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>like to read
>buy book thinking it's going to be awesome
>turns out it's hard as shit and it feels like work

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The more you read the more those hard as shit books will be fun to read, and be easier to defer gratification for.

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everything worthwhile in life is hard work

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Was this guy a fraud? Did he actually read all the books that he read?
Did he ever demonstrate real insight of the texts he talked about?

Bought an edition of The Analects recently and I noticed in the blurb Penguin decided to include a comment about the edition by Harold Bloom praising the commentary as 'Serene insight'
Considering everything I know about him, with his school of resentment I'm surprised that Harold Bloom would have even read it but I'll admit that I've only skimmed through The Western Canon so I am pretty ignorant of him

How respected was Harold Bloom? Ignoring The Flight to Lucifer

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He claimed he could readd 1000 page per hour. Never read any of his books besides The Western Canon so I cant tell you much. Seems to obsessed with Shakespeare and writers nobody outside the anglosphere cares about.

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Rehashing what the average English teacher might say in school about universally acclaimed books. He liked being on TV, so it is easy for lazy people to pick up ob his stuff through youtube rather than having to read a book by an actual researcher.

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Im laughing my ass off!

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Samuel Johnson for barely sentient Amerilards

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How was one of the greatest books on warfare written by the Chinese when all they did was lose wars

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That book is gay, read On War instead.

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Written, but not read

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Because it's one of the first books on war. Same with the Greeks - some of the ideas they present are essentially universal truths, but just because they were the first ones to write them down, they are considered to be geniuses.

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they won the only war that matters
the trade war

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how? there not one chinese engineered product that is note worthy

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Why exactly are women so obsessed with this book?

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No mate, there is no way on earth I'm a faggot you stupid cunt.

If I fucked men I'd be a bloke. And if I fucked men and enjoyed it like a woman I'd be a poofter.

There is no way I'm a Faggot, and if you'd read Atwood properly you'd understand.

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Because not being allowed to be a whore is, like, totally fascism

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It's trendy. That's all. It also feeds into the perpetual victim complex whereupon women make themselves more miserable by continually buying into ThinkTank sponsored psyops designed to derail normal human relationships.

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Checked and this. It's why you get those lunatic feminists converting to the most strict sects of Islam. They've been psyopped into extremism.

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>He reads philosophy but ignores mathematics and science

Never going to make it

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I don't read philosophy

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I started my self education of phil and maths last week and I am going strong till now
alternate days studying both
we will make it bros

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Be yourself I guess.

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Go away analyticfag. No one likes your philosophy.

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While tripping on shrooms last night I heard the voice of Savitri Devi for half an hour. She was switching between French and English the entire time. I was surrounded by normies who were also on shrooms and I got pretty close to freaking out because of how loud her voice was, I couldn't hear the conversation of the room or tell what was going on at all and I saw vivid images of her life during this time.

Based on this experience suggest me books to read. I've read all of her and Miguel.

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I love you all and wish you the best in life

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I would have no problem with you killing yourself desu.

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trumpfags are so pathetic and laughable it's very entertaining to watch
woke left at least provides arguments to think over but the american right wing is so incompetent and retarded you can just see it invites oldies to jerk off their pride

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Seething but idc anymore
Give me a proper movie to give up my mortality to and I’ll do it faggot

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


>The popular Jihad movement with its long path of effort, great sacrifice and serious losses, purifies souls so that they tower above the lower material world. Important matters rise above petty disputes about money, short-term desires and inferior provisions. Malice disappears and souls are sharpened; and the caravan moves on up from the foot of the mountain to the lofty summit, far away from the stench of clay and the struggles of the low ground. Along the path of Jihad, the leadership is categorized. Abilities become manifest from the offerings and sacrifices, and men come forth with bravery and service.

>Do not think glory to be a wine-skin and songstress,
>For glory can come only through war and severe fighting.

Abdullah Azzam (pic related, his first name is in Arabic), from one of his short work on the subject of jihad, “Join the Caravan”. He continues,

>The nature of societies is precisely that of water. In stagnant water, water moss and decayed matter float on the surface, whereas flowing water will not carry scum on its surface. Similarly, the leadership of a stagnant society cannot fulfil its responsibility because leadership emerges only through movement, sacrifice, service and offering.

Lecture on his life

Pastebin of Islamic resources

What Abdullah Azzam is saying is built on a long tradition of jihadist metaphysics articulated in depth by

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weirdly enough the soviet support is underlined but not the american support

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Those aren't my posts

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>Ibn Taymiyyah. Ibn Taymiyyah differed drastically with al-Ghazali on multiple points, for one, he rejected divine command theory, asserting even someone who wasn't a Muslim could grasp an understanding of justice.
You can't understand a fact separate from God, for all facts belong to God and are his facts. Justice separate from God's justice is not even possible, let alone understandable.

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>Every single major Islamic group receives CIA training and funding.
Why wouldn't they? Any time you want to overthrow a foreign government you promote internal coups and domestic agitators against the ruling regime.

Does this mean all jihadi groups are sus?

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What do you mean by justice?

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The great debate

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I'm going to write an incel manifesto one day, despite despising incels myself.

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She wrote a play, she gave the only copy to AW to read and I guess pass on to relevant producers. He got drunk and lost it.

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So despicable signs of feminity? Because Solanas has the power and force of the phallus.

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This isn’t what happened, IRC Solanas struggled with schizo tendencies and wrote a play called Up Your Ass (as vulgar as it sounds) which she gave to Warhol to produce. Warhol rejected it as the play was so pornographic and licentious that he believed it was a set-up by the police (assuming obscenity laws were less relaxed than today). Following the rejection, Valerie Solanas believed that Warhol had begun discreetly plagiarising her work, incorporating aspects of Up Your Ass into his own oeuvre without credit and that’s why she attempted to murder him. Misandry had little to do with it.

