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do any of you use a program called f.lux?

it adjusts your screen "temperature" automatically at night so it's easier on your eyes. i've only been using it for a few days so i can't say it's helped me sleep, but i was nearly blinded when i decided to turn it off to work in photoshop.

attached screenshot is a mockup, since the program doesn't affect screen captures.

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By night do you mean by if i have the lights off?

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Having lights off at night is madness! They come crawling through the walls!

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it's functional either way

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I use it. There is some interesting stuff on their site about insomnia and blue light.

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I use it for both my computer and my phone.

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I do.

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Just installed it and everything is now orange.

What the fuck.

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You get used to it. If I ever turn it off the screen looks like it's horribly blue.

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I love F.lux. I only close it when I wear my Gunnar glasses, which have the same color effect, but with slight magnification as well. Pic related.

Unnatural blue light can make you stay up later. It tints your screen from sundown to sunrise to help reduce the effect. There's an option to disable it for an hour when you're doing something color-sensitive.

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I just adjust the brightness manually. on my laptop.

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This is promoting color-blindness. As an artist, I cannot afford this.

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I don't think I'd enjoy using it too much. Just recently I had to tweak the brightness setting because my monitor is acting weird, and everything feels so different now.

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But f.lux doesn't effect the brightness, it effects colour temperature.

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Why didn't anyone tell OP what a faggot he is?

I had to fight the urge to puke when I saw his screenshot.

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As a potential user, I am curious as to whether or not this software supports my freedoms.

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5/5 epic /g/ meem XD

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Try it yourself. I've found it to make a huge difference in my nighttime browsing. The difference when changing colors at night appears nowhere near that extreme when you're using it.

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after a while you don't even notice it. if you don't like the orange you can adjust it.

like this it should be unnoticeable.

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So explain to me further how it is 'easier on the eyes'. My eyes are fine without this.

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"Ever notice how people texting at night have that eerie blue glow?

Or wake up ready to write down the Next Great Idea, and get blinded by your computer screen?

During the day, computer screens look good—they're designed to look like the sun. But, at 9PM, 10PM, or 3AM, you probably shouldn't be looking at the sun.

F.lux fixes this: it makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

It's even possible that you're staying up too late because of your computer. You could use f.lux because it makes you sleep better, or you could just use it just because it makes your computer look better.

f.lux makes your computer screen look like the room you're in, all the time. When the sun sets, it makes your computer look like your indoor lights. In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again.

Tell f.lux what kind of lighting you have, and where you live. Then forget about it. F.lux will do the rest, automatically."

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After a few weeks of usage, I've noticed a major difference between the day and night color modes. It's easier on my eyes and I haven't (yet) found myself here at 5am wondering why it's light out already.

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Looks like shit. Literally.

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But it looks all ugly on the left of the OP image.

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I do not like this. I enjoy 4chan and my general computer experience as it is now.

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I use it. I used to get eye strain when using the computer for several hours at a time (i.e. every day), and the strain's diminished a lot since I started using f.lux.

I disable it for some games though.

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I'm using it in that mode right now, and there really isn't a major difference at night. The transition surprised me the first few times, but now I'm used to it. OP's screenshot isn't representative of actually trying it yourself, since your eyes can't properly adjust to the new color temperature.

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It's only useful if you use incandescent lightbulbs near your computer

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this is in their FAQ
>We're used to looking at very blue computer screens, so it can seem unnatural at first. Most LCD displays are calibrated to display at 6500K, which has even more blue than noon sunlight (5500K).

if you choose to believe their research and the facts stated here, your computer screen is giving off more blue light than the sun. as humans we're definitely not used to seeing this amount of light at night, especially when our surroundings are dim or dark.

it looks very dramatic because it's a side-by-side. try covering one eye and staring into it for a little while. the orange mostly disappears. anyone who walks in on you will think "holy fuck why is your screen so orange" but soon enough you won't even notice.

here's the full thing. fullscreen it. it's just a #fbaf5d color layer set to 30% multiply. but it's very close to the same effect the software gives.

