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Old thread has reached the bumplimit.

What have you been playing lately, /jp/? Any achievements? Any troubling spots?

Old thread:

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I nearly 1cc'd TD on Normal for the first time with my friend watching, I did far better than I usually do even though I wasn't very concentrated. If I hadn't lost a life in the second stage like an idiot, I might have beaten it as I only had 2 spells left from Miko.

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Well, now that I have got that PCB stage 4 off the way, and the STGT is about to end, I'm probably moving to some other stuff.

It would be nice to reach my goals on PCB Normal ReimuA and PCB Extra SakuyaA, but I am not sure if I'm ready to keep playing PCB just yet. It feels quite hard at times.

I also could return to IN easy and keep hunting for that Yuyuko solo WR. I don't know, maybe. I am just not sure if I want to grind the game yet, it took a huge amount of time only to reach my current scores, and I'm now unsure if it was worth it. Some of the stage 3 timings also feel really frightening, and I'm unsure if I'm good enough to gain consistency on them.

I also have been planning on doing some EoSD stage practice no-miss pacifist runs, since the usual uploader for such videos really rarely plays EoSD, and the game can be funny at times when playing for non-scoring stuffs. Some stages feel frightening, and I probably suck too much to get them with actual skill, but just spamming enough runs and eventually getting lucky enough would work - It's only stage practice after all.

Sorry for the blog post, felt like speaking up a bit.

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Am I alone in thinking that Imperishable Night has the most beautiful and memorable spellcards? I mean, 90% of the Touhou pictures you find online are of IN spellcards. It feels as though other games can't compare, for some reason.

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I can't even properly play on Normal but fuck that, I deciced that I'm only playing on Lunatic from now on.
Otherwise I'll never get better at this game.

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They're very colorful that's for sure.

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Why do you think so? I was struggling on easy modo one month ago, but now I'm really close to 1cc on normal. You just need some patience and you'll be better in no time!

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Yukari, I find her non-spells to be more challenging than her spells....well except for her first spell.

Still grinding my way through her after unlocking her last week. I got to her Ran card last night and bit it, best progress yet.

I'm not the best at these games but things have started coming to me more naturally. I've learned to utilize as much of the screen as I can and that staying focused is not always the best way to dodge.

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An example to us all.

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I can easily 1cc on Normal, I'm not aiming that low.
I still sometimes mess up on normal but rather than trying to perfect it I'm going for Lunatic.
I can kinda already do Hard too and I feel that perfecting Normal won't get me anywhere.

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Unless you're a scorerunner, you're going to hit the Normal skill ceiling within a week or two. Even less if you've played arcade STGs beforehand.

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Ah. I feel so silly now, I'm sorry! I guess that's very reasonable. I've noticed that my skills improve much, much faster since I moved on normal, so I guess it's the same with lunatic.
Good luck!

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Hmm, so I was wondering this the other day, how does TD Lunatic stack up against the other games if you refuse to use trance? (Dying with trance doesn't count, you can just sit in the corner if you die with it.)

The patterns seem easy as fuck in TD, unless you're doing pacifist. But I only have maybe 20 or so hours played in total, so what do I know? Certainly a far easier 1cc on Lunatic(with trance.) than any other game was.

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what are some fun and *simple* doujin shumps? I need a break from games with complex scoring systems.

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moe pedosim

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If you ignore score, don't most shmups boil down to "shoot the bad guy until it explodes" simple?

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Exceed 3rd is just pointblanking relentlessly for higher kill/graze multiplier. I'm not positive about how ridiculous the grazing gets, but it seems reasonable.

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Crimzon Clover Simple mode.

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I used to be the guy who was like "LUNATIC OR BUST" but honestly, you won't get better that way. You have to work your way up or you will burn out.

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So far I can barely get on the board in Dangun Feveron

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I managed to 1cc all of the games on normal except UFO. And I nearly have that one.

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Same thing, except on Hard. I'm practicing the fuck out of Stages 5 and 6, hopefully I'll have the 1cc down this weekend when I have more time.

Also, did more reading on Byakuren's backstory. Holy shit, she is an AWFUL person.

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I've never 1cc'd on Normal before.
I'm just so terrible. I start to panic whenever intense bullet sheets come at me. I'm even too petrified to press X and use a bomb.
What should I do? I have all of the games, and my goal is to 1cc them all.

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Play at 20 fps. That's how I 1cc Eosd, TD, etc.

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I should have said I wanted to 1cc every game FAIRLY. Thanks for the response, though.

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Memorize the game and you won't be shocked when bullets come at you.

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Then play the goddamn games and just keep playing.
Eventually you'll either succeed or die trying.

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Sure. I can watch replays then. Thanks!

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Hold shift for focused movement.
Practice mode is your friend.

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>Also, did more reading on Byakuren's backstory. Holy shit, she is an AWFUL person.

Is she? I don't recall that. What is the source?

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woah, somebody has a shittier score than me

what character did you choose?

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I don't want to ignore score entirely, I just want to play something that's really straight forward. Under Defeat is nice and simple and fucking awesome, for example.

Crimzon Clover's simple mode mite b cool.

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In that case, you should give Jamestown a go.

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Not him, but why the heck does jamestown require so much power to run. I can run most other STG's with 3D support, but jamestowns seems to get a horrible framerate with audio issues.

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At a guess it's the unusually high resolution, and maybe graphical detail?

That or spaghetti code.

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I have no problem running those top two when the game has a developer that know's what he's doing. Must be the horrible coding then.

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UFO normal is stupidly easy, you should get through it with ease if you beat the other games on normal. I did it on my 20th try or something (Shou was the only thing that made it take so long). Byakuren was disappointingly simple too, especially after all the talk saying she's the hardest stage 6 boss. Please, she ain't got shit on Eirin.

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>UFO Normal is stupidly easy
Time to go off myself then, I'm having a lot of trouble with it for some reason, even after 1CC'ing EoSD, PCB, MoF, and TD.

Any quick tips that aren't immediately obvious? I don't even know why I'm having all this trouble.

