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What is some good /lit/erature on getting your life together before it's too late? I recently started college, and even after therapy, I'm still a socially retarded nervous wreck with no marketable life skills and no experience of any kind. The only joy I get at this point is from reading and anime. I expected college to be better than high school like everyone said, but so far it's just as bad, and obviously I haven't made any friends and I don't expect to. What do I do, /lit/? Seriously considering just killing myself when I graduate because I'm too much of a pussy to enter the real world.
Please don't recommend bullshit pop self-help books.

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I think Marcus aurelius would be good if u haven't read
But getting really big into esports is cool and good, u make lots of friends

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Literature isn't about self-help. Choose another board. However I can share your dizzying sense of only getting to live once, the preciousness and singularity of time, and that's going to drive me to immediately close this browser tab.

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>I think Marcus aurelius would be good if u haven't read
Thank you.

>But getting really big into esports is cool and good, u make lots of friends
I'm not good at video games so that's not really an option.

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Take a semester off college to work some bullshit menial job that exposes you to a lot of young people. Save a hundred each paycheck and enjoy the rest. You're too young to be "getting your life together".

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Where do I start with him?

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I consider Notturno one of the finest literary even artistic achievements of the 20th century and I don't even go in for the fascist mythology which is the aura of his legacy. For me it perfectly, in compact elusive poetic prose(form merging with content), effuses the ephemerality of the human experience, without sentimentality but with sensitivity.

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My favorite is The Conquest of the Pole.

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hello any lit users interested in a reading group
join server


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hes just like me

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What are the best ones? What are the worst? (The latter I'm really curious about)

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They probably don't say "cruel lips" enough

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I remember a long time back, around 2006, I read the discussion page for the novels on Wikipedia. One Wikipedia user had written an exceptionally long call for Anglo genocide in the comments, and his profile had been added to the list of admins on the site. I thought it was strange at the time but didn't join in at the time, because I don't normally contribute to Wikipedia's discussion forums and I was young, but when I went back a few years later, I noticed that somebody had added my own mental description in his description, which was an obvious indication that the person was aware of me, that the question had received some serious thought, and that I was, in fact, doing a good job as a Wikipedia editor. At this point, I was a member of Wikipediocracy, so I wrote to to the editor that had added my biography to the list of editors there, not about my work, but about the question of whether my contributions to the matter merited being added to 'The Rightful Place'. In fact, it appeared as though the editors had been aware of my presence there until it actually appeared that they'd not been as well-versed as they should have been. It became a cause of further embarrassment. A number of other contributions, published under similar names to mine on the same subject, then appeared after mine with identical titles, the same authors, as well as the same dates, and no mention of the existence of the original item. It seemed that the editor had not read either my published articles or my two other articles on similar topics, nor had he been paying attention when I had written my articles on my subject, and that as far as he was concerned, I was a person too trivial to have an influence on the issues that were discussed. So I was being singled out, more of less, for having read something and made a mental note of it 10 years prior. Strange right?

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Nothing compared go the old stuff

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Is there any good coming of age literature that isn’t YA bullshit like Catcher in the Rye?

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I feel more constrained at here by meme responds like s@y cuck reddit discord tranny

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Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship. God tier, somehow kind of slips under the radar even though Goethe's a huge name. My favorite from him besides Faust.

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People rarely give me those insults on here for whatever reason. Maybe im overly socialized to 4chan discourse lmao. In any case if someone does call me a retard I don't really care that much because Im not sensitive about that, but if like 5 people tell you you're dumb, and they explain why, which is what I love about this place, they'll actually explain why what you said was retarded instead of just shaming you, then I will take their arguments into consideration.

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There's a whole genre called the Bildungsroman. Some good examples: Le Grand Meaulnes, Tonio Kroger, The Confusions of Young Torless, Of Human Bondage, Sebastien Roch, The Young Desire It, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, etc.

Sorry about your thread getting raped because of your OP image.

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>It calcifies your mumbo jumbo gland and makes you posessed by demons
This is the type of shit everyone says though. Can you link some actual resources to learn about it if you're so sure? I'm not being disengenouous, I just want actual information on what harm flouride is doing/will do to me.

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Can we have an actual Nietszche thread? What of his work have you read, and what do you make of it or get out of it?

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His aforisms are a blow right in the jaw.

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This is a very good answer

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He is the greatest German writer bar none. No historian, philosopher, novelist, poet, or critic even compares, I mean this with absolute sincerity

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I can't even imagine how he was received in his time, he must've been looked at like an alien.

