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I’m “butthurt” at slavery and elitism
Book for you. After that read Thomas Paine.

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It was a different time, and you failed to understand why these customs developed. I guess your copy had a shitty preface or you didn’t read it. This book explains it and then some

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The mistakes of divine right have been refuted. Nobody said anything about being able to wipe them from history. Simple artisan Paine laid it all out quite plainly, if you were to only look.

Truths also to be found in the pages of Finley

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Here’s a good start

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>The functions performed by the state could be served by private entities instead
Hence a reestablished feudalism. A state is reborn under another name. Blade Runner’s world in fact. We are trying to go forward though, not backwards

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What are you talking about? He was ahead of his time

Book related

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I wrote something obvious, but still a truth hidden from most. Its a fucking shame you defend it so much.

As a wage slave under capitalism you must work to “make a living” or live a short life on the streets. That’s your choice under capitalism.
Actual communism isn’t the Soviet Union btw.
>The Greeks
Read this book before, anon? It’s quite good

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Here are some good books to read after (or before if you wish) the Iliad and the Odyssey if you want interesting history and some more critical things of note:

The World of Odysseus - M. I. Finley

The War That Killed Achilles - Caroline Alexander

The Cambridge Companion to Homer - Robert Fowler

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Read M.I. Finley's The World of Odysseus after The Odyssey, its a great companion if you want more context on the history that inspired both The Iliad and Odyssey.

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Apologies. Lots of rightwinger about.
Marx’s prediction, or is this just a legend/misconception, that capitalism would inevitably wither away, is obviously wrong. It’s like an AI computer network, but it is made up of human beings, all with their own little motives, and they all banded together and fought back against the socialist movement and still do. It’s a cancer, and the socialist body is weakened
Sorry for rambling. Socialist reformism, still desired by many, myself included not so long ago, is just another way capitalism prolongs itself.
At its core, it’s very structure is something far older than 200+ years of industrialism. It’s the written word of law, proclaiming the kings land rights, and the currency with his head on it.

I think I have some meaningful and drastic solutions. Donno if we can get them off the ground in time though.



As ever, incorrect

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Go back to /pol/

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>You don't think all the conquest, pillaging, raping which brought cities, empires, civilizations down might have issued from that little idea?
No, I don’t. This world issued from those who submit to those things.
Stirner simply approaches from the back of what Proudhon came by the front to.

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I suggest too many books for your liking?
Why the derailing?

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Only because it’s a story

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