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I wish I could help you with tips but, I don't really think I have any...the first 4 stages gave me no trouble besides figuring out a ufo route which took roughly 10 attempts. I then had certain areas/spellcards I'd bomb in stage 5 as that was sort of troublesome, then stage 6 was just free bombs and an easy 6th boss.

I know that's no help, sorry...It was a few months ago when I last played normal mode so I can't really remember much (making my way through hard now)

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Have you 1cc'd SA yet though? I beat UFO so fast right after being tortured by SA's difficulty. UFO was a walk in the park then, like the other games on normal.

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Well I appreciate you thinking about it though, I'll just keep at it until it clicks, I had to do that for EoSD.

No not yet, I'm kind of putting it off to the end of my 1CC checklist I think.

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Fucking around with stage practice.

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UFO is the 2nd hardest to 1cc on Normal, with SA being the hardest. They're really close in difficulty, so don't feel bad if it's giving you trouble.


The Touhou wiki.

>One of her "missions" was to exterminate the ghost on the seas, Minamitsu Murasa, who had gained much renown for capsizing ships. Rather than a physical battle, Byakuren instead decided on a spiritual one. She let the spirit capsize the ship she was on, but constructed a new, shining ship for Murasa to captain. Of course, no one was around to see it, as those on the monk's boat had all drowned.

She let everyone on the boat die, just so there would be no one to witness how she befriended youkai. Also, while she eventually came up with the idea of treating humans and youkai as equals, her original goals and motivation were just to protect the youkai, as the dark magic she uses to preserve her youth would vanish if all youkai were exterminated.

She's a good person and all that NOW, but I don't recall her ever really making up for all of the shit she has done in the past.

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>Byakuren was disappointingly simple too, especially after all the talk saying she's the hardest stage 6 boss. Please, she ain't got shit on Eirin.
I don't see anybody ever saying she's the hardest. Upper tier, probably.

And all of those people are talking about her on Lunatic.

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Did you know? The shitstorm on that topic got restarted when SoPM.

Murasa still murders people. Byakuren hasn't given disciplinary action and apparently, her temple's full of youkai that don't really care about her teachings at all.

One guy kept trying to argue Byakuren was never once responsible for a human's death.

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>Murasa still murders people.
Not this shit again.

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Streaming my UFO attempts, going for that 1CC!

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>Murasa still murders people.
And evil Alice murders and eats children all day erryday, uh-huh.
Stop it already.

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>However, despite being a ship yuurei, she can still sympathize with humans because of her connection to the Myouren Temple. She was changed by listening to the variety of human stories. Nowadays she picks her drowning victims carefully.

From SoPM.

>> No.9647524

No, from a translation of SoPM. There's a difference. I went over this in the megathread.

>> No.9647611

I got tired of dying on stages one and two so I'm downloading a new game.

Mountain of Faith, here I come.

>> No.9647620


Is it inaccurate, or are you just splitting hairs?

>> No.9647649

The literal translation is "water accident." This term includes drowning, but can include many other things not all of which end result in people dying.

>> No.9647666

>This term includes drowning

So you're saying she still murders people? Ok.

>> No.9647693

No, it's not "water accident." The term used is 水難事故. Where 水難 is "shipwreck" or "drowning" and 事故 is "incident" or "accident." Put them together, you get shipwreck/drowning incidents, not "water accidents."

Anyway, instead of arguing about this, how about we all just circlejerk over scores and graze counters?

>> No.9647696

Obviously not. Just because she causes water accidents doesn't mean that she drowns people, because there are other kinds of water accidents. Similarly, if I commit crimes, it doesn't mean I necessarily commit murder even though murder is a crime.

>> No.9647709

Or floods. Water accident is more or less character-by-character literal translation that happens to be a good catch-all term for the things it encompasses.

I'm not good enough to circle-jerk over score, I still play for survival. Such is life when you are bad at games.

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And that, kids, is why you should read ZUN's originals and not the wiki's crappy interpretation of them.

>> No.9648004

Ok, you won. That is far beyond my skill.

Watching the replay(s) later today.

Good job. You're insane.

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Alternating between trying to clear Phantasm with ReimuB and breaking 600mil on PCB Easy.

>> No.9648078


I nearly have it!

I said last time that the next replay I post will be the successful 1cc, so I won't post the replay, but the important part is that I made it all the way to Byakuren, and died at that one card that has all of the yellow curvy lasers coming in from the sides.

I need to practice more against her, as I'm needing to use a fuckton of bombs against her, which I can't REALLY afford by that point. Still, progress is progress! I'll definitely have her defeated sometime this weekend at the latest. I can't fucking wait; I'll have a Hard 1cc of every Windows touhou (that's one of the integer games and isn't PoFV). Fuck yes.

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So I just decided to add up all the time I've played Touhou across all the Windows games, just to see how much time I had actually spent on these games.

Excluding EoSD and PCB (since EoSD doesn't record time spent playing and my PCB game has old scores from whomever I downloaded it from), I've spent over 92 hours playing Touhou. Over ninety-two hours of dodging bullets, with the most (almost 28 hours) spent on UFO.

>> No.9648369

Dodge more. Graze more. Play more. 100 hours total isn't really much, but keep it up!

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Vague as fuck. Also how is "victim" = "dead human"?

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>100 hours total isn't really much
Pic related, my most played game.

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That feel when you congratulate someone who posted an obviously fake replay, thus making yourself look like a gullible fool.

This is the worst feel

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I've been trying to play MoF on Hard, but I can't get past Aki's fucking Boss-spellcard 1. Are my reflexes just slow or is there a trick I'm not noticing to it?
Also, what the hell is up with the shapes she's spamming in her boss-danmaku? Squiggly lines?

>> No.9650939

>Aki's fucking Boss-spellcard 1
Don't remind me. This is the reason why I kept restarting so much on my MoF Hard run.

>> No.9650961

Bomb it, you actually get so many power items during stage 2 you'll have more than max by Hina.