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I've read Ethics, Politics, Poetics. Now what?

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something for people with a personality

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>trying to develop a personality without an understanding of axiomatic principles by which we operate as social creatures
Disregard this brainlet, OP. You’re doing well.

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I just picked this up randomly off a book shelf and its the best book I've ever read. Absolutely masterfully written and big brained comprehensive anaysis of the world today. Its a hard book to read and keep straight. But the writing and prose is amazing, they are absolutely perfect. Its just so amazing writing and anayis that this book is worth checking out. It's an analysis of the 'conspracy' scene covering world history and modern day politics which is the best take I've seen yet.

Its a really difficult, but definitely worth it.

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post excerpts, inshallah

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Liberals often say stuff about conservatives being afraid of "the Other" (aka POCs, homos, trannies, muslims, etc). How did this concept come into contemporary progressivism? I'm guessing they took it from Lacan, but I might be wrong. What books should I read to learn more about this?

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I already explained I wasn't talking about Marx in that particular bit, but about progressives. I know Marx didn't think that. I probably worded it poorly in the original post, it was a kind of ramble.

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>Because conservatives are shills who get dirty Israeli money
umm are you referring to Neoconservatives? because quite a few of them are ex-trotskyists so I think they know their marx rather adequately

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Yeah neocons are Marxists. Based frogposter!!

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This type of comment as an expression of the Zion Don/MIGA shill campaign is pretty interesting because the "radical" crowd online seems to be attacking the alt-right for contradicting their own antisemitic convictions by supporting Trump. The idea that the left would adopt ironic antisemitism as a tactic would have seemed impossible 5 or 10 years ago because antisemitism has long been viewed as evil itself, a kind of crystallization of the object of horror that is "illiberalism" broadly defined. This shilling is probably proof that the taboo around it is eroding, if not in itself then through the mere preponderance of ironic antisemitic content coming out of the left, who are undoubtedly smirking and sniggering at their very own Jew jokes. Even though this is all ostensibly at the expense of the alt-right, one has to wonder what the aggregate effect of all this will be on the Overton window and political discourse? Adopting a cavalier attitude towards our old pieties, even if in defense of them, seems to adumbrate just a dash of contempt for them

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Any good conservative, right wing books about saving Western Civilization from Islam? Novels welcome too

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>Their take on science, music, art, medicine, law, and so on is just fucking retarded savage tier.
I'm curious. Could you please elaborate?

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>procreate with them
inb4 Houllebecq book where incel with a pregnancy fetish goes on rampage loli raping spree and then executing elaborate schemes to have em carry his spawn to term.

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It's a matter of melanin

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>dupes of zionism complaining arabs aren't progressive enough
absolute state of the right wing

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Thomas Quiggin wrote a book about it for Leafs.

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Any recs for french books to read? I recently read Nausea and didn't have too difficult of a time. I want to try Céline although I heard he emulates the spoken language a lot more so I'm not sure I'd pick up on everything.

And I guess a general discussion on French literature.

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Well, because it's warm ? Did you read it in French and is it your 2nd language ?
It's pretty obvious
>man sits on a terrace in very hot weather
>"hey don't stay there, come inside, you're gonna get cooked up like a cooked egg !"
If you want to read into it, i guess you can say the warm climate and empty streets are symbolism for the tense climate of the beginning of the war, and the cooked egg is a metaphor for the inactive man in those times, slowly boiling inside instead of going in the bar with his friends and cooling down ? Best i can do there

English translation i just don't think it makes too much sense
I mean i understand why you'd think that, "oeufs à la coque" could be slang for morons but in context it's just not logical at all to me, why would he tell him that ? Especially when like two lines later the same friend starts talking about the climate again and then says parisians are useless faggots that spend all their time sitting inside the bar

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de sade is worthy if you remember that he was kicking over society when he wrote what he did, and it isnt just a literotica or niche reddit erotic fap fest

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thanks for the info, Frenchlad, I'm trying to learn French by myself and it's actually my third language.

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Journey is one of my favorite books, Death on Credit was good too. I read them in English tho

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Hey /lit/ /co/ plebian here, looking for reading advice on big boy books. I'm a bit of a Batman nut, (I know, modern Batman is absolute trash. But I find the character as a whole over his 80 years of history to be quite fascinating.)

I read this page today, and wanted to read the book referenced, only to find out it was made up. So my question to you is what books WOULD Bruce Wayne actually read in his studies to become Batman?

