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What is this beautiful young lady planning?

She wasn't mentioned for quite some time now and did nothing even when something as important as SoPM happened.

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Being a fat lazy piece of shit and sucking big fat human cocks in the outside world like the filthy slut she is.

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Living the dream.

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Please do not confuse Yukari with your mother.

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I'm expecting her to do something next game.

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Best Waifu.

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She's probably been sleeping.

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Yukari doesn't actually do anything. Ran does all the work.

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She moved her lazy ass during SWR and SA.

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Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahah ahhahahahahhahahahahaha

Good one.

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Don't forget that she bows down before her moon overlord in ssib too.

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When will people understand she was just trolling them?

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What? The REAL Yukari really is a 17 year old girl in Japan with delusions of being a powerful ancient being in some unseen dimension.

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She looks like a teen.

Stop this hag bullshit.

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why /jp/ hates Yukari?

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What's there to like abou8t her?

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She is a deep character.

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Her only appeal is lewdness.

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The only people in /jp/ that "hate" her are trolls she has one of the larger and most civilized fanbases as refined and charmed as she herself

constantly is top rated even in japan

Her personality is very ladylike and a times a tease ( no she not lewd assholes ) she's very optimistic and confident, she has a deep history probably as old as Gensokyo itself

she is simply the best

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The people who hate her are just mad because she has a rather large fanbase, and they want to be little special snowflakes and cast her out.

If that makes sense.

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The best is, in this context, defined on opinion. My opinion, as well all know, is the most valuable, and I feel nothing for her, and given that, you are wrong.

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I like trains, I like yukari and I like old hags.

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but Yukari isn't a old hag

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I like her outfit and that's about it.

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"Hahaha! I bowed down and acknowledged the superiority of a much hated enemy, while begging her not to erase my little playground, but I was only pretending!"

--Yukari, according to a /jp/ anon

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CiLR, last chapter:

>Yukari grinned.
>That ominous smile left a deep scar in her mind, something she would never be able to forget. To make those who cannot die question the meaning of living. To make them fear the unknown, what they cannot understand.
>That was the true intention behind Yukari's Second Lunar Invasion.

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Am I the only one who's afraid of having negative opinions and or thinking negatively about Yukari in fear that she might hear me?

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I never felt that, but i think Yukari is absolutely awesome

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Yukari = Shit for two reasons.

1.OP as fuck
2.Has a really vocal and annoying fanbase

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She had no reason to be in SoPM, that was just an orientation for people new to Gensokyo.

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She is pretty old.

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Touhou isn't real, you autist fucker.

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Epic macro bro

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lel epig reaction imag bro

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Did you all already forget she actually was in SoPM?

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deal with it butthurt turbonerds

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>Yuyuko steals a bottle of sake
>Yukari: Holy shit, I am the best mastermind ever. Sure those lunarians got told!
Against the moon, Yukari is on the same level as a child. She can't do more than play a prank. She's just pathetic.

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And Yukari's little prank leaves Eirin mindraped forever.

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Proving that she can break into the most secure areas of the lunarian capital whenever she wants to...
yeah thats real childish...

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Not her, but her ghostly pal who specifically stated this was a favour she wouldn't repeat.

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If anything it just proves she's not as great as everyone thinks.
Had she teleported in and taken it herself, it might have meant something.
It's like having a thief steal something for you, then going around gloating how awesome you are for getting it.

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she beat the Lunarians security system.
The Lunairans don't know how she did it, they just know she did.
The message was sent. Stay out of Gensokyo's affairs, and I will stay out of your rooms at night.
Since the Watatsuki sisters don't know how she did it, they cant tell how much is a bluff or not.

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>she beat the Lunarians security system.
What was the actual security system?
I forgot since it's been a long time since I read the manga.
I remember there were some rabbits who did fuckall when Yuyuko borke in, but what elese?

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Are you retarded? She showed them she can breach Lunar Capital defenses. It's like if Putin showed Obama his favorite coffee mug that disappeared from White House few hours earlier.

This time they stole sake. Next time they can bring a nuke there.

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Read CiLR.

Lunar Capital is protected by countless ancient spells and defense systems.

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The gist of the whole thing was that any impure creatures who entered the moon capital would be immediately detected simply because they are impure. Yuyuko, being a ghost, managed to break through it on that mere technicality.

Yuyuko said she wouldn't do it again. Yukari only breached the lunarians' system with her help. She expected her to bring back something great. Instead she brought sake just to get a reaction from Yukari, who quickly rationalized it was the best possible item she could get from the moon.

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>Yuyuko, being a ghost, managed to break through it on that mere technicality.
Wait, why didn't the rabbits tell the moonbitches that Yuyuko just kind of walked up and looted their stash?

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Doesn't matter since Lunarians don't know what happened.

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1. Moon rabbits don't really like lunarians that much. They are pretty much oppressed by them.

2. They had no idea who it was. Since there were no impurities in her they probably thought she's a celestial or something.

3. It's not like rabbits actually saw her stealing the sake.

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>Instead she brought sake just to get a reaction from Yukari
i dont think that's why she did it (unless there was something like that in CiLR, i havent read it)
more likely she just didnt want to bring any weapons and get in war with the moon
the last page of SSiB shows the lunarians facepalming when they notice the sake missing

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No idea, but Yuyuko herself mentioned she walked around in public and getting a lot of attention drawn towards her and Youmu.

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The Moon seems to remind of the USSR.

The rabbits are like conscripts, the lunarians are the GLORIOUS COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT.

I always seem to think of the USSR, at least.

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But weren't they guarding the place or something?
When someone strange strolls up to the place your guarding and goes like
'oh hey don't mind me, just walking around where I really shouldn't be walking around at' you don't just ignore her.
And when the moonbitches realised something was missing, they didn't even bother asking the idiots guarding the place if someone had been there?

Suddenly stealing something from there doesn't really seem like much of an achievement.

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The idea I had of Yuyuko through the whole thing was that she didn't really want in Yukari's scheme but played the part anyway because Yukari is an old friend of hers. Since Yukari didn't really say what she wanted Yuyuko to steal, Yuyuko went passive agressive on her and stole some cheap booze.

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Read the manga, it's rather short. You'll even see Reimu and Marisa in swimsuits.

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I didn't even realized she wasn't mentioned at all in SoPM...
I don't think you could ever write out Yukari, though. She's important.

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>Yuyuko went passive agressive on her
i'd say it was just yuyuko being silly and not wanting to bring anything dangerous
>and stole some cheap booze
well it was hardly some cheap booze

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Because Yukari is scared of Eiki. She went to hide once the incident begins.

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What? Eiki been left out even longer than Yukari.

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My bad, I mistook it with pofv.

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I don't think you know what that word means.

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I seriously hope people would stop using that word. That meme needs to die, just like the rest of the other Touhou memes.

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Characters that are way stronger than the usual cast are always shit.

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Yeah, that's why Yukari is shit tier.

Because butthurt.

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