>> No.9650992

Bomb it or die to it. Never restart, it's just stupid to waste a credit like that. Not to mention you'll burn out on the game much faster if you keep restarting on Stage 1.

I'd know, dropping chains on DDP 1-1 and 1-2, or dying to the teleporting green ships on 1-3 was my main cause of rage restarting. I got real sick of trying to play everything perfectly, so I just sucked it up and saw the shit run as a practice run. It made me feel like puking seeing those first three stages so many times, the 1-1 music would actually stick in my ears for days afterwards. I mean, the first loop only has four songs anyway, so it isn't like it matters.

>> No.9651108

The DDP OST feels so weird to listen to outside of the game. It's like I've never heard it as music until now.


>> No.9651111

I'd suggest dodging it by moving to the right.
The first wave is the worst, just remember to keep your eyes on the red ones, first misdirect the big ones then position yourself between the red and blue ones and let them fly past you. Sometimes you'll also need to move up after the blue ones get past depending on how the reds go.
Also dodging it on the side seems a little safer than in the center.
It's really simple once you get the hang of it.

>> No.9651113

>Bomb it.

Nice advice there. You can apply that to pretty much every MoF Spellcard.

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First, I 1cc MoF with MarisaB overpowered in normal.
Then, I 1cc EoSD normal with a slowdown rate of 60%
Finally, a real 1cc: IN normal with Border team. Started with 6 lives and still had one in the end. Bombed the shit out of Reisen and a bit Marisa. Eirin was relatively easy.

>> No.9651187

>a real 1cc
>Started with 6 lives

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Hmm... maybe I just play to much.

>> No.9651283

Anyone else feel like they don't deserve a 1CC after getting one. I got IN last night, but I bombed so much I don't feel like I actually earned it. Sure it takes effort and some measure of skill to have the resources to bomb the last two stages, it still just felt wrong.
;علع كل حال

What next? SA or UFO? The last two on my checklist, I hear that SA is harder so maybe I ought to knock that one out first.

>> No.9651307

I think anyone who says UFO is harder on normal is just saying that because they didn't like the gimmick, if you like the gimmick go for UFO first, if not then go for SA.

Or you could try an extra stage.

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Oh god, today I made it to Kaguya, Yuyuko and Kanako (without abusing bombs/MarisaBugged) for first time. I have even survived some spellcards. 1cc gets closer and closer with every day! Also, I almost beat Orin without knowing shit about Stage 4 and 5, so I guess it's a small accomplishment too.

But I have two problems: I'm too conservative with my bombs and I die on stupid shit I could very easily avoid (like stray bullets). I wonder how can I fix my shortcomings...

>> No.9651373

My 1cc of Kaguya's route. I did great during stages 1-5 then just blundered and bombed my way though stage 6. I started the level with max (I think) lives and all the time bonuses so it was technically good enough. Then I went on a hiatus like I do sometimes so I'm just as well off completing Double Spoiler since it's the one I've been playing now that I'm back.

>> No.9651487

SA generally considered hardest on Normal.
UFO considered hardest on Hard/Lunatic.
I'd go with UFO.
Also, damn I missed the IN 1cc...

>> No.9651515

Putting off Sakuya-A for a second and playing a full PCB Normal/Reimu-B run for a bit. And if I game over with her as well it'll mark the dawn of a new age.


Now with boring sounding voice support.

>> No.9651540

MoF is the game where you learn to abuse bombs for the stupidest shit ever.
Then again, I only bomb for Aya's last spellcard, Sanae's stupid star festival and Kanako's first and last for the whole run.

>> No.9651609

Marisa's Milky Way is pretty yet dazzling

>> No.9651689

It's because of the Marisa fight. Non-directional Laser and Event Horizon look amazing.

>> No.9651720

I still had one red star so it's as if I had started with 5 lives.
And just tried the second route but since it was my first time I got my ass kicked by Kaguya. Also, even though I took the same team I have the impression that a few patterns slightly changed for the first bosses.

>> No.9651733

>it's as if I had started with 5 lives.
That's not how it works.

>> No.9651742

Even if it was.

>a real 1cc
>Started with 5 lives

>> No.9651755

#povf survivalscum secondary power pls drill out of /jp/

>> No.9651764

Please stop the bullying.

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It does have a lot of beauties in it, but another thing to keep in mind is the sheer volume of cards that it has because of Last Word and the multi boss stages. I think the photography games are underrated in this area.

Over the Rainbow (pictured), Cleansed Crystal Judgment, Royal Diamond Ring, there are lots fantastic looking patterns, and a good chunk of them make you fly up and around instead of just hovering near the bottom.

>> No.9651800

>You can apply that to pretty much every MoF Spellcard.
Well, that's fine, because you can bomb pretty much every MoF spellcard too.

>> No.9651825

I agree that the photography games have some nice cards. but the games themselves are very dull. Scoring is comprised of a hundred individual 1-minute levels involving optimizing a handful of shots, which manages to be less engaging than a 2-minute Caravan run.

>> No.9651966

>Well, that's fine, because you can bomb literally every MoF spellcard too.
No need to be conservative

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I'm still working on completion, but once that's done I plan to focus on getting best shots that I like more than scoring.

A personal favorite of mine taken on Butterfly Dream Pill. Aya is in the picture.

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>> No.9652053

not even 2hu is safe from the jews

>> No.9652088


Oh fuck, NOW I understand why >>9652025 posted that image. I mean, I knew what the image WAS, but couldn't figure out why it was posted.

You guys pay attention to the silliest details.

>> No.9652608

What makes a Touhou player good, /jp/? Do you need to clear normal? To clear lunatic? To achieve good scores?

>> No.9652620

You have to either NDNMNB Lunatic every run with dildos in your ass or set high scores on royalflare. Bonus points if you achieve both at the same time.

>> No.9652621

You have to wear a silly hat and drink tea while you go play Mars Matrix.

>> No.9652997

You have listen to Bad Apple all day every day.

>> No.9653005

Which means what?

>> No.9653007
File: 39 KB, 639x400, FFFuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And this was my first time getting to Gengetsu too...