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I've been planning to write a detailed day to day blog of a sexually failed and socially ostracized person. Everyone who is such should do the same to spread the awareness.

And everyone attacking me for it will be judged and condemned as INCELOPHOBE.

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Abortion is based. I don't care about beings that have never been conscious before.

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There isn't a good argument against it. I just think those who get them should be sterilized for lacking self control.

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>/lit/ - Literature

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If you prevent abortion, the poor start reproducing like mad. The food supply is already constrained. We don't need another factor adding to that

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I haven’t jerked off in 4 days and I just read 15 pages, I never read this much without losing interest
Don’t jerk off if you want to be a better reader, especially if you have school shit you need to absorb

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I jerk off all the time and can read 100 pages in half an hour. Did you ever consider that you just might be stupid?

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wait a couple more days and you'll start getting boners from curvy letters like B and Q. This is a good plan for a couple days but in reality you just need to have a balanced life. Any addictions will distract you from productivity

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Nofap + amphetamine = focus, power, freedom

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What would he have said about the "I Fucking Love Science!" and "Listen To Fauci." crowds?

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He doesn't have any real opinions. He just makes really mundane observations. Just repeats the obvious.

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Have sex with underage boys

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Something contrarian and bourgeois in public.

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I was wrong to say there’s no arman. there might be. I don’t know. I am attached to a wrong view just like the buddha said would happen. I have no idea if there’s an atman or not and i’m sorry for being really mean

Also i’m not guenonfag larping to make himself look good. He’s still a dumbass even more attached to things but i felt like i needed to admit i did something wrong. Peace to all beings

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Yes. Learn about catholicism.

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Guenonfag here

I accept your apology

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Another guenonfag here.
You are totally forgiven dude

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Not related to the thread, but do you have any other images from this series of memes? I've been searching for months, I am sure I've seen them in some other thread a year ago or so.

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The meaning is to find meaning. What happens when you find it?

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There's no rational reason to read any philosophy beyond Plato and Aristotle.

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>AI isn't that advanced yet
But it will be in mere decades.
>that's just autopilot
Killbots without human oversight is a bad development.
>the west collapsing is a good thing
Not when what replaces it is a far worse dystopia.
>we'll survive the general mass extinction
Incredibly naive, blind faith position.
Also there's a nuclear arsenal in play and just look at leaders of the US and Russia. Aging equipment too. And resource depletion, etc.

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7. No one bothers me, I just study in peace and sometimes come here to blow off steam.

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How would you save us from all of this with philosophy lad

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I'm not 100% sure yet. But at least I'm thinking about it, instead of blocking it out and pretending it isn't real like the vast majority.

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100%. But I am an illusion.

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How can people be fine with working 8+ hours every week for the rest of their adult lives? Here I am a 27 yr old NEET who reads all day, living the best life. Just messing around with stocks and investments lol. You should read more books on how to handle money so you can be like me.

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why that occupation must be a profession?

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>why that occupation must be a profession?
Do you have enough money in order to do what you REALLY WANT TO DO?
If this is true then fine.
I mean, it really sucks being in your parent's house after a while. I don't feel MINE, I don't have space, I'm not confortable here anymore.
I figured I didn't hate life INTRINSICALLY I only hate this way of living.
There's a whole world out there and so much more interesting stuff to spend my time with. And I still think I might be happy in some kinds of jobs and I don't lack the passion for an endeavor like so many NEETs seem to do.
I'm out for a half-period comfy job. The paying is little but is enough. It might be BEARABLE.
Unfortunatelly, Covid hit and messed up my plans. Now I'm in the middle between neetdom and my purpose.

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>How can people be fine with working 8+ hours every week for the rest of their adult lives?
That's like asking why a pack mule is okay with being used, most people are simply born as creatures of labour with simple intelect and lesser souls.

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>Books that explain the worker slave mindset?
The bible.
The slave is the one enslaved by sin.
Do not covet what your neighbor has.

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>Do you have enough money in order to do what you REALLY WANT TO DO?
I would like to live a simple life. I need less money than my acquaintances seem to need, so why should I spend that much time for earning what I don't need?
>I don't feel MINE
I don't care. All I need is a room, then I can always go out when I feel like it.

What are your passions? I assume literature?

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Has /lit/ ever produced /lit/erature?

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This is unironically high literature and should be studied as a modern-day classic.

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The penis was.

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>book has 160 chapters

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Did you have a /lit/ day?
>wake up
>cigarettes, black coffee
>read huysmans
>lift weights, sunbathe
>flirt with a beautiful woman
>read cavafy
>read pascal
>shitpost on /lit/ for awhile before bed
I'm gonna make it.

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Made me chuckle, while i’m literally shitting and posting. Cut my turd in half. Oh well, at least there are spare tp rolls here..

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Pseudoscience from statistical sampling. Experiments and MRIs show acute cognitive enhancement from nicotine. The same is not true for wine. Just sampling and surprise richer more educated people who consume wine happen to perform better on survey markers in non controlled settings.

>> No.18450050

Look into resveratrol, anon. I'm pro-wine and tobacco. I don't mess with other stuff.

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holy fuck! that's a fatal burn excellently executed.

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I like how you had to point out that you drink your coffee black as if that is somehow a statement about yourself

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Who are some lesser known indie horror writers from contemporary times? I saw a writer recommended on lit awhile ago that seemed really interesting but I can’t remember his name.

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No I looked into him but it’s someone like that. Thanks anyway.

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OP here, I figured it out on my own. Thanks everyone.

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Off Season was a bit too edgy for my taste, but the Girl Next Door was a good read

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Well then tell us who it was. I wouldn't mind a good horror read rn.

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HP Lovecraft.

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