functions as an inverted benthamite panopticon where everyone is at once a guard and a prisioner. 2020s America will be more like 1950s America than either the right or the left would want to admit,the high modernist military industrial consumer structure isn't going away.

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Should I read the Greater Logic or Lesser Logic after PoS?

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After PoS read PoS again. No reason to read anything else.

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Honestly the Phenomenology is something you really have to read more than once to start to "get"

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How badly is the internet going to scramble and distort history and perceptions of the past?
I don't just mean in terms of literature but all forms of art or expression.

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>novel ends with a retarded nigger

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Which are the best nonfiction books according to /lit/?

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what is wrong with you fucking people

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that is indeed the question those books answer

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The bible

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Is there a good book which covers both sides with mininal bias?

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"I'm a fucking walking paradox, no I'm not"

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for le memes. the supreme dialectician
neo-china AI arrives from the future... its hegel!

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>for le memes
you think this is a joke, punk?

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ive been feelin lucky, as of late.

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