>> No.9653013

No dicks, no miss, no bomb.

>> No.9653017

Jesus Christ, I just watched a run of GFW's Extra stage and it is insane. Possibly the hardest I've ever seen. The only thing that makes it beatable is that you get many extra lives as you go up in level. I seriously doubt it's physically possible to beat without freezing.

>> No.9653025

it looks overwhelming. It isn't at all. Try it. You're right about the no freezing thing though. Like timing out photo sessions in StB.

>> No.9653056

I thought that too until i tried it. It's easier than what you saw.

>> No.9653075

It really isn't all that hard.

>> No.9653080 [DELETED] 

son, are you new around here?

>> No.9653092


>> No.9653335

>the 1-1 music would actually stick in my ears for days afterwards.

This is why I always wear headphones and listen to my own music when I'm playing shumps. You'll get sick to death of any game's soundtrack if you play it enough, no matter how good it is.

>> No.9653356

What's considered a good score in EoSD Lunatic?

>> No.9653388

I don't.

>> No.9653470


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File: 53 KB, 640x480, IN 1LC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, okay. Just restarted with only one life and I even made a 1LC with ghost team.

>> No.9653566

Hahaha. Finally. It's a pretty low target, but whatever. High enough for me. Possibly returning to it later.


>> No.9653573

I did GFW Ultra on my first attempt. It wasn't hard at all. Just need to know when to freeze and dodge really good and stuff, yeah.

>> No.9655626


>> No.9656044

Playing PCB with the latest Ultra patch on...some difficulty.


>> No.9656067
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I was hoping it wouldn't happen, but it did. I have matched my MarisaB Rod Sign count with SanaeA. This is a scary little landmark that I set for myself a while ago. I'm sure that it'll get fixed when I start doing MarisaB LNBNV.

I've been sick for the past few days, so I haven't been playing well, but I still feel like I'm improving. The third run is yet to come.


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File: 307 KB, 718x792, 1345523600563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you a fucking retard IN has the worst looking danmaku ever you goddamn stupid shitter.

I can't believe these IN loving faggots that actually like the IN patterns.
What the fuck are you even smoking, get out of my /jp/ you bitcher.

>> No.9656210

Are newcomers to the games welcome in these threads?

>> No.9656224

They are more than welcome!

>> No.9656236

You're blind. Go get your blindbux, blindguy, lol.

>> No.9656242

Of course, everyone has to start somewhere, and we have players from every skill level here. You have people who are still knocking out their 1CC's (me) all the way up to people blasting through Lunatic like it's no problem (Riz)

>> No.9656248

I only started playing The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil yesterday but I've already spent like 8 hours on it. It's so rewarding to play a game where you feel like you're improving every single time you play it. I can only get to end of level 4 on normal though.

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What's the matter casual? Can't score?

>> No.9656273

Well I'm glad you like it, Touhou is a great series of games for sure. But your decision to start with EoSD could frustrate you in the end, it's not very beginner-friendly although I think it does teach you about streaming pretty effectively. Also, playing the games chronologically isn't a bad idea, definitely not.

But speaking from my limited experience so far, I'd say starting with either 7 - Perfect Cherry Blossom or 10 - Mountain of Faith are better choices since they're both easy for different reasons and good to introducing a player to different mechanics such as PoC'ing for point items or the 11 - SA bomb system for when you get to that point.

And yes, seeing your improvement is a huge motivation for me too.

>> No.9656409


I disagree. I think EoSD is where people should start because it teaches them not to be hitbox reliant.

>> No.9656451

But every game after that has a visible hitbox, it's a tool that shouldn't be ignored, it can really help you out getting through those tight dodges.

>> No.9656463


It's still an advantage to be able to dodge well while unfocussed, especially in IN.

>> No.9656568

Touhou is a den of monsters. Don't go inside.

>> No.9656661

Relish that feeling while it's still there. Soon enough your improvements will be unnoticeable and half of your thought capacity will work out cool and unusual ways to sudoku.

>> No.9656668

Cool and unusual is my motto.

>> No.9656711


Yes, but it's a moot point of you can't even dodge to begin with. If I didn't have my visible hitbox when I was struggling through easy, I would have been so lost. Use it as a crutch if you're a beginner, then work your way towards not needing it.

>> No.9656808


I can't explain this run. It seems to quickly switch between me playing extremely well and extremely bad. I honestly can't explain that Murasa and Byakuren. This felt like it should have been a lot better. I'm still feeling sick, so I don't really care if I'm not playing 100% up-to-par with my skill, but it's still a little disappointed.

I would recommend playing a variety of games until you find the one that you like best. When I started out, I alternated between EoSD and UFO, later getting taken over by UFO.

>> No.9656931

I defeated Mystia again, Scarlet team.

Praise me.

>> No.9656995

yeah, start with whichever game you want

but if it's after eosd then use the invisible-hitbox patch

>> No.9657000

You can suck my cock as a reward.

>> No.9657137

Fuck that game to hell, it's starts of so simple and the next you know you have to follow a trail of 200+ point items on screen through a bullet hell maze.

>> No.9657164

Wow, I don't remember any of that track after the first 30 seconds.

>> No.9657411

I wish I could get Touhou amnesia and play through the games again with none of my current skill level. Going for high scores is so dull compared to the thrill of slowly working your way up to completing the next difficulty level.

>> No.9657418

You can always try 120 FPS, NMNB, no vertical...

>> No.9658285
File: 560 KB, 640x480, Hate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck this spell, I hate it so much.

I beat the original one in StB, but this one is a nightmare version of that.

>> No.9658549

Same for me. Kaguya's spell is slow enough for me but Satori's one is just too goddamn fast. I got a few times 100% charge on the third photo but couldn't find any way to go up.

>> No.9658584

Go play Mars Matrix.

>> No.9658789

Actually, that one is easier than the StB one. Get more Nautral talent, bro. Or just practice, either one works.

>> No.9658863

>Get more Nautral talent, bro.
That's not how natural talent works. Bro.