Looking for recommendations to learn about the criminal mind, forensics, various sciences, technologies, strategy, physical fitness or martial arts. Even anything pertinent to a specific villain such as Scarecrow and a study of fear, or books about Riddles, etc. Anything you believe Batman would or should have read.

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Hey, I'm the OP, and I appreciate any help man. I've been meaning to read more philosophy anyways, so I'll still give them a look and judge for myself.

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I think it's a fun premise, you just need to think a little and see which authors fit the Batman archetype. Don't just namedrop the first thing that comes into your head.

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Well, for one, it involves a hero, Harry Potter, fighting a comic book tier villain, Voldemort. Two he is fighting corruption in the wizarding world (all the partisans of Voldemort that are embedded into various wizardly institutions). Three, Harry is an orphan whose parents died violently. I could honestly keep going. See how easy it is?

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Not bad. lol

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Morrison tried to go beyond. Imagine OP made a / lit | co \ thread in 4chan. Morrison tried to merge religion without deity in comic platform. He literally tried to make Batman a god for the XXI century. The problem is, it seems do not work in that way. Paper always will be paper. I don't blame him either. At the end of the day he saw the world going to shit since The Invisibles. Moore is in the same track.

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>first day of english in college
>have to write a stream-of-conciousness response to the garbage in pic related for five minutes
>the required reading is a play and two graphic novels

I just want to read books and write well is that so much to ask

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I’m not an English major because my friend talked me into chemical engineering; after seeing this I’m so thankful that she did.

>> No.13675988

Yeeaaahhhh... no. The first day where I am is just the prof explaining the syllabus and telling everyone that if they plagiarize they’ll fail the class. And I highly doubt the required reading is that light. Try again, lobsterboi.

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Your first mistake was not taking APs in high school or having a high enough SAT/ACT to skip freshman writing. Stop thinking you’re better than everyone and just do the work, get stellar marks and move on. I’m sure when you get to the upper level lit courses you’ll be challenged more.

>> No.13676108

This is a 200-level class; I took the APs and they’re what sparked my interest in lit in the first place.
>Stop thinking you’re better than everyone and just do the work
Fair enough

>> No.13676141

>having a high enough SAT/ACT to skip freshman writing
Wtf, you could do this? I had a 34 ACT and had to take all the freshman classes

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Pic related (Goethe), along with Socrates. Elective Affinities was fascinating and intuitive. Crito and The Symposium were beautiful.

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Books that discuss laziness and boredom as virtues? Neoliberalism's fetishization with productivity and the need to keep yourself constantly entertained like a golden retriever is cringe as fuck.

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>IQ allows people to function in more productive ways.

But now we're far off the original topic, which was whether it is possible to conceive of an advanced or advancing civilization made up of people who are called lazy (unproductive) today.

People who are called lazy today are not productive in a recognizable way. But the burning question is this: is it possible to live and NOT produce? In the past, production was mostly focused on survival. Today, we have a great amount of production oriented exclusively towards producing more riches. How much industry is related to profit, and how much to basic needs? By the standards of yesteryear, an executive working 80 hours a week would be considered lazy because the work is not even remotely related to survival.

It seems that at some point, there will be more room (there is already a small amount) to recognize productivity beyond subsistence/survival, profiteering, and meta-profiteering, but that world is getting harder and harder to imagine.

>> No.13676667

anon i half get what you're saying, the dichotomy between working for survival and working for producing shit. Could you maybe take a moment to make it more clear, because I dont quite get what you mean, i think we just have different backgrounds of thought so it's not intuitively clear.

>> No.13676720

What is considered productive shifts over time. With civilization comes a notion that there is valuable production that is only loosely related to survival. The issue today seems to be that people can't agree on what this kind of intangible production consists of. So they've reached a kind of stalemate and decided that it must mean producing production. Ever notice all the sanctimonious "job-creators" running around these days? Everyone's doing work so that someone else can work, so that someone else can work.

But it's not clear where the real production is happening, or why there are certain kinds of production that aren't valuable. Some people would claim that it's just healthy market forces, but if that's true they are extremely arbitrary.

>> No.13676732

well you can analyze it in terms of energy, or even more simplistically, power. Work that creates greater sources of energy, or work that creates more power(that encompasses energy, but also stuff like technology and science which find new ways to harness energy and relate various things to each other in ways that promote greater control of energy, greater ability, power).

That has to kind of run it at heart, because it will dominate anything that doesn't go along with it, by definition.

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That's the name of the book.

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So, you hate this book, then what's the flaw in this book?

>> No.13675778


>> No.13675862

there's a lot of flaws. it's a pop book meant to stir up a buzz; everything to him is labelled a religion for example. #1 in the mitwit canon.

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I mean, think about it:
>Both wrote about fantastical god-like beings that represented different facets of their own psyche and the political turmoil of the times they lived in.
>Blake saw these beings as something to embrace or to struggle with; Lovecraft thought it was best to shrink back from them
>both were Anglos (although their personalities were representative of different kinds of Englishness)
>Both were autodidacts (insofar as writing was concerned)
>Both suffered from some sort of mental illness/complication; Lovecraft probably had an anxiety disorder and was possibly on the autism spectrum, Blake was most likely schizoaffective or schizophrenic
>Blake was revolutionary and anarchic in his politics; Lovecraft was reactionary and authoritarian
>Blake was nostalgic; Lovecraft was paranoid
>Blake was emotional; Lovecraft was rational
>Blake was an abolitionist; Lovecraft was a white supremacist
>Blake was spiritual; Lovecraft was secular
>Blake was a very very sexual person; Lovecraft was asexual and repressed
There's the groundwork for a potential dissertation here, I think.

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Thanks, I aim to please.

>> No.13675876

>"His ex-wife, Sonia, described him as an "adequately excellent lover.""

>> No.13676067

frickin normalfag

>> No.13676093

Why should I just smash these two authors together in an effort to prove nothing of value?

>> No.13676128

I know what that is so I clapped!

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>worked five years on a murder mystery novel
>pay $500 for a professional cover
>self publish it and release an audiobook
>didnt get a single sale

Im convinced now that the reality were living in is hell

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People are malicious and awful, true, but only when it benefits them. You cannot, CANNOT, get anywhere in this world alone. You have to make contacts and friends.
>I sent to 50 agent queries
>no they dont even respond to even reject you buncha cunts
Did you call them on the phone? They have to at least reject you if you speak with them. Have you tried to meet any in person?
>should I use a chinese name?
Maybe. I just mean you should say what you have to say, walk how you have to walk, and lie where you have to lie in order to get the payoff you've worked so hard for all these years.
>everyone feels troubled to be bothered and gets mad. was working w a jewish editor 5 yrs and he was my boss and blew off my email. no one helps a soul in this world. even my friends and family dont give me encouragement.
He blew off your email? Call him. Talk to him in person. No one gives you encouragement? Bullshit. I'm giving you encouragement.
>people do not like to be bothered thats the truth
People don't like to be bothered but often like to be useful. It stokes their ego, if nothing else.
>other writers especially are competitive, and insecure.
pure cope lmao
>they would laugh at you behind your back. dont you see editors and quiery agents on twitter, and reddit, laughing about all the authors they reject?
And your job is to fail and get yourself laughed at until you succeed. You're as bad as one of those incels who's afraid to ask a girl out since he thinks she'll just laugh.
>if I did that they would take my name down and try to sabotage me in the future. people are more competitive and malicious than you seem to understand
These levels of paranoia seem clinical. You may need psychiatric help.

It can be done. Idiots have done it. You can do it too--don't call it quits.

>> No.13676711

>500 dollarydoos for something knocked up in 10 minutes of GIMP

>> No.13676730

What is the title of your book, I'll buy a copy on Amazon and even give it a slightly over mediocre review. I won't read it though.

>> No.13676812

>this shit cover
>#1, when it is your very first novel
>that long and cringy title

Anon, what the hell are you doing?

Also, tell us about the central mystery, is it at least something interesting?

>> No.13676833

>Giving up at first failure
Failure is necessary for success
>sticking to the formula of what people did in the past to make it as a writer, and not adapting to the market
That doesn't work anymore anon, we aren't boomers. You have to forge your own path. Also, try some new way to get your book out, whether that be in unique formats or social media, just hit the consumers from an angle they haven't been hit at
>believing incel memes about making it by 21 or giving up
They're losers, look how their beliefs do them, not well
>Not being proud of what you did

But your biggest mistake
>Thinking you can do it all on your own
I mean, yeah, you did, but humans achieve the greatest of things with the help of others. It would have been much better if you maybe had friends giving you critique, someone you know who can draw, a proper editor, and good guidance. Try again, anon, assuming this ins't bait.

Commission artists are the biggest fags ever. They charge ridiculous prices, do half-assed work, usually flake out on you, and then get pissy when you have criticism or want a refund.

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>An heroic
>An historic

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lurk more

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Physically impossible. I’m here every waking moment of the day

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