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How in the world did you come to that conclusion? The problem is the color of your monitor.

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You know, it'd be much better for your eyes if you just turned the lights in your room on.

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yep... feels good man

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Just because I 'get used to it' doesn't make it any less ugly.

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Maybe if you're reading a book. Monitors have their own light source.

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Why don't I just buy a shitty old computer monitor that looks the same or adjust the RBG on my monitor?

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You know that wasn't the point. It's bad to be in a completely dark room with such a bright light in your face all the time, hence why there's programs like this to dim the lighting of your monitor and provide less of a contrast. But in the end, it's still much better if you just keep your room lit instead of making everything else darker to compensate.

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That's bad for the environment dood

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It's your eyes or the trees. You decide.

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That's just going to have the same effect. You're putting yourself in a unnaturally bright room late at night and messing with your body clock. Also, regardless of the ambient lighting, your monitor is what you're looking at. Its going to have far more of an impact than anything else in the room.

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Well for me I was beginning to get headaches after switching to two monitors, I had really terrible insomnia too. It helped me get to sleep better immediately after using it but the effects waned.

However it did remove a lot of eye strain and headaches I was starting to experience. Not really rock solid proof but that was my experience with it.

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thanks OP

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This seems interesting. I'll give it a shot in the hopes it helps me sleep.

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All my windows are blocked out so something like this is pointless for me.

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Does it turn off for games?

I have filters for certain games and this would really make it a pain.

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Unless I'm misunderstanding how this works I don't think that should be a problem. The issue is you're staring at the equivalent of sunlight during nighttime, natural light is irrelevant to it.

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you're better off just using custom stylesheets for http://userstyles.org/ with dark backgrounds for the sites you most frequently visit, and combine that with a universal stylesheet that works for the sites that don't have custom stylesheets available.

of course, this doesn't 100% eliminate the problem of excessive backlight in monitors, but it's a huge improvement, nonetheless.

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i haven't played a game yet that disables this while it's running. you'll just have to disable it when color accuracy is important.

during the day it won't be a problem.

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And now it's giving me a headache. Perhaps this isn't for me.

>> No.9713538

nvm this, just tried it out myself and it didn't filter the game.

I'll give this a try

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Really? I just launched css and it went back to normal. I run 2 screens and the other one was still filtered.

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I wonder how many people that are using this are now color blind


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I used to be able to get 100 on this, now the colors on that gradient look fucked up. I haven't even been using this fucking program for a day.

Why the fuck.

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Anyone using this is crazy. You do not want to screw with your vision. The eyes are easily weakened, and there's no way to strengthen them again once they've been altered to a certain extent. The longer you force yourself to view colors unnaturally, the longer the side effects will last even after you disable the program.

With how long many of you people use the computer, I imagine the effects could be permanent.

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I doubt viewing a gray 4chan instead of a blue 4chan is going to cause irreversible damage to my eyes.

If what you said were true, either people who used incandescent lights or people who used flourescent lights would have their vision fucked because they illuminate things differently.

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>I wonder how many people that are using this are now color blind

What are you talking about?

also I don't think that test is a good idea unless you have a nice dell ips or something

>> No.9713617

>troll pic

>and there's no way to strengthen them again once they've been altered to a certain extent
also complete bullshit

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Same monitor for me. I draw, and I got a perfect score maybe half a year ago. Now I got a four (lower the better).

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Oh fuck my eyes what did you do?

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I guess the picture should have tipped me off before I responded seriously.

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I've done the test on a calibrated IPS panel and on a shitty 5 year old laptop TN panel. If your eyesight is fine then you should be able to get a perfect score regardless.

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I just installed this and I do find it easier on the eyes. Sometimes I would turn down brightness if the light hurt my eyes, but that made it hard to read. I'll try this out for a few days and see how it is.