>> No.9658884

Hey /jp/ I need to get over 500K on UFO Easy to prove a point. Can't seem to do it even with all my planning, and I now it should be easily possible. Any tips?

>> No.9658888

Whenever I ask about this, all I get is "Never let go of focus". I felt it was stupid but it somehow helped me out get it instantly. Otherwise, just be persistent I guess.

>> No.9658893

How exactly do you change FPS for the games anyway? I tried following the VSync patch guide with UFO and nothing changed at all, despite all my options and configurations being the same. Is there some other method to it?

>> No.9658944

Picking up UFO tokens will increase your base value by 1000 when a big one is summoned.

>> No.9658971

What exactly did you do?

>> No.9658975

I don't know why I have so much trouble clearing Hourai Elixir Hard/Lunatic. It's not even hard, I just choke every time.

>> No.9658988

Would anyone like to stream?

>> No.9658992

I'm awake and I have the day off, I probably will soon.

>> No.9659057

I can stream one or two runs of Crimzon Clover unlimited right now if you want. Gotta be gone by 2:00 though.

>> No.9659065

i know it might sound stupid but like the C82 upload thread can the OP post the link to where you download the touhou games (just the basic ones like 7-13 to begin with) It would really help a lot

>> No.9659072


no promises about how good I'll be playing though

>> No.9659079

Everyone here buys the games.

>> No.9659099

Get someone to score that much and have them put your name on it. Bonus points for trying to emulate your typical movements.

>> No.9659109

Let the bullets dodge you. Don't move a lot and focus on charging the camera.
Do you mean 500m?
Have some replays: http://score.royalflare.net/th12/level12.html#L0

>> No.9659123

Finally got it done, thanks. Forgoing point items in the early game for UFOs was the way to go.

I'm really happy right now so here ya go ya lazy bum.

>> No.9659128

I'm so shit at danmaku, couldn't even beat TD.
I am now taking on SA.
This is going to be entertaining.

>> No.9659135

>Average download time in regular mode: 133 minutes, in Gold mode - 4 minutes
>this is just for touhou 6
this is going to take a long time...

>> No.9659139

I really wonder how much these games boil down to luck and natural talent.

How many people can just pick up any random STG and 1cc it on the first try? It makes me kind of jealous, really.

>> No.9659140
File: 94 KB, 852x527, Untitled6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my settings in the image. I'm sure I went wrong somewhere, but I can't seem to know what. Trying to set to 90fps by the way.

>> No.9659146

>Average download time in regular mode: 218 minutes, in Gold mode - 6 minutes (this is for IN)
guess i will play some elsword while i wait because this is going to take a long time

>> No.9659150

I can't get Hutina's stream to work for some reason, so I'll be waiting for you to start.

>> No.9659159

Hmm, what was wrong with it? Can you load other livestream streams?

>> No.9659163
File: 59 KB, 234x221, chendeathtoinfidels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I was completely unprepared, I started this run just because I wanted to see who is more difficult: Lunasa or Lyrica (and I think that Lunasa is much easier for me) and... I beat this game! Well, not really, I still have much to learn and I died on stupid shit several times, but... I guess I can be a bit proud of myself now, can I?

If anyone cares, here's my replay:

>> No.9659186
File: 421 KB, 640x480, th07 2012-08-31 11-59-09-49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Riz cannot into timing borders.
>I really wonder how much these games boil down to luck and natural talent.
Very little.
>How many people can just pick up any random STG and 1cc it on the first try?
Nobody. It requires a lot of practice to be able to do something like that.
>It makes me kind of jealous, really.
You have nothing to be jealous of.
Good job. I'm going to watch it.

>> No.9659191


I'm trying, the problem is that the damn bullets ares so random, especially on the last pic, and the fast bullets have a really nasty tendency of blocking the gaps I go for

>> No.9659196

Internet being weird. I don't really know much about it.

>> No.9659206

Just torrent it you moron,
Takes a few minutes for all the games.

>> No.9659208
File: 96 KB, 500x568, yarika.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This's very nice of you, thanks.

I'm not too proud of myself because I bombed like a little bitch on Yuyko... I could do so much better!

>> No.9659211

supposing you were innately gifted at these games, you'd still be just as challenged except at a different level

>> No.9659346
File: 319 KB, 1920x1080, save.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone tell me how to fix this so I can play EoSD?

>> No.9659351

copy and paste for google translated movement

>> No.9659352

Do you use a pad?

>> No.9659364


It doesn't let me copy it.

>> No.9659375

>I really wonder how much these games boil down to luck and natural talent.
Quite a lot. The "natural talent" lies in the ability to improve rather than just being good without practice. Some people are able to improve through practice, while others aren't. Rarely is it a case where you just start out good.

>> No.9659376

Have you tried ctrl+c?

>> No.9659395


Can't ctrl+c if you can't even highlight it.

>> No.9659398


everyone can improve; some just might do so faster than others

>> No.9659429

how many lifes and bombs do i pick on a 1CC touhou 6 run? the default here is 3 bombs and 5 lives

>> No.9659436

>everyone can improve
In an ideal world.

>> No.9659460

How do I remove black bars when playing Touhou on fullscreen? Using windows 7, thanks.

>> No.9659469

I say again. Have you tried it?

>> No.9659472

I'm really interested, how does that help?

>> No.9659479

please respond

>> No.9659483


>> No.9659498

3 and 3

>> No.9659519

I'm pretty sure it is something with your DirectX.
You get one extend at 10, 20, 40, and 60 million points. You also get an extend from Meiling and Sakuya. You get bombs from Daiyousei, Koakuma, and Sakuya.
You are really telling me there is nothing you can do to improve - that you have reached the absolute peak of your skill?
You would probably have to mess around with your driver settings. I would also recommend getting a CRT if you can. I find them much better for Touhou.

>> No.9659528

don't promote learned helplessness

>> No.9659591

1cc'd my first 2hu on Lunatic just now. MoF ReimuB.
Used 30 bombs though...

>> No.9659615

MoF gives you so many bombs that's it's Bad if you don't bomb, unless of course you're going for no-bomb.

