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>Bernhard? never heard of him...

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because their books are based and red-pilled

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Ship of Fools by Tucker Carlson

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Because it's all explained in the voluminous writings of people like Śaṅkarācārya and Ibn ʿArabi, whom he references frequently throughout his books as a way of letting his readers know that if they have a thirst for details and really want to see how far the rabbit hole goes that they can find it in their writings

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>(1) The case of Freud himself, founder of ‘psychoanalysis’, is quite typical in this respect, for he never ceased to declare himself a materialist. One further remark: why is it that the principal representatives of the new tendencies, like Einstein in physics, Bergson in philosophy, Freud in psychology, and many others of less importance, are almost all of Jewish origin, unless it be because there is something involved that is closely hound up with the ‘malefic’ and dissolving aspect of nomadism when it is deviated, and because that aspect must inevitably predominate in Jews detached from their tradition?

Source: the footnotes to Guénon's essay 'The Misdeeds Of Psychoanalysis', it applies to many of the people in your """blackpill""" mosaic

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Nietzsche was totally ignorant of eastern cultures aside from one or two poorly translated texts that he read, it's quite ironic that people make the mistake of thinking he is somehow a foil to the Traditionalists, if anything Nietzsche was reacting against some of the very same flaws of modern western society that the Traditionalists wrote about, the difference being in the absence of him understanding any alternative he tried to create his own solution whereas the Traditionalists look to the timeless principles extending beyond western culture which more unites the eastern ones and in some regards western culture in antiquity, the same era Nietzsche had such high regards for. From the perspective of the Traditionalists Nietzsche was just another lost thinker who had some inkling of the problem but was left flailing around in the darkness searching for what was lost, and was left just a sad broken mentally-ill little man.

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Do I have to be initiated before I can read Guenon's metaphysics?

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