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Best name
Best title
Best theme
Best hat
Best personality
Best subordinates
Strongest power
Least lewd

1st best 2hu
Shikieiki Yamaxamadu

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Your post is... black.

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We don't use the b-word here.

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Please silence yourself my fellow African American brother.

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*Nigger American

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But she's from a VS shooter, and they're inherently worthless. Everything in them is thus worthless as well.

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"Black" is an offensive term we prefer to be called Chaco-American as we are not black nor are we pure African.

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>least lewd

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Look at those rude tits, though.

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I have no idea who she is but I could never forget a chick that cute.

I'm afraid to look her up though, lest I destroy my productivity with yet another fucking show

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Poor Ichirin...it seems people don't even know what she's from anymore.

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>Mid tier name
>low tier title
>low tier theme
>ugly as fuck hat
>Generic personality
>low tier subordinates
>High tier power
>Not often made lewd because she's shit and no one cares about her.

Seems about right.

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>least lewd

Didnt some anon actually do some research that concluded she was the most lewd Touhou or something?

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Best name: Koishi
Best title: Mokou
Best theme: None. Koishi/Nue/Mokou/Marisa for stage theme.
Best hat: Marisa
Best personality: Koishi Marisa
Best subordinates: Yuyuko
Strongest Power: Toyohime
Least Lewd: Koishi

Fuck you, OP. I just proved you wrong.

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The most flexible power is Yukari's, Reimu's power makes her invincible, and the strongest is Flandre's.

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Not fucking even. After Toyohime, Koishi has the strongest power because of her subconcious controlling abilities basically overriding every other power. You can't destroy what you can't percieve.

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No, the ability to destroy anything is more destructive and offensive than any other ability. Koishi's power is useful, but it does not protect her from being killed unless you loss sight of her and it prevents her from being overly concerned about anything and thus bothering to get out of your line of sight. Toyohime is just obnoxious writing - he wanted someone that could not be beaten, which works really easily since the two characters who could just make her drop dead would never come in contact with her.

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Yabbadabbadoo is hardly a good name.

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You can't keep track of Koishi, though, and Flandre doesn't even know all that damned much about her power. Toyohime is canonnically the strongest Touhou, ZUN admitted, and that's why she's in the manga, because if she were in a game, she'd be unbeatable. She defeated Reimu, Yukari even. No way around it; Toyohime is the most broken.

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Sorry but if she's not in the games, she's not a 2hu.

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Yes, I addressed that. I already agreed with that statement.
>he wanted someone that could not be beaten, which works really easily since the two characters who could just make her drop dead would never come in contact with her.
There is also the part where they were using spellcard rules and not fighting in a more traditional factor. Koishi just is, her power does not make her the strongest, but what it does do is radically alter her existence. She cannot leave a lasting impression on anything and nothing can leave a lasting impression on her.

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She's confirmed 2hu. Get over it, nerd.

If you want to count non-spellcard rules, Koishi would end up destroying almost everyone anyway. Unless Yuugi's power is as bullshit as I think it is, she won't stand a chance. Suika would probably go insane. Yukari couldn't even fight back against her. Koishi's power is just insane. Someone like Flandre, who barely has control over her power, would be crushed.

Of course, I'm ignoring the immortals and them constantly trying to kill everyone in a free-for-all

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I haven't had a chance to play SA or get to know which character at all, why is she so destructive

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I'll believe you when I see a ZUN portrait of her.

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get to know this character*

god im tired

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The immortals are not really malicious enough to kill anyone. Koishi is the Silence; you can recognize her, but it means pretty much nothing, so when you look away you forget. Yuugi probably has the most ambiguous power, yes. Flandre can make things blow up well enough, but she is pretty screwy, yes. I do not understand how you argue that the power to almost not exist is more offensive than the power to destroy absolutely anything.

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Her power is to control the subconscious. She takes this so far as to be completely invisible when she doesn't want to be seen.

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Her power isn't nonexistance. Her power is the complete and total control of the subconscious.

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Shut up nerds.

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No, her power is not non-existence. But it ends up leaning in that direction; it works both for and against her.

Go away, nobody cares.

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Power man has a conscience, and thus can be beaten. Besides, Toyohime also has all of his powers plus more. EAT SHIT, NIGGER

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Where's your proofs?

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I recall some VN author proclaiming that his character had a complete 100 percent chance to defeat any other character in anything, ever. That anybody who he ever fought against would have an absolute zero percent chance of victory. Sure, the Powerman image is a little obnoxious, but that is not a valid defense.

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Boundary of Omnipotence and Impotence -> Power-man is Power-less.

Yukari is still undefeatable.

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Actually, judging by the comic, powerman looks more like an automata specifically designed to end power level arguments than an actual human. So no.

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power man is not omnipotent. just more powerful than his opponent.

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Yukari is overrated as fuck. Pop-eye can override his author's will and puched people out of orbit. So did the Hulk. A feat of resisting the total reformation of their realities and dissolution of their selves.

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Boundary of Superiority and Inferiority.

Boundary of Greater than and Less than.

Boundary of Power and Weakness.

By defining what you are, you define what you are not, and Yukari lies within the boundary.

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then power man goes to your house and beats you up for being a nerd

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Touhous would never harm a fly.

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Evil Spirits "Yakumo Yukari's Spiriting Away"

How do you beat up what isn't even there?

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Power man can break the border of gensokyo with his fist and hunt you down.

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I can break the border of your ass with my dick.

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Don't argue.

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yakumo wouldn't move a finger for you, besides, power man is powered by nerd arguments, he doesn't care about boundaries as long as there are nerd arguments. he just beats people up at whatever.

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>break the border of gensokyo

I don't think Yukari would like that.

I don't think Yukari would like that at all.

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Bring it on, turbonerd.

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>least lewd
Yeah, right.

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I will, faglord.

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Once I finish saving these Alice pictures off pixiv I'm gonna kick your ass.

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You better lube up, because I will not be stopping.

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The only lube that's going to be here is your tears, after I propel my fist into your face at a high velocity, inflicting severe pain which causes your tear ducts to unconsciously produce tears. Then I'll use those tears for lube.

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While you finish up talking big you best start putting on your prettiest pair of panties for me to tear through.

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A-any preferences?

>> No.9555919

I am a very big fan of the gothic lolita look if you think you pull it off.

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I'll see what I can do.

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Every time I see that image I get so distressed I beat my mother to death.

>> No.9555941

But what will you do if someone reposts it?

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Cirno is pretty strong.

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That's not how Yukari's power works. She can only manipulate actual boundaries, IE the boundary of life and death (which is an actual fucking physical border that you can fly over or blow open). She's an overrated Seiga.

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What's exactly Toyohime's power? According to the wiki it doesn't seem anything special.

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Translate it, weaboos.

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