>> No.9659618

i used 52
get on my level

>> No.9659641

You're a failure if you don't play with default lives.
Later touhou games don't even let you change it.
So you can play with your 5 lives in EoSD or whatever but SA and UFO will destory you ass.
And also it's not a 1cc if it's not done with default lives.

>> No.9659665

How about using 151 bombs in SA on Easy with MarisaA?

Can you beat that?

>> No.9659789

Since I have nothing better to do...

One moment.

>> No.9659792

no i can't
you win

>> No.9659994

>And also it's not a 1cc if it's not done with default lives.
Alright, let's do this.

1cc = 1 credit/continue clear; if he clears it without ever using a continue, he has achieved a 1cc.

>> No.9660002
File: 560 KB, 640x480, finally.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking finally I beat this damn spell!

>> No.9660030

By that retarded logic if he's playing with 15-20 fps or if he's using save states and he clears it without ever using a continue, he has achieved a 1cc as well.

No, it doesn't work like that.

>> No.9660063


I heard about that, and so I went to go see if the replay of it was on Gensokyo.

It was, and it turns out that he was playing on Easy, which doesn't count for anything.

I mean, it does take a good bit of work to 1cc Easy if you're new to the series, and you shouldn't feel bad if that's all you've gotten so far, but bragging about your first 1cc isn't allowed until you've cleared Normal. The 151 bombs replay shouldn't be taken as anything more than a joke, in my opinion.

>> No.9660070

No, silly. That's using external tools to make the game easier, which is cheating. That completely omits any merit whatsoever.

>> No.9660089

Only 138 if I counted correctly. Probably chose to die during boss battles too much and missed out on another extend.

>> No.9660090


While 1cc does stand for 'one credit clear', which literally means to just beat the game without using continues, that's not the way people use that term. Getting a 1cc means crossing a certain threshold of difficulty and skill, and you should be proud of a 1cc only if you didn't make it easier on yourself, as the term loses its meaning if you do.

A 1cc means beating the game on at least Normal with default lives and bombs (I'm not sure if any of the games allow you to alter the number of bombs, but if they do, you shouldn't), no auto-deathbomb patch, no FPS alterations other than removing vsync if you so desire, and no savestates or any other similar form of cheating.

>> No.9660169

>That completely omits any merit whatsoever.

So does setting your lives to 5.

>> No.9660173

>A 1cc means beating the game on at least Normal with default lives and bombs
No, it doesn't. You're just trying to change the definition to make your 1cc seem more than a "1 credit clear."

>> No.9660178

I dislike how 'gaming' has been elevated to some sort of serious activity, also people who derive their self worth from 'gaming' proficiency.
People can't be relaxed about anything and sooner or later any past time that becomes popular devolves into a pile of shit.

>> No.9660187

Lunatic difficulty meter: TH10 > TH8 > TH7 > TH6

>> No.9660220

Laughing so hard at all of these 1cc posts. Play for score or get out. You shouldn't be dying at all anyway if you want to score good unless it's to control rank or whatever.

Stay free forever. "Playing for fun" is a terrible phrase and people who use it are terrible.

>> No.9660244

>In most players’ opinions, to 1CC a game is the only “real” way to be able to say that one has “beaten” it. Additionally, in most situations, to “officially” one-credit a game, a player must do so with the game on default settings.

Maybe I should set my Ketsui and DoJ to easy and play with five ships. The extends could also come a little earlier. I'd be balling dem 2-alls every day.

>> No.9660246


Is Magic "Magic Butterfly" static aside from the laser that's aimed at you?

>> No.9660250

Yes. It's all static except for the laser.

>> No.9660262

That would be wrong just because you can't raise your e-peen that way, right?

>> No.9660283

Alright hotshot, post some of your scores.

>> No.9660300

How do I, in the easiest way, play Touhou on a Mac?

>> No.9660413
File: 217 KB, 1000x1399, 124489222432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doing a little streaming today, 1CC attempts on SA normal.

>> No.9660417


All right, I wasn't sure. I'm working the fuck out of that card, and it seems like the very bottom center is SOMETIMES safe, yet other times I end up getting smacked. Now that I know that it's static, I'll work on a sure-fire way to make it through.

The nonspell that comes before it is annoying as hell, but I'm succeeding against it more and more often. Once I can consistently defeat Byakuren without spending too many resources, I'll really dedicate myself to 1cc attempts.

Her final spell card is what's worrying me the most. I've actually managed to capture it once before and saved the replay, but it's still difficult and it seems like just dying once against it once can completely fuck up your flow and end up getting you killed five times. Do you have any advice or tips for handling that card, or do I just need to dodge well more consistently?

>> No.9660459

There is no easy way. It looks like you will have to run a VM, dual-boot, or import Wine. I'm not sure how easy it is to get Wine on a Mac.
It will get easier once you have a path down. The second nonspell can be daunting if you are new to it, but I think that you can get the flow of it quite well if you practice. Depending on the difficulty, you may want to just bomb it.
>Do you have any advice or tips for handling that card, or do I just need to dodge well more consistently?
I think I explained it fairly well here: http://archive.foolz.us/jp/thread/9604085/#9614830

>> No.9660500

A 1cc is a 1cc. What comes to e-peens, you're the one who's trying to redefine the word.

>> No.9660508

Hum, 148. I know where I went wrong; let a single power item drop during stage five and ended up at 0.91 later. Also suicide-killed the penultimate spell for some warped reason.

151 then. Looks like you did your homework.

>> No.9660509


>I would recommend you try to stay in the lower center and go down to a side when faced with danger. I usually dodge it in a weaving pattern this way.

Not too informative, but eh, it's mostly based on how well you dodge. I'm not going to try to manage damage output or whatever just to make her do the spell the same way every time. Regardless, I'll have that Hard 1cc sometime this weekend.

>> No.9660535

I know how you feel. It isn't easy to describe a strategy for LFS. A lot of it is being able to handle bullets.

Also, it's not about making it the same every time. It's about being able to predict the harder parts. Making it exactly the same every time is pretty much impossible. It's about knowing what to look out for so that you don't get swamped.

Either way, I wouldn't think too deeply into it on your first clear. Just focus on dodging the best you can and be ready to use bombs.

>> No.9660582

Competitive games clearly aren't for you. There's a Kirby thread somewhere around here, go hang out there.

>> No.9660629

>Competitive games
Stopped reading right there. What is next? People trying to inflate their ego by watching old anime?

>> No.9660640

Competitive games have been a thing for centuries.

>> No.9660645

You can make any game competitive. Speedrunning being the most dominant way.

>> No.9660664

Games that are competitive by nature.*


Speedrunning is only "the most dominant" way because most games are piss easy, so people need to find a way to make them interesting again.

Segmented speedruns are a joke by the way.

>> No.9660686

>Segmented speedruns are a joke by the way.
So is competitive gaming.

>> No.9660735

You still playing this shit, /jp/? I already mastered these games when I was 5

>> No.9660756

i mastered youre mom when i was 23

>> No.9660762


>> No.9660869

I really am bored.

Not sure if you're the guy who even set it, but here: 152 bombs. Had to play again because the dumb replay seems guaranteed to be desynced in stage six because I bombed in between the stages and the replay doesn't show it. Just the power changing. Someone else can count and verify.


Don't know if it's that much different from the 151 replay up there. Almost failed the second time when I died early to the third spell in stage six because I was too distracted monitoring Utsuho's health.

Play any PCB? Pretty please, come play with me. I don't even want it.

>> No.9661426
File: 561 KB, 1024x1070, 1345944293520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Going back at it

>> No.9661625

I went to make something to eat and now you're gone. Are you done for the night already?

>> No.9661830

Damn, another fail attempt for NB TD. This time i drop the ball and accidentally bomb Miko's 2nd noncard. Should have disabled the bomb button.

>> No.9661845

Unlocked the Type-Z in Crimzon Clover. Damn, what a beast. Going to be so much fun playing Original mode now that the game is semi-broken. Also made it to >30% health on the last boss and somehow got TLB despite continuing.

>> No.9661946

>build an arcade cab a few months back
>toss Touhou and Shmupmame on the PC
>kids start mucking around on Lunatic and Extra
>a few of them can actually get somewhere on Easy/Normal
Getting more people to play shmups is probably the best thing I've done.

>> No.9661947


>play for like four hours straight
>not a single run even got to the Stage 5 midboss

Admittedly, I spent the first hour, hour and a half practicing stages 4 and 6, since 4 has been a problem spot and 6 since I don't want to make it to stage 6 just to fuck up horribly.

I cannot stop myself from restarting. Up through the Kogasa midboss, my UFO route must be perfect or I will restart. Until Kogasa's last spell card, I must not die or I will restart. Until I reach Stage 6, if I die twice in a row or waste too many bombs through deaths, I will restart. Nazrin's midboss spell card has nearly 100 attempts from how often I've restarted.

The frustrating thing about restarting so much is that it WORKS. My IN Hard 1cc? I would almost always restart if I ever died before Stage 4, and the successful 1cc didn't have any deaths prior to stage 4. My SA Hard 1cc? Same thing.

UFO has so many variables and possible ways to fuck up, in ADDITION to just being insanely fucking hard, that I'm just restarting non-stop. God damn it.

>> No.9661961


Where did you put this cabinet that there were people passing by to play it?

>> No.9662010

I put it in the local card shop that acts as a makeshift Boys & Girls Club (because there's fuck all to do where I live). The nearest anything that resembles an arcade is about 2 hours drive away.

>> No.9662022
File: 306 KB, 500x500, sakuya5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking sakuya and her horizontal pattern daamaku

thats the kind of danmaku i hate the most

>> No.9662037

I've always wanted to play Touhou on a cabinet. I find it very interesting to play Touhou in public. It always gets silly reactions.
Don't be surprised if you have to reset that a lot. Just keep trying. I was the same when position as you.
>Nazrin's midboss spell card has nearly 100 attempts from how often I've restarted.
That's not a lot. You should not be getting frustrated yet.
>UFO has so many variables and possible ways to fuck up, in ADDITION to just being insanely fucking hard, that I'm just restarting non-stop. God damn it.
That's UFO for you. I had a similar day today. I didn't get far in anything.

>> No.9662068

Strange. If you got through SA on Hard, UFO shouldn't really be causing many problems. Nothing compares to SA's bullet speeds.

>> No.9662115

It's more annoying than anything to hear the same comments and questions when you're attempting to concentrate. Used to get the same thing when I played DDR. Well, in arcades attached to movie theaters anyway. They're almost always shit.

>> No.9662185

How can you hate anything more than curved lasers
Seriously, fuck Merlin and whatever the stage 4 boss from TD's name is.

>> No.9662199


>I was the same when position as you.

Your English is failing; I think you ought to get some sleep. Hearing that you were this same boat is nice to hear, though! I WILL get this 1cc, but this is easily more effort than any of the other games took.


SA on Hard was tough, yeah, but you could use PLENTY of bombs during the stages, as you would regenerate bombs pretty much automatically. To get more bombs in UFO, you have to stop getting extra lives, and you ALWAYS want more extra lives. Using a bomb sets you back more than it does in SA, and the way UFOs move about gives so many more ways for things to go wrong.

>> No.9663066

Is there some trick to Yuyuko's Subtle Melody "Repository of Hirokawa -Ghost-" ?

As far as I can tell you need to stream the fast aimed bullets while weaving through the slow ones, but I can never find space to switchback and end up getting crushed.

>> No.9663115

That's possibly the easiest Spellcard she has.
Yes it's just streaming and you don't have enough space because you're moving around too much.
Those bullets have really tiny hitboxes, so try to move as less as possible when streaming.
Start in the middle and stream them in the middle as well.
Then when she's about to shoot the next wave move to either one of the sides.
If you streamed correctly most of the aimed bullets should be in the middle giving you plenty of space to stream on the side.

>> No.9663139


Ah, that sounds pretty obvious now you lay it out like that. The art of misdirection.

Thanks anon.

>> No.9663145

It's Seiga, one of the few evil (and non virgin) characters in Touhou.

>> No.9663153

Are Miko and Futo also evil?

>> No.9663155

So she's an impure cunt that shoots curved lasers.
Confirmed for worst 2hu

>> No.9663192

They are actually not lasers, but large and long masses of bullets.

>> No.9663263

Miko is a saint, no idea about Futo though.

>> No.9663300

But Miko is kind of Seigas disciple, and Futo is Mikos disciple. And Futo prevented Tojiko from resurrecting in a human body.
Does wickedness trickle down?

>> No.9663343

Seiga is a parasite that sticks to anyone (from symposium)

>> No.9663397

Whoa. Your restarting conditions are the exact same as mine.

>> No.9663422
File: 10 KB, 316x14, th017.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>100 attempts
Don't give up.

>> No.9663434
File: 11 KB, 361x13, th001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In case you meant this spell, still don't give up.

>> No.9663466
File: 330 KB, 640x480, newchap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

havent played ten sesires
i just suck at dodging shit taht comes from bothsides

fuck that bitch

>> No.9663473

you suck

>> No.9663478

i know.
.only spell card i have problem with

>> No.9663492

Cards that you randomly dodge are so much better than those with a fixed pattern that you know by heart.

>> No.9663838

Anyone wanna stream?

>> No.9664161
File: 13 KB, 465x336, no escaping the curvy lasers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Somebody get a stream going please, I'v been practising TD on hard for a few hours and I don't want to play anymore but I'd still like to watch danmakus.

<< that's what I see when I close my eyes.

>> No.9664168

I want to try out streaming, but I'm not sure whether my connection is good enough. Where do people usually stream?

>> No.9664172

livestream.com or twitch.tv

>> No.9664336

Okay, I set up a channel with my shitty connection. SO if you want to watch me be really bad at touhouat 640x480 with a bad framerate and stuff, you can now. Get in. I'm afraid of using my mic because it is a $5 piece of shit with static everywhere, but we'll see.


>> No.9664346

>Your English is failing; I think you ought to get some sleep.
I went to sleep right after that post. I'm feeling much better now.
That is some of my favorite danmaku! I love rows of bullets coming from all sides.

>> No.9664747

Ugh, sorry for the flashing, everyone. It's something with TD, I hope, and not my shitty computer.

>> No.9664947

Making progress in IN, will hopefully 1cc it soon.

>> No.9665066


Doing one really, really bad PCB Normal run. One run, no restarts or whatever. Going to bed right after it, whether I clear or gameover. Playing on ReimuA.

>> No.9665099

I'm new, and what is this?

>> No.9665110

URL, points to a page on the World Wide Web:

>> No.9665117

Never mind. I've been wondering what touhou was for a while. Downloading imperishable night, because it has a relatively low file size.

>> No.9665519

>I've been wondering what touhou was for a while.
How did you get to this board?

>> No.9665573


It seems that doing good on the early stages always seems to doom me on the later ones. I really need to iron out that part just before Shou. It should be easy. It may have cost me the game.

>> No.9665721

Wow, great run up to Shou. It's almost like ZUN made that fight specifically to destory no-bomb runs..

>> No.9665725

who CAVE here

>> No.9665734

Bosses in UFO are not no-bomb friendly because it's very difficult to reacquire shot power one you lose it. They are not even very friendly with bombs.
You might be interested in this: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv106487037

>> No.9665775

I tried touhou 1 and 2.
Didn't understand what the first one was about, I had to see that on the wiki.
Wow, was the second one incredibly old and not interesting. Didn't really care and bombed everything but still had to use 2 continues to go to the bad ending. But it was nice to see the original fight against Marisa.
And I understand that pc-98 universe is not like windows, when you see there are tanks and stuff.

>> No.9665911

Streaming some MoF for the first time ever.
Lots of input lag, so gonna fail stuff.

>> No.9665981
File: 220 KB, 1920x1080, Kamina Smile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




On this run, I was really surprised when I hit max lives. It happened in Normal too, but this game is so insanely difficult on Hard that I did not expect that to happen at all. I screwed up a couple of times, but overall I'm exceedingly happy with this run.

I horribly fucked up against Byakuren's last card, and started panicking horribly, dying three times to that card and bombing like a madman. I beat her with minimal Power, no lives, and only one bomb left, but I fucking beat her!

Please watch this run, I have worked ever so hard on it. I've now gotten a 1cc on every single integer Windows Touhou! (Aside from PoFV since I don't like it.)

I feel fucking amazing. Hell yes.

>> No.9666008

12 is a single integer?

>> No.9666127


No, as in, I've beaten every single one, and by 'one' I mean integer Windows Touhou.

>> No.9666148

Some time during the stream I got disconnected from the chat. I'll try twitch next time.
Did a MoF Extra run, played some PCB, crashed into Ran and Yukari both after the aiming spell. Failed a lot of stuff due to severe lag.

>> No.9666158
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Congratulations~! You died a few times on things you could've avoided, but... you were amazing nonetheless! It was a pleasure to watch your replay~

>> No.9666251 [DELETED] 
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dis my thread now.

>> No.9666259 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.9666291 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.9666596

Hey everyone, I'll be streaming some Touhou in about 15 minutes. Please come and join me.

>> No.9667236

Wow, hard is so much easier than lunatic it's silly.

But then, that's to be expected, I guess.

I can actually capture spellcards now.

>> No.9667269

Am I late or early? The stream is offline.

>> No.9667336

The stream was scheduled to start two and a half hours ago, so, you're probably late.

>> No.9667553


>> No.9668244

Could someone stream?

>> No.9668383

has reached the bumplimit.
Quick, make a new one!

>> No.9669052

I'll do it later today.
No need to hurry. /jp/ is a slow board.

>> No.9670119

Just for an hour or so. I'll have to leave soon.


>> No.9670119,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.9670119,2 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.9670119,3 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.9670119,4 [INTERNAL] 


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