I did turn the maximum 'redness' down though. I didn't like the default maxed out setting. Still very good on the eyes though and not too dark.

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oh god the problem with that is the colors burn into your retinas after staring so much

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>>9713620 here again. I turned off this shitty program for 30 minutes and I can get a 0 again, yes! I can finally sleep peacefully.

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I had the program on or 5 minutes only and I got 128. I'll do it again tomorrow when I get the color out of my eyes. I'm thinking I'll do better too.

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If your monitor is too bright or if you have sensitive eyes then you wont be able to do the test properly.

turn down dat brightness

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Seems interesting, but it doesn't look like it supports gnulinux.

On second thought, I think I'll pass. This seems awfully a lot like another one of those normals conspiracies to rid me of yet another senses.

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ooh you could use that to use your tablet as a light when you put on makeup

of course its still cheaper to just get a pink piece of plastic and shine the light through that

you cock sucker

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Actually it looks like an ad for a shareware utility

If Cnet signs off on it it might be okay

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But I use a dark theme to save my eyes.

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>The longer you force yourself to view colors unnaturally, the longer the side effects will last even after you disable the program.
Unnaturally like through a computer screen?

>> No.9714552

I don't think this will make much of a difference. At random times one of my eyes sees things less brighter than the other, and I have visual snow, floaters, and other entoptic phenomena going on that I don't even remember how it is to see things without some distortion in them.

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>Unnatural blue light can make you stay up later.
I've noticed this.

But it's not like I've got anything better to do than stay up all night

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get out flux devs

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>The eyes are easily weakened
[citation needed]

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Didn't read thread, but I tried flux for about a month (two months ago). I never got used to it because it just added a disgusting tint to all the colorful art I look through, and made PSO2 look like shit. I didn't notice any difference to how irritated my eyes always feel, how shitty my vision is, or how late I stayed awake without feeling tired.

I'm no colorologist, but I think making everything orange results in picture quality loss. Now I've just gone back to leaving the lights on whenever I'm not asleep.

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I've always found orange/brown tones to be calming, so I'll give it a try.

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Have been using it for over a year.

It doesn't affect sleep at all.

It probably reduces eye strain, though.

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Speaking of which, has anyone on /jp/ tried improving their sight? I've only done a little reading on it, and I keep seeing eye exercises come up. I've been thinking of doing them starting this weekend, if anyone has any experience with this I'd appreciate the feed back.

The strange thing with my eyes is in a bright room if I try hard to focus on something far away not by squinting on it, but kinda like a stare, and feeling like I'm pushing my eyes forward and focus hard I'm able to get a perfect focus on it, like a really sharp image. A room filled with direct sunlight that's really bright is the most optimal condition for me. However If it's dim I completely lose all ability to focus just by looking at something, and everything's all fuzzy.

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/a/ would have a shitfit if you tried dumbing down the beautiful colors their anime produce.

/jp/ truly is horrible.

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hi kevin im the guy back in /a/ that asked if you lived in new jersey months ago but you said you lived in nyc so i got a little sad so now im here and i like it here

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Warm colors are way better than cool colors, just face it Kevin.

>> No.9716230

Yes, I've been using it for a month now.
It feels nice and you don't even notice some time later.

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I use cool colors because my soul is cold as ice and dark like the bottom of the ocean.

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Just turn down the brightness on your screens at night, sillies. Isn't it better to view all those pretty touhou pictures in their original colors?

>> No.9716243

I used an old monitor with fucked colors for about 4 years. It looked like the left side of OP's pic, but it was even more pink.

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see all of these posts

>There's an option to disable it for an hour when you're doing something color-sensitive.

>I disable it for some games though.

>you'll just have to disable it when color accuracy is important.

>tripfags in charge of reading

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I use the built-in 4chan themes.

aka tomorrow

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How come you don't just put colored plastic sheet over your monitor instead? I does the same thing without taking up cpu or space on you hard drive.

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This is an actual (fairly accurate) representation of how each type of colour blindness affect vision.

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Honestly I think Canadian English the best. People can use better sounding irregular verbs like leapt, and spelt, and not have either of those annoying accents. The Southern Ontarian accent sound pretty much like your "standard" American accent, but is better.

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Please respond.

>> No.9716279


>zero CPU usage, except for transitions, which are minimal intensity
>2MB of RAM
>1.56MB disk space

Plastic sheet is less convenient.

Using a sheet instead of full screen anti-aliasing might be viable, though.

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nobody touches my screen. not even me.

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You went to /jp/ because you found out I lived in NYC instead of NJ?

Do you even anime?

Why would I have to go out of my way to disable something. I have two monitors, I'm not just browsing 4chan 24/7.

>> No.9716308

>2 clicks
>out of your way

tripfags in charge of rational arguments

>> No.9716309

Yellow and purple seem kind of cool. It must look like a fantasy world.

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Wait we have /jp/ in NJ?

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That's 2 more than I need for what benefit? I didn't buy screens to bring out the color in things so I can water them down. If I did, I would just go back to CRT.

It's like you guys spent all this money just to go ass backwards.

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shut the fuck up tripfag.

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I will when I go back to /a/ in 3 days.

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They wouldn't perceive it as such, though.

If you wore glasses that filtered out all green light, you'd initially see the world as magenta, but would get used to it within minutes and it would no longer appear tinted.

>> No.9716361

But I live in the basement and only have a lamp on all day. The light never changes because I get no natural light. This won't help me, right?

>> No.9716369


It will create an artificial day/night cycle for you.

>> No.9716370

Should I use sunglasses?

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dude, avatarfagging is against the rules.

>> No.9716397

just admit you don't like the program because you don't like it and move on

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I almost forgot how bad the tripfags on /a/ are. It's like every one of their posts just scream "I'm special! Please pay attention to me!"

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I was just thinking the same thing

>> No.9716414

Didn't see that coming dude.....shoot......

>> No.9716421

It's kind of funny. This thread reminded me that I should install it on my new desktop (that I'm currently using). The installation kept giving me a "cannot write" error, and I couldn't figure out why until I remember I already installed it, and it was running.

>> No.9716422


At least they're far fewer than they used to be.

>> No.9716426

Please respond this is important.

>> No.9716430

You fucking piece of shit. Fuck you.

>> No.9716440

if you're wearing sunglasses there isn't any point to this program is there?

it might look pretty strange that way.

>> No.9716443

Well I’m thinking using sunglasses will protect me from both the brightness and the colour thingy.

>> No.9716450

Really? I remember going back there on and off last year and new ones kept popping up after every week.

>> No.9716452

Well, at least you'll look cool.

>> No.9716474


Tripfagging is universally less common than 3 years ago.

>> No.9716502

But you should use the freedom respecting version.

>> No.9716588

For the record, you guys are dicks for hating on software you havent even tried out.
Secondly, I have used this program for well over a year now, and I find that is incredibly nice on the eyes when you browse in pitch black like i do. It makes the screen significantly easier to look at, and you dont feel as sore afterwards. I cannot browse at night without it anymore.
and for those of you linuxfags who like this, you will find that the repository is out of date, and will likely not run. Here's a debian file to make the installation easier https://launchpad.net/~kilian/+archi..._1.1.8_all.deb
>inb4 virus
>inb4 this isn't /b/

>> No.9716603

Use RedShift

>> No.9716609

Sorry, for linuxfags. The repository the home site offers is out of date

>> No.9716620

What you are referring to as Linux is in fact GNU/Linux, or as I have recently taken to calling it, GNU+Linux.

>> No.9716635

redshift does the same shit, and respects my freedoms

fuck off proprietary scum

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Thank you folks.

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