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If you turned into a girl, how long do you think you can go without seeking real sex?

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My whole life.

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For as long as I don't require mana to function at a basic level. If I use up too much power I may have no choice.

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A few minutes.

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what is this from?

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Using google reverse image search: the animation

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Battoro Toduso

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``I'm letting people see'' the animated movie

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>spoonfeeeding faggot

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proof that red saber a slut

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1 second

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I don't see why I would suddenly go seek out sex now that I turned into a girl. I would be just as hikki as I am now.

Not a slut, just flamboyant. You can't really fault her, she is roman after all.

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shut up zunbar

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>she is roman after all.

Where da orgies at?

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Depends on how beautiful I turned out to be. If I turned out to be some kind of ugly freak I'm pretty sure I'll never even leave my house again. Being an ugly girl is worse than being an ugly guy.

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I'd have real sex with /jp/ if they wanted!

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This. I'd be too busy masturbating to worry